Class Games (Representative Jeong Hee Chul) said today (17th), Mobile FPS ‘Zombie Virus’ launched a Global Play Store and started global service.

This game with 30,000 people from the pre-reservation stage is a hot topic, which contains survival in the city destroyed by zombie viruses. Through the stylish scenario steps, you can easily play with a variety of different types of zombies and maternity, which are changing creatively.

A realistic firearms and a variety of strategic special items, a wide range of weapons choices, and the battle with a powerful boss zombie is giving an edge with a unique finish directing.

1: 1’s PVP is a white meal of ‘Zombie Virus’. It is expected that it is expected to provide an interesting experience that will take a common zombie and push it to the other party to push it to the other person.

Jung Hee Chul Clase Games is a “glad to be able to announce the global launch of Zombie Virus. Zombie Virus is a new work of the “Zombie Hunter: DEA” team, which recorded 7 million downloads in 2020. Everyone has made it easy to play and enjoy chewy, especially, in particular, PVP, which suppresses the opponent with a common zombie, “has been introduced to confidently.”

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Class Games is a Global 10-million of Global RPG genre sales, and the development of ‘Soul Kirk’, which is a 10th largest sales of 90% overseas sales, is now developing and service popular games such as Zombie Hunter Day, Civil Wars.