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Game Pass: Loot River, Trek to Yomi and Citizen Sleeper open the ball in the month of May

The time has come for Microsoft to reveal to Xbox Game Pass subscribers the program for the first part of May. It also begins today with the launch of Loot River, the Rogue-like which mixes combat and mechanical of block puzzles.

In addition to the game published by Superhot Presents, Game Pass subscribers will be able to discover the next title published by Devolver Digital with the film action game Trek to Yomi, which will also be available on PS5 on May 5. A game on which the editorial staff is currently examining, in the same way as Citizen Sleeper, a narrative RPG taking place at the borders of an interstellar capitalist society.

Microsoft also continues to educate his players with Japanese curiosities who have long escaped him, proof is the presence of Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair Anniversary Edition which will make his debut on May 10 on Xbox. On the same day, 505 Games will offer Eiyuden Chronicles: rising, action-RPG acting as a prologue to that which the nostalgic of Suikoden expect like a small Messiah. Finally, the release of This War of Mine: Final Cut in Microsoft’s subscription had also been announced a few days ago.

They arrive in the Game Pass

In the sense of departures, things are balanced with the disappearance of 7 titles, including Enter The Gungeon, Final Fantasy X | X-2 HD Remaster and Steep. All will be withdrawn on May 15, except Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas – The Definitive Edition which will be pedaling elsewhere on May 10.

Trek to Yomi, Loot Riiver, Citizen Sleeper - This week in Indiegames

They will leave the Game Pass

Gladbach: Virkus announces open conversation with Hütter

The 2-0 victory at the SPVGG Greuther Fürth provides Roland Virkus Planning Security. On the 55-year-olds, in its first transfer period as a sports director of Borussia Mönchengladbach equals a difficult as a charming task: it is important to make the necessary upheaval of the foal elf. After two years without major personnel fluctuation, the squad in the summer fresh blood should be fed. “The structures within the group may be something crustized and needed to be broken. Fresh wind certainly does not harm if a team stays together so long,” explains Virkus in the Adi Hütter.

When planning, the successor of Max Eberl must already take into account today that 2023 expires the contracts of numerous service providers. These include in Yann Sommer and Jonas Hofmann two players, called Virkus as “corset rods of our team”. Both professionals should, according to the wish of the manager, remain over 2023 and extend prematurely. And also the striker Alassane Plea, Marcus Thuram and Breel Embolo (all contract until 2023) play an important role in his concept. Virkus announces in the Adi Hütter to keep all three attackers.

Plea, thuram and embolo should stay: “I will fight for the guys”

“I’m going to fight for the boys,” emphasizes the sports director and explains: “If you exploit your full potential, Plea, Thuram and Embolo are absolute top players. I will talk to all three and explain what we plan. Do not sell any of the boys. “

Unclear is currently whether Plea, Thuram and Embolo – the trio scored ten of the past eleven Gladbachian hits – part of the new Borussen project want to be. “It’s also what your personal plans look like. It is not excluded that they are pursuing other goals for themselves,” says Virkus and says, “In the event that one finds no match, would you have to think about how to think the Situation solves. “

Many groundbreaking talks are therefore in the near future. So also on the highest sporty management level – between Virkus and head coach Adi Hütter.

“Our goal is clear: we want to go to the new season with him,” If Virkus answers the question of whether a constellation might arise that Hütter is no longer sitting on the Gladbacher bank in the next season. It was “the most normal in the world that we put together and talk about the project that lies in front of Borussia,” says Virkus. “There was no time for this because we had to cope with other tasks through the athletic situation.”

“The prerequisites under which Adi Hütter has given his commitment were other”

No secret is that Hütter (Treaty until 2024) was lured by Virkus predecessor Eberl with some promises to Gladbach. Subsequently, transfer requests remained unfulfilled. In addition, the conditions for Borussia have generally changed significantly since the signature of the Austrian.

Wechsel nach Gladbach? Das sagt Adi Hütter zu den Gerüchten um seine Person
“The prerequisites under which Adi Hütter has given his commitment were others, that’s right,” says Virkus in the interview. “That’s why it’s about putting themselves in peace, to look at each other deep into the eyes and to speak absolutely openly about everything. Does the coach accept the changed circumstances? What do his transfer requests look like? Can he with the goals of the Identify clubs? You have to discuss that. In order to finally find a common way. “

Whether Borussia’s new creators received from Hütters signals has received that the coach is possibly doubt what the future is concerned? “No. I do not have that,” says Virkus clearly. “And I like to repeat: I feel that as a normal process.”

_ The entire Virkus interview Read in the print edition of the Adi Hütter from Monday (here as eMagazine available). _ The sports director also speaks in detail about his other transfer plans, Borussia’s athletic perspective, and he also gives interesting insights over Personally and his start in the Bundesliga._

Elden Ring: Runes Farms without fight – Fan shows his secret weapon

If you want to move forward in Elden Ring, you need a lot of runes. A fan has now found a creative way to get to the currency without having to endanger his virtual life. The trick is not completely harmless, but all the more entertaining.

Amazing Elden Ring rune farm early game, 10k a minute, fast farm no exploits

Elden Ring: Fan plays as a pacifist and wins

In Elden Ring, there is only one way to get to runes. You have to fight, win and then bring your prey back to a place of grace alive **. If you have enough of the deadly bosses, you can also show your skills against other people. The Reddit User XDC_LIS has now found a way here to triumph as a pacifist.

For this he has thought up a creative and also risky trick . In the starting area Limgrave, he attracts exactly as the soldiers patrolling in the forests. Then he just has to hide an opponent in the shadow of a bush, taking his place and open his world for invasion. The result speaks for itself:

Elden Ring: Fan drives invaders in madness

The secret weapon of the player is to just deal with the intruder until he leaves the world from louder despair . The opponents usually do not attack invasors, so it does not surprise him that the supposed soldier simply continues, even though he just overturned past him. The whole thing attracts over several minutes, until he finally gives up and his runes go to XDC_LIS.

However, the player’s trick is risky. If the intruder comes to the idea of ​​targeting one of the opponents, it would immediately show him the name of the player and explore the deception. In addition the whole theater takes several minutes . In our guide we reveal you, we will get her roods much faster in Elden Ring.

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