Konami Digital Entertainment is distributed for the Ukiyo-e-style Rogue Like Kenjo action “ getSufumaden: Undying Moon ” for PC (STeam) / Nintendose switch.

This work is the latest series of series, based on the world view of the Action Games “Moonwa,” released in 1987 for Family Computers. It is a work that draws the battle of the main character of the main character of the world of about 1000 years after the first 1000 years of the first and moon-style magic “Moonwa” in the previous work “Londiri” is sealed, and the battle of the main character of the main character.

Game * SPARK conducts an interview with Takaya Asakura, who is the director of “getsufumaden: Undying Moon”, which has been resurrected for the first time in 35 years. The concept of the company’s past masterpiece has been revived for the first time in 35 years, the feelings to the plan have been transmitted.

-After 35 years, please tell me about the efforts to revive the past masterpiece “Maiken” in the current era.

Takayuki Itakura (hereinafter referred to as the Itakura): First, this work was planned in 2018. The game market at that time was rich in indie work with the ambitious game of our proprietary approach, and the measure title with the theme of “Japanese” was also noticeable. Just that time, we also have a plan to create an action game, and it was a story to play what kind of title.

While being in the past, it is a past masterpiece but there was no sequel until now, and I have not been released for overseas, I’m surprised that I’m surprised or impacted if I pick up “Mon-style magic” I went ahead.

-The first boss says that the first boss says “the commitment of the sequel work” as the previous work Las Boss felt a strong message to tell the series resurrection. Please let me know if there is a place where the previous fan plays and “I want you to notice this part!”

Itakura: The stage of “getsufumaden: Undying Moon” is about 1000 years after the previous work. In fact, the previous work “Mon-style magic” is a far-futuristic story of 14672 AD, and this work is the story of the Sakai family who will be developed in the future of the future from there.

After all, the story and the cause of the previous work are very important. The Battle of the Boss Character “Moon Sashiro”, who fights as the first boss, but it is a part of the BGM and production of the Boss Carrator “Moon Sashiro”.

On the other hand, the action of the teeth is followed by the previous work, but it is manufactured as a new work until it is not a remaster. Those who played the previous work, of course, I think it would be nice if you can enjoy it as a new IP for players playing from now on.

– Are there many people who play and capture the previous work “moon-style magic”?

Itakura: That’s right. The staff on KONAMI, who served as the development of this work, as well as the staff-like staff, there are many fans in advance. There are such things, and many staff play “Moon-style magic” and enjoy it firmly.

– Graphics of this work that combines Ukiyo-e and 3D expressions is outstanding of the impact. Moreover, I think that the enemy and items in the stage are easy to determine, and it is also possible to play as an action game. Please tell me what you have commitated or struggling in terms of such a “world view and game sex”.

Itakura: The Ukiyo-e-expression representation of this work is “hell” theme. I think that the unique expression of Japanese pictures has been drawn enough for the beautiful atmosphere and beautiful atmosphere. The overall image is mainly referred to the Ukiyo-e-riche Ukiyoe.

The balance of “the expression of hell” and “visibility” as a game was an important theme. Background of “getsufumaden: Undying Moon” is manufactured by combining distant views and sight views and close views. Trying to make adjustments such as saturation and lightness again and again while considering the pictorial configuration.

In fact, we were also considering that in the beginning of development and more general ukiyo-e. However, since there was a work theme called “Moon-style magic”, I tried to challenge the original expression of a sharp original based on Ukiyo-e.

– Very many weapons appear in this work. Please let me know if you have your favorite weapons and actions. Personally, the rotation attack of “both items” is a very attack feeling and is refreshing.

GetsuFumaDen: Undying Moon Official Trailer

Itakura: Actually I am not very good at the action game (laughs). (Of course, other development members are a prisoner match that the action is great!) I was playing the main “sword” that is the most easy to handle during play.

Currently, beta test is currently underway, but a new weapon “Kendama” added there is a very interesting weapon. It is a weightweight weapon, but it is easy to handle, and the destructive power of one sword break is refreshing. I feel that it is a personally interesting handicap.

If you participate in Steam’s beta test, please touch the “Kendama”. A concrete loading schedule has not been decided yet, but it will be added to the main story. It is also planned to make the characteristics further pointing to existing weapons already available in the main story. We are looking for opinions from users about here.

※ The way to participate in the Steam beta test is **. Please refer to the FAQ because there are several cautions such as save data compatibility.

– “Moon-style magic” had an element called field movement and 3D dungeon. “Getsufumaden: Undying Moon” is a rogue action, but has there been an opinion to incorporate an element that was original version at the planning stage?

Itakura: “Moon-style magic” field movement and 3D dungeon elements are very interesting systems, and there was a story that “getsufumaden: Undying Moon” will incorporate these factors.

However, because it was compatible with the genre of Rogreike action that repeatedly played repeatedly, it was not the first pre-prime remaster, but it has been a new work, so there is a history of looking through the element.

I think this work is a system that can really feel the player’s own growth by repeatedly, and (such as weapon customization) can be built alone and build your style, so that point can be built. I think I’m glad if you enjoy it by all means.

-STEAM Please teach me about the development flow, which was good, bad, bad thing, released by early access and redevelopment of another platform.

Itakura: “getsufumaden: Undying Moon” was the first early access work as konami.

It was very possible to adjust the content with the user’s real-time feedback, which was not possible in the normal sales format, and to be able to grow content with the user I think it was good. There are a lot of elements that have not been added without feedback from the user.

On the other hand, there is also a reflection point that it was good to try the more depressed elements because it was under the early access period. Taking advantage of its reflection, we are currently trying various things that have not been conducted so far in the beta test of the STEAM.

At the time of this work, “Why Konami will do an early access”, but it was positively accepted by having a feedback from the user and overlapping updates. I think so.

– It became version 1.0 after early access, but is there a further long-term update plan etc.?

Itakura: The results of the beta test currently being conducted will be reflected in the game main story. I think that the schedule of the update can be reached in the future.

For long-term updates, it is the stage under consideration as it is.

– There are many past masterpieces in Konami, except for “Moon-style magic”. Going forward, may you expect a sequel to a masterpiece, such as “getsufumaden: Undying Moon”? Also, what is the “past masterpiece” of Konami’s favorite Konami?

Itakura: I can not talk about concrete things in my position, but I personally have a feeling that I would be glad if these plans will continue in the future.

The past masterpiece of KONAMI is, of course, “Mon-style magic”!

The Benemic Version “Moon-style Maimen” is particularly stuck to reproduction of various parts. In particular, the SWITCH version package illustration detects the slope of the main unit and reproduces the expression at the time “the illustration changes with the slope”. I’m glad if you notice these parts.

– Lastly, please give me a message to the user.

Ikura: “Moon-Maimen” revived in the form of Rog Like action for the first time in 35 years. Graphic was a Ukiyo-e-style, and at first I thought that there were many reactions from overseas.

However, in fact, Japanese fans were also very exciting. It has been a long time since the previous work, but there were a lot of favorable reactions. I am really grateful to the user.

There were also first early access as KONAMI, and there was also a lot of hardship in development. I am grateful that I supported the development because the game was steadily improved through feedback from the user.

I’m glad to play a beta test currently held at STeam!

“Getsufumaden: Undying Moon” is being delivered for PC (STeam) / Nintendose switches.

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