The Playoffs phase within Unity League begins to define who will be the top champion of this end of the year tournament, after several dates the squads have demonstrated a great level in each of the battles, starting with the confrontation of River Plate gaming against stone Movistar to define who of the two will be the first to move forward, taking into account that River is undefeated in the season.

Starting in Overpass The situation was interesting, but the front became for the River boys who manage Golems noticed, but it was not enough since they ended up falling to the power of RP leaving the first map in their favor.


Going to Dust The stage looked very even where the two squads kept similar things to avoid a big difference, Stone’s team looked for each of the rounds with cape and sword to be able to seek to send the decisive but Ushered would have the last word to settle the rivals to give the opportunity to the river team to take the series and continue with the undefeated.

Two maps were the ones that were enough for the players of River Plate Gaming that completely dominate the confrontation to be able to advance in the superior bracket where they expect rival for the next round, with a domain of the tournament quite good the RP team Search Have a perfect season with its great quality of play that gives a lot to talk about, on the other hand Stone has a second life against Ve lox to be able to advance the lower bracket.