Domestic Corona 19 new confirmation was counted as 3,42446.

According to the Central District Measures, based on the headquarters of the 9th, 342,388 Korean community confirmation, and overseas inflow cases were confirmed by 58. The total number of accumulated confirmation is 5212,12,19 (2,9964 foreign influx).

In particular, among the new confirmation of the new confirmation, there are 50 and older and risk of risk (15.8%), while 18 years of age (15.8%), while 18 years of age (26.8%), children and youth infection rate is serious.

The deaths are 158 cumulative deaths, 9,440, and the fatal rate is 0.18%. The patients with the rewarding period are 1,87.

Corona 19 beds is a total of 49,773 beds. The bed utilization rate is 59.1% ▲ (59.1%). There is no patient in hospitalization.

Yesterday, new homework therapy is 15,7343 in the metropolitan area, and 13,8619 non – aqueous rights. Currently, there are 12188,536 telecommunications. The management medical institutions of the Treatment Career’s intensive management group are 872 countries nationwide.

Telecommunications General Administration Telephone Consultation and Prescription Neighborhood medical institutions are 8,000 nationwide. The 24-hour home treatment medical consultation center is also operated by 228 countries nationwide.

The medical institution capable of rapid antigen inspection is 7,425 locations nationwide, including 460 respiratory dedicated clinics and 6,965 respiratory care designated medical institutions.

NVC Visa Backlog Update [March 2022]
On the other hand, the cumulative inoculation embroidery and inoculation rate by preventive inoculation is 4,488.78,700,172 (87.5%), 4.4 million (86.5%) (86.5%) ▲ 31,16,46 (86.5%) 503 (62.2%) (62.2%).