The Genshin Impact Kits Kimodameshi event is held from December 15, 2022, until January 2, 2023. You and Damon go to the Bashir Commission to sign up for a test for courage, where the turning of events makes you get confused in the investigation of the alleged activities of ghosts.
After completing the test for courage, you unlock the second quest of the event called History with Ghosts.

How to perform the Haunted Tales quest in Gen shin Impact-Akitsu Kimodameshi event

The quest begins with the invitation to return to the place of test of courage in the forest of China.
Go there and talk with Ara ATO.
As soon as this is done, talk with the priestess who will invite you to choose a partner.
As in the first quest, you need to choose someone to complete the second round of testing for courage.
Your options for Yoimiyaks next to the track point of the teleport, or Tom or Says, who are behind the priestesses.


You can talk with all three of them to experience their dialogue, but you can choose only one partner.
After making a choice, talk with the priestess to start the next test for courage.

At the first intersection, turn left to go to the river.
Do not cross the gate, as this will lead to a trap.
Make sure your partner is always nearby, since you will have to restart the test if he is too far behind.
Turning left, continue to go forward until you cross the river.
After listening to the dialogue about the turn of the statue, you will find another intersection ahead.
This time, turn right to cause the appearance of ghosts of lanterns.
You will see the fan on the ground next to the last pointer.
Interact with him to continue the story of the event.
After the dialogue with INTO and fuck, follow the marker of the quest towards the shore, in front of the stand of the Akita UGE.
You need to talk with a lady by name ??? And then call her to the game.
Interact with the stand leisurely pastime and select participate in the match Akita Rugby.
This match is exactly the same as the usual Akita UGE, except that there are no restrictions on the group and modifiers, and there are also no restrictions on the backup ball.
Your goal is to break all the blocks to continue the quest.
As soon as you finish, the dialogue with the nameless woman will tell.
Then return to the Test of Courage website to talk with the NPC and perform a quest.
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