‘2022 Board Game Con’, which presents various board game contents such as 600 domestic and international classic, best-selling board games, new board games, board game exhibitions and experiences, will be held for two days from 14th to 15th at COEX, Seoul, Seoul, Seoul, Seoul, Seoul, Seoul, Seoul, Seoul. to be.

The event will be hosted by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Korea Creative Content Agency, and hosted by the Korea Board Game Industry Association.

In addition to the board game exhibitions and experiences, the board game exhibition will be held, and events and additional events such as discount sales, ball live, board game artists, and vivid live will be held. It is expected to be.

In addition, last year, the event was divided into one and two parts for the social distance, and this year, this year, this year, this year, we can experience various events and games relatively various events and games.

An official of the event said, This event has been doing its best for a long time to create a culture that the whole family can enjoy together. This year, we will not only announce the excellence of Korean board games through board gameons, but also become Asia’s largest board game festival.

In addition, it will be provided with a board game presentation, which is limited to visitors who make a reservation in advance, and the pre-booking application can be conducted by the website.

Meanwhile, in 2021, the board gamecon included a variety of companies, including the world in the play, Korea Board Games, and Happy Baobab, and introduced new educational and domestic development board games.