Minecraft’s world mutates with the new guess to a true survival horror. In a video, a player meets the upcoming MOB and demonstrates impressive why the struggles with the monster will not become a sugar pocket in the future.

What’s the Minecraft Warden?

The upcoming horror monster, all feared under the name “Guard” (in English: Warden), will provide the new Deep Dark biom for more horror in the survival width of Minecraft. In beta versions it is already possible to run the monster about the way. So many players have not really experienced the Warden in action.

If you want to warm for your survival strip, may you ask you: What keeps the monster? How strong is it really?

On the first question, a player returns to Reddit now the answer. This has created an ideal situation to face the monster in a fight. Equipped with a lot of fireworks rackets, he demonstrates how to turn off the monster relatively easily . Look at the spectacle yourself:

Reddit speculates about the best tactics

The upcoming encounter with the guard seems to be a lot to deal with many minecraft players. After all, with the monster after years, a strong – and also creeper – adversaries in the game.

In the thread to the video, many note that this ideal situation , which has brought about the creator, can be poorly replicated in later survival mode. Because if the Warden spawnt, he suddenly does so, without great preparation.

In addition, some write that they one and a half stack firework bodies (which were incidentally over 100 missiles) do not feel just as a simple solution for a single monster in survival mode.

What contributors and users of Reddit agree: It is best to bring their as much distance as possible between the uncomfortable counterparty and yourself . A speed drank or a soul-runner enchantment on the shoes and ranged weapons seem to be a good approach.

Nevertheless, the many sinked missiles make it clear that the new monster can even plug in with ideal conditions. Added to this are the tremendous darkness and the eerie noise , which will make the encounters with the Warden still a corner of exciting.

Forget the Warden, this Minecraft 1.19 Feature is Everything...

Until the guards finally appears on the official servers, probably will take a few weeks in the country. Until then, there are certainly further successful strategies against the horror monster. Mojang himself has designed the monster as the strongest in the game, so that your confrontation with it avoids best.

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