Lucien Favre has shown in an interview understanding for his dismissal at Borussia Dortmund a good one year ago. But against some allegations, the ex-BVB coach reinforced vehemently.

The fact that this from the BVB after the 1: 5-Heim debacle in December 2020 opposite the VFB Stuttgart, Favre described “L’Équipe” as a “pity”.

Favre reminded that his team had qualified shortly before as a group player for the second round of the Champions League, for pause against Stuttgart it was still 1: 1.

However, then the Descentrosis came second half. “We made miserable mistakes and strike at punch,” the Swiss coach described, who since the involuntary departure of BVB has been unimaginative.

The Man Behind Borussia Dortmund's Success - Lucien Favre

BVB: understanding for separation of Lucien Favre

There was something like resignation in the further gameplay. “After a while you have to accept it. You always try to correct the mistakes, but it’s difficult.”

He understands the separation in view of the initiation of the game, “it is Dortmund, you lose 1: 5 at home,” Favre stressed.

Overall, however, the 64-year-old was satisfied with his two and a half years at the BVB: “We qualified three times for the Champions League, twice second against Bayern, which were inexorably at that time.” His point cut of 2.09 with the black and yellow is “still pretty good”, supplemented Favre.

Defensive at BVB neglected? That says Lucien Favre

The tactic fox contradicted criticism, he had neglected the defensive at his work at the BVB: “That’s not true, I’ve always been interested in it. I am aware that I set up teams that collect very few goals. But we have too many unnecessary Goals collected. “

Addressed to his former protégé Erling Haaland favore favore in raptures: “He has so much strength when he goes into the depth between the two domestic defenders, one can not stop him anymore. He has made great progress, he is a great worker with one Great mentality and someone who always wants to win. ” The Norwegian scorer was “a great transfer” for the BVB.

Haaland could not help his ex-trainer as a favres coach chair in wobble because of a muscle fiberiss. “He had become indispensable and was injured in the time I went away,” regretted the former BVB exercise leader.