A blog post about the update that changed access cards in Call of Duty: War zone 2 DMZ. Addresses how to use them, why they were changed, and when they can be used.

Call of Duty: Battle zone 2 has actually received an enormous upgrade with Period 1 Reloaded and the biggest update for DMZ players are the Building 21-access cards.
Several DMZ gamers want to begin in Building 21 as well as get the Chimera Assault Rifle, yet that’s not that very easy.


You require a gain access to card for constructing 21. Below you will figure out where you can find access cards for buildings 21 in the DMZ as well as how you can use it.

Where can I discover access cards for buildings 21 in the DMZ?

Structure 21 is a brand brand-new area divided from Al March.
You can enter buildings 21 from the entrance hall, but you initially need an accessibility card.

Building 21-access cards function similarly to the Fortress Key cards.
Accessibility tickets for buildings 21 are discovered arbitrarily.
There is still no guaranteed area where you can pick up a gain access to card for developing 21, however it is best to utilize secrets to examine secured areas.
Gain access to cards for buildings 21 are most likely to be found in closed locations or in tough managers.

Just how to utilize gain access to cards for buildings 21 in the DMZ

As quickly as you have actually discovered an accessibility secret for Building 21, you should make as soon as feasible.
After you have effectively with a gain access to card for buildings 21 Exiling, all set for the following step when getting in buildings 21.
In order to use the access map for constructing 21 and also begin from the DMZ entrance hall directly in buildings 21 rather than in Al March, you only need to do your knapsack with the Structure 21 Intro ticket, and you should build buildings 21 as an option for the
See usage.
Nonetheless, the rumor regarding constructing 21 is not yet launched, which indicates that even if you have located an accessibility card for constructing 21, you can utilize it to enter buildings 21 for a long time.
It is not understood when Infinity Ward Structure 21 will certainly release, so keep your eyes open.
Which is how to get gain access to keys for building 21 and how to utilize them in War zone 2 DMZ.
As you are waiting on buildings 21, you can concentrate on finishing goals like Flight Spy.
Call of Obligation: Battle zone 2.0 is now offered for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series S | X.
– This article was updated on December 14, 2022