Online Game Consultant ICO Partners reported that a video game of 441 titles at KickStarter achieved a target support for 2021.

KickStarter is a Cloud Funding Site online. The site has recruited support money for achieving the goal, and there are many things related to video games. In particular, in addition to the new work of “Shovelnight” development, which has recently collected more than 100 million yen, Japan Mythology Metro Devania works that achieved a target amount with a sufficient number of two days have become a topic.

According to reports, 441 titles were successful in developing financing in fiscal 2021, and the amount is $ 24 million (approximately 2.7 billion yen). Updating the maximum number of financing titles is 429 consecutive years and two consecutive years consecutive years. However, compared with the support amount, it is less than half of the $ 56 million (approximately ¥ 6.4 billion) of 2013, which achieved the highest amount, and the number of achieved titles is much less than 237 dollars (approximately You can see that you are below ¥ 3.6 billion).

In addition, comparison with the number of non-target amounts achieved projects is also available for reporting in fiscal 2020. It can be confirmed that the difference between the year and non-achievement project and the achievement project is shrinking, and it may be said that the change in the amount of money is also rising.