Soldier-dragon with Noxtells – a secret boss in the Welder of the Ainsel River, located in the northwestern room. Before the boss can be quite difficult to get to, not to mention to defeat it, but with the right strategy you can defeat the Dragon Notic Dragon and get great awards for this.

Dragonkin Soldier of Nokstella - Narrated Boss Guide - Elden Ring [4k HDR]

How to contact Coxtella “Draconid Soldier”

The first step towards getting to this boss is to go through the Ainsel River Well, which is a difficult task. Start with the fact that go to the left in depth of the well of the Ainsel River and you will fall in Ruins Palace Ul . Upstairs Ruins is a very strong enemy. The enemy can be accessed or defeated before moving on. After the ruins of the Palace of Ula go to the tunnel located on the western side of the hall. Follow the tunnel to the north until you reach the big room. Get ready for a challenging battle with the boss.

Victory over the Warrior Dragon Sockella

Dragonkin Solider is a very complex boss that can apply a huge amount of damage with each blow. At the beginning of the battle, the boss will use attacks, but be careful because other attacks may follow many of these attacks. Dragon Soldier Claws will glow when performing a powerful subsequent attack, so watch this. The boss has a sharp vertical blow Attack, which leaves it open for melee attacks. Long-round attacks or magic can also be effective, but make sure that you constantly in motion Because the boss will continue to attack.

In the second phase of the battle, everything becomes very difficult. The Dragon soldier will release the charge of electricity and grows the wings. When dragon soldiers flies , it will run a powerful dive attack or run a series of AOE attacks that can be destructive. Aoe attacks are indicated Lightning pulsates on Earth , so avoid these places and continue to run. A good strategy for melee users is to rolling under the boss when it landing as well as attack legs to quickly complete.


After the victory over the dragon soldier, a powerful spell called “Ice Lightning Spear” will fall out of it, for the use of which 34 orders are required. The big door in the back of the room will also open, opening the treasure chest. Inside there is a Great Phantom Gloverworth, which can strengthen the famous ash to +10.

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