Flowers can be found everywhere in the Disney Drimlinite Valley in a variety of styles and colors.
To create certain craft recipes or fulfill certain duties on the star path, you may need to find very specific flowers.


This is where you can find the flowers of yellow bromeliad in the Dry Disney Valley.
Yellow bromeliad grow into the sun-flooded plateau by boom.
Bromelia-shorter and wide flowers that grow on a sunny plateau.
They are also pink and red varieties.
Other higher, stem flowers that you see on the sun-flooded plateau are orange and pink doubling.
Yellow bromeliad is the rarest flowers on a sunny plateau, and they do not appear as often as others.
A walk with a friend of Disney, who increases the harvest, will not give you additional chances to collect another flower when you collect them.
So this is your choice, whether you want to take a friend with you to hang out or not.
After you have collected all the yellow bromeliad from the solar plateau, the only thing you can do is wait for new ones if you need to collect more.

That is why we do not recommend traveling in time, as this can lead to errors in the speed of the appearance of objects in your game.
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