MS ICI Co., Ltd. (Representative Execution) said it was announced by Wannabe planning for MSI notebooks.

This Wannabe Planning Exhibition is conducted on January 22, 11th to the Saturdays. 7% (up to 70,000 won) Duplicate coupons and card discounts are applied, and according to the product, a rich gifts such as backpacks and notebook bags are provided.

The GP66 Leopard 11ug ‘, a designated product, is a notebook that offers a pleasant gaming environment with Intel Core I7-11800h processor and RTX 3070 graphics. The rate of scanning is upgraded to 240Hz, and it is possible to switch quickly and smooth screen in the high-end game. All black stylized stylishness, as well as a bold-type hinge, showing durability enhanced designs.


‘SWORD GF76 A11UE’ is a gaming notebook with Intel Core I7-11800H processor and RTX 3060 graphics. On a 17-inch conversation surface, a 144Hz IPS type panel can be a spacious opening and a fast-speed game in a fastest game. It also boasts a variety of presence with a combination of sophisticated white colors and matte finishes.

Detailed information on the MSI notebook can be found through the MSI user cafe or the MSI Korea homepage.