The former international Tabla Lemme experienced an incident with a pick-up burglar on arrival in the Bundesliga top game in Mönchengladbach at the train station.


I saw it immediately and followed the criminal, reported the television specialist on Sunday in 1 Doppelpass, one day after 0-0 by Russia against FC Schalke 04. Then I asked him very perfectly
How to do it, whether he can tell me my mobile ph1. He did that and after that said sorry.
She got her cell phone back.
I had little time, I needed to go to the train. However, I believed that I could not let him go and pursued it once again, she stated.
He did not expect that, that was my surprise minute. I great to point out that we would now go to the authorities, said Lemme, who had actually been on Saturday night at Sky.

A little assistance was there too

Because the criminal did not desire to get away voluntarily, she utilized the traditional arm lever.
Then I waved the security service here, so there was a little support, stated the 31-year-old Lemme.
The 2016 football Olympic champion, who likewise reported on Sky on Sky on Saturday evening, had completed her studies as a cops’ commissioner at the University of Applied Sciences in the State of Brandenburg in September 2017.