His very own jungle (Silas) took the Blue Guard camp from the opponent leading jungle, but this confirmed to be much more harmful.

When Trouble Games make changes to League of Legends, you can be sure that Tyler1 is to be among the first to express his viewpoints. Currently, Tyler1 has been conducting VoD testimonials on his stream, providing deep analysis on why the games’ jungle duty is damaged.

Tyler1 wants Trouble Games to roll back the preseason jungle changes and afterwards try to fix the duty. And if they don’t do that, he thinks they are not balancing the game effectively.

Is this great jungle gameplay? In my point of view, this must be an auto loss, he stated. His very own jungle (Silas) swiped the Blue Guard camp from the adversary top jungle, however this verified to be much more destructive.

If you are playing top lane and for whatever factor, you Asked for 60 secs, wouldn’t your game be over? If you’d Asked for a minute in bot lane, mid, or assistance, wouldn’t your game be over, Tyler1 pointed out.

As a result of this play, In Zhao obtained the chance to bank the bottom lane again. Tyler’s bottom lane champs were a level listed below the enemy teams because of the slow-pushing minion waves.

As a League player who has struck Challenger in every duty, Tyler’s opinions hold some weight. The only reason people are playing it currently is that It’s so blatantly broken, he stated.

Tyler1 clarified that his jungle needs to have come to the lower side and also fought with them when he saw the opponent jungle looking to bank them earlier. If you are playing top lane and also for whatever reason, you Asked for 60 seconds, wouldn’t your video game be over? If you’d Asked for a minute in robot lane, mid, or support, wouldn’t your video game be over, Tyler1 directed out.

When he saw the enemy jungle looking to bank them previously, tyler1 explained that his jungle ought to have come to the bottom side and also battled with them. We have to 3v3. Rather than opting for this camp, he needs to come below, he said. Base lane has also much agency because you [Trouble Gaming] required this meta.


In the VoD evaluation, we see him damaging down the activities of the jungles in both groups. After removing the Red Bramble back and Group in all-time low, the opponent jungle (In Zhao) lost over 40 secs in the warded reduced TRI bush location looking for a degree 2 bank on Tyler’s bottom lane.