Pregnant Borussia Mönchengladbach II impressively presented on Saturday with a 3-1 win versus Düsseldorf II, but the leader could not be duped.
With a 4: 0 versus Alemannic Aachen, Prussia Münster claimed the lead in the Regionally West and at the very same time confirmed the excellent preparation with four test video game triumphs.
For the background in the nearly sold out stadium on Hammer Stress, the start after the long winter break for the festival day.
Four corners made the distinction.
However otherwise the SCP transcended to its pursuer for over 90 minutes in lots of aspects, particularly in the duel management.
The favorite of the league came to the point from the winter break.
The other groups revealed on Saturday that they want to stay tuned, however we provided our answer, stated Captain Marc Lorenz.
Hence DeKalb, double preparer on Sunday, stated: Amazing that the standards are so decisive-but is great.

Co-production of Wooden and Langley

The balance in the team documented the 2nd half in a remarkable method.
About 2: 0.
Striker Andrew Wooten, who had just treat a calf injury, and veteran Alexander Langley were only on the field in a corner after their alternative when they produced the choice in co-production.
This evaluation only confirmed that both of them later on scored another objective.
In any case, the signal to the rest of the league was clear.
At least not, the hope of a burglary from the Münster individuals against among the very best challengers who had previously remained undefeated nine times in a row.
Prussia coach Sasha Hillman, who is no longer afraid to speak freely about the promotion, stated: What makes me exceptionally happy is that the replacements came in effectively. We at first needed to sort it a bit, however then we needed to sort it a bit
Get effectively under control. It was a great deal of enjoyable. I hope that everyone will come back to the arena.
It can be presumed when the Prussians march further in the title race.