Looking for a new way to play daily verbal games? Think about trying Windfall, a daily game in which you have a tense task to make words from the letters that you are given. We have details about the game and how to play below!

What is Windfall about?

Windfall is something like a combination of Scrabble and Tetris. Playing words in waning tiles. Players are invited to introduce words from the bank of words consisting of tiles that quickly fill the dark blue field. The task is to introduce as many words as possible before the field is filled itself. Every day players have one chance to play and show their verbal skills.

How to play Word fall

Windfall is a very simple game, especially if you have experience playing Scrabble and/or Tetris. Every day you have one chance to play a game in which tiles fall and settled at the bottom of the screen. In order for these blocks to disappear, you need to enter the words in the field at the bottom of the screen. Continue to enter words to increase your account. The game is over when you can no longer keep the blocks away, and the dark blue box is filled.


Follow the gold tiles, as you get additional points for using the words in which they are. In the same way, words that have more than five letters give you bonus points. There is only a certain number of letters per day, which you can follow in the upper left corner.

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