Movies are about story. And the perfect story for a movie is one that rightly expresses what it initially promised. But in this case, James Cameron does not seem to be happy with the Avatar 2, and here’s why:

Cameron and his stars are currently going around the world to promote the video footage, know that on the side of the filmmaker, we are not totally peaceful.


In an interview with GQ magazine, he reveals that to reach the profitability limit, Avatar 2 should end up being the fourth or third most successful film in the history, if only to enter its costs.
Suffice to say that the bet is risky which the movie needs to absolutely be a success if it wishes to bring the other three films on the screen in preparation.

There is only one week left before the arrival at the Avatar 2 cinema: The Water of Water, by far the greatest movie theater blockbuster of the year 2022. If the advertising campaign is in full speed and James

If James Cameron does not offer any figure voluntarily, we can nevertheless think that Avatar must exceed 2 billion dollars at package workplace to be rewarding.
When you understand that it is the first avatar that holds the world record with $2.9 billion in the world, followed by Avengers Endgame and its 2.79 billion dollars, then Titanic which ranks 3rd with its
2.1 billion at package Office, we can easily guess where to locate Avatar 2 the waterway.
Inevitably, with the pandemic which has rebutted the cards and pressed the spectators to remain at house, by strolling with streaming platforms, the problems at the end of 2022 are no longer the exact same.
However, we recall that films such as Spider-Man No Other Way House (1.9 billion) and Top Gun Maverick (1.45 billion) have managed to prove that spectators know how to relocate to the movie theater when required.
There is no doubt that Avatar 2 produced the occasion prior to the vacation season.