Niklas Süle was mocked by fans of FC Bayern because of his move to Borussia Dortmund on the edge of the title celebrations at the weekend. The prospective BVB professional had to listen to nasty chants.

No Pain No Gain for Bayern’s Süle

FC Bayern celebrates the tenth championship in a row in the Bundesliga – but the mood does not really want to arise in the Munich arena. Everything seems a little ritualized and not particularly exuberant. Stadium spokesman Stephan Lehmann even asks the fans after the final whistle of the game against VfB Stuttgart (2: 2) even to stay a little and celebrate. The party is overshadowed by a abuse of fans.

Niklas Süle will leave FC Bayern in summer. The international changes to great competitor Borussia Dortmund. The giant is mocked on Sunday evening. What an unsightly action by the Munich Ultras! What happened?

When the players of the record champions went into their own curve after the shell was handed over, the fans asked Süle on the fence with loud calls. Actually an honor. Actually something for the big heroes, the big favorites.

FC Bayern: Süle remains the language away after mocking

But then that: When Süle had climbed to the followers, they suddenly sang “BVB, H… sons” – incredible. The defender smiled away, he didn’t look happy.

In fan, a megafon finally handed him so that Süle could add a few words to the appendix. At first the technology did not work, then the player apparently had no great desire for emotional words.

He then called a “Mia San Mia” in the round, climbed off the fence and continued with the team. The fans apparently noticed that their campaign had not arrived well and agreed on Süle response choirs-after all.

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