The 105th Chinese Game Watching Record will deliver a survival life simulation game small life (Graduated) where young people who are tired of intense work in the city migrate and win economic independence. 。

This work was developed by LOVE7, and the early access version was distributed by Steam on July 29, 2022 by BD Games. In recent years in China, a lifestyle that has been disgusted in competitive society and has been expanded in young people, which is said to be lying principle, which does not work as much as possible and does not work. It will abandon high cost life, such as purchasing a house or car, marriage, and child-rearing, and will live so as not to be poisoned by the values of the capitalist society.

This is not limited to China, but the same thing is happening in the world. In Japan, FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early) has become a movement, along with US stocks and cryptocurrency booms. Investment trusts linked to the US and World Equity Indexes, saving and saving. It is to purchase ETFs and live freely with the investment profit. If there is 4 % of the investment yield per year, the investment of 100 million yen will be 4 million yen per year. If you break down 4 % every year, the original You can continue operation without reducing books (in theory).

Due to the style of working in the gamasha during the high economic growth period, there are also giving up on the current declining economy, declining birthrate, and vested-advantageous society, and the number of young people who say that it is enough to make a lot of money. I do not want many. I am. Work is no longer important for your life, and your motivation for labor has been lost.

In this work, the protagonist is disgusted with the intense work in the city and tries to make a living by relocating the current situation in China. At first glance, it is a peaceful local life, but you still have to work to eat. Let’s play what kind of game it is!

leaving the company and relocating regions!

First, from the character makeup. Both men and women can play. You can customize the hairstyle, face, jacket, pants, constellations, etc. For the time being, the character name was Spa-kun .

The game begins with a conversation between Spa-kun and a friend, Happy Happy . After her graduation, she said, I want to return to my hometown and open a coffee shop. Spa-kun asked off a small eg, saying, Even if you get rich, don’t forget me.

And two months later. Spa-kun joined a black company to see and worked hard until late at night. Some people take a nap in the company. In China, 996, which working 6 days a week from 9:00 in the morning to 9 pm was a social problem.

In particular, IT companies are capable, so if you do your best, you can get a high salary, but there are tremendous working hours. The lifestyle of desperately earning and getting rich has gradually lost to modern youth, and the lyingism, which lives like yourself, has been tolerated.

Spa-kun, who fixes and finishes his job from his boss, is a chat. Meanwhile, I will contact you for the first time in two months from a small eg. She said, Finally opened a coffee shop! Spa says, I’m jealous, she is invited, What if I live here? There is a contact from her boss… Spa-kun, who thought, I can’t do it anymore, refused to call her boss, quit her company and decided to migrate her region.

The beginning of local life

Spa-kun, who made a major decision, came to a small veteran hometown without almost her luggage. It’s not a rural area, but a halfway urbanized cityscape is something real. She can talk and trade with the people on the road.

After waiting for a while, a small eg was coming. She heard the impression of the town and answered, It’s a beautiful and good place, but it’s more urbanized than I thought. The local area has increased in various ways, but the opportunities for business have increased, she says. Either way, she has to earn living expenses. It is better to have a lot of jobs that can be selected.

First, look for a place to live. Search for housing occurs as the main quest. This work is a highly flexible game, but there is also a quest for those who do not know what to do. It is better to follow the quest in the first place. By the way, she has returned because she has a job in her store.

She wanders around the town and found an apartment that is likely to be a residence. When she talks to the manager of King, the inside, she says 600 yuan a month. cheap. She immediately signed a contract. By the way, you can send and interact with people in the town and get along. Is there anything good if you get along with the caretaker?

The room is room 303 on the third floor. Take the elevator and head. It is a very large room, but there are almost no furniture. There are no cooking utensils, so you can’t cook. Let’s go buy later. Even so, I paid 600 yuan earlier, so the remaining money is only 300 yuan. As expected, this immigration is too reckless…

Since the place to live is decided, I will go to report to a small eg. It’s a pretty good shop. In China, it is more common to say milk tea shop rather than a coffee shop. This kind of store is based on Tapioca milk tea shops in Taiwan. It was popular in Japan for a while.

The small eg was putting a spa on an electric scooter and guided me to the sea. She seems to be able to dive with a tool. Because it is a seaside town, the environment seems to be quite good. The sun has settled, so let’s find a job from tomorrow.

Let’s make a living!

Spa wakes up in her bed in her home. She was hungry, so she drinks a milk tea that she got from a small vormity yesterday. In this work, there are five parameters: emotion, empty hungry, energy, shin blood, and ki **, which can be recovered by eating and sleeping. These affect your actions and learning, so it’s a good idea to keep as high as possible.

I entered a nearby supermarket. Vegetables, meat and seafood are sold. However, there is no cooking utensils, so even if you buy only the ingredients, you can’t help. First of all, you get a cooking utensil. Eating out is expensive, so you want to avoid as much as possible. Speaking of saving life, it’s still self-catering.

When she heard a small eg, she said, You can get a support for immigrants at the city center. In Japan, there is a regional immigration support system to avoid the concentration of Tokyo. Let’s get what you can get, so go to the city center!

Arrived at City Center. It seems that you can get 600 yuan support for one year every month, so I applied immediately. You can purchase land use rights at the city center. The land in China is the government, so it cannot be purchased, and it will be borrowed for 70 years (ownership of the building is not limited). Land use is also a local government’s financial resources, and in recent years it has caused the real estate bubble issue with overdoing investment.

Find a job on the bulletin board in front of the city center. There was an easy-to-understand job like a slow life game called Management of Rural Rural in Bamboo Forest. Let’s do this. And there is AKEA that is not a furniture mass retailer IKEA. Let’s take a look when you have time.

When I went to the bamboo grove, there was an old man named Fairy Forest . It is a descendant of the famous Chinese poet, Akira Tobuchi. The bamboo grove is rough, so I want you to cut weeds and bamboo and plant crops. I got a sickle and ax so I started working immediately!

By working and crafts, the experience and level of vitality and inspiration will increase. You can cancel the skill tree by consuming the level. It takes 10 levels to unlock the first skill, so it seems to take quite a while.

I got a fishing rod, so let’s fish. Click to hang the fishing thread and pull it up when the fish bite. Fish can be sold at the supermarket earlier, so it may be good to make a living with this for a while.

Craft can be made with a machine in the bamboo grove. Axes and sickle have durability, so if they break, you have to make a new 1. The material wood can be taken in bamboo grove, but the problem is iron plate . According to the Fairyest, it is said that it can be purchased by a waste collection company in the town.

There is also a Uber-sweets-like job, but he cannot do it without a motorcycle. You have to start by saving money and buying a motorcycle. In China, in the recession of the corona evil, the home delivery service industry was a worker. However, due to lack of accidents and insufficient insurance, it is currently becoming a social problem.

I went to see AKEA. Furniture is quite expensive, so you can’t buy it with your current funds. For the time being, the rice cooker is 199 yuan , so I bought this. I took it home and installed it. There is no recipe, but when combined with water and rice, it succeeded in burning rice! Eating out costs money, so it’s better to cook yourself.

Before going to bed, read the book about egg fried rice purchased at a bookstore. It consumes energy and time , so it seems good to read it little by little every day. The room is a killing scene, so let’s save money and upgrade. Whether Spa-kun’s relocation is successful, please play with your own hands.

Reality regional immigration survival

This work is like bringing the so-called slow life game stage in modern times. Even in rural areas, there is novelty and fun on how to get around in a semi-city-ized place. It feels like the situation when I first lived in Zhengzhou, China. At that time, I started by preparing a living base, such as buying a rice cooker. This work is also reproduced, and there is a strange reality.

This work is full of playfulness, such as playing a mini game like a rogue-light card game like SLAY THE SPIRE when negotiating with people, searching for the sea, searching for a training gym. It is made in. There are potentials that are likely to be a new direction of the slow life game. Currently, you can play in English besides Chinese. Although it is still an early access version, it seems to be a work that can be expected to be developed in the future.

Product information

  • Some of the game titles and proper nouns used in this article are replaced with simplified and traditional characters with technical restrictions.