Today, almost every game has a community devoted to improving experience by modifying the game and making either qualitative changes to it, or simply adding a CJ skin only for entertainment. With the release of Redmond from CD Project Red, modding has become available for Cyberpunk 2077.

Cyberpunk 2077 has a huge community of molders. Modifications allow players to change the user interface, add hot keys and set up various intrastate settings, not to mention access to console commands for Cyberpunk 2077, which allows you to make many qualitative changes to the Cyberpunk 2077. Honestly, Cyberpunk 2077 deserves this after the rocky start of the game was.

In addition to these useful mods, you also get a lot of mods just for entertainment, such as the replacement of VI with a gin from Taken, a change in the shape of the body of the vi and even the addition of new scenes for Roman Panama and Judy. I am sure that there is or will be a mod replacing V with CJ. Always is.

What does Redmond do in Cyberpunk 2077?

Before we move on to mods, we need to know how they work. We will not consider how to create mods, we just need to know how to use them. Cyberpunk 2077 does not support mods in itself. To use mods, you need to download the modding tool CD Project Red, Redmond.


Redmond was released as DLC for Cyberpunk 2077 in update 1.06. This tool will help you install and correct mods for your game at any time.

To use it, you first need to download and install Remold. It is available in Steam, Epic Games and GOG. We recommend getting it from the same platform on which you bought the game. After you installed Redmond, make sure that it is activated as DLC from your library.


When you have Remold, go to the Cyberpunk 2077 files on your computer and create a new folder with the name Mods if it is not yet. Make sure that you copy the same name, and not a mod, not a mod, not a mod, not a mod, but simply mods. After that, open R6 <cache. If you do not see the Modded folder here, create it.

So, you loaded and unpacked the mod from the nexus. What you need to do is open a mod, and you will see the files Mods and R6 in fashion. Place these files in the Mods and R6 folders in your Cyberpunk 2077 catalog. Simple. If you want to make sure that mods are reset correctly, open modes and find the info.Jason file, which is present only for Remold files.

If you uploaded a mod and do not see the file structure mentioned above, just move the file to your Mods file in the Cyberpunk 2077 catalog, and everything is ready.

As soon as all the files are installed in place, just start the game, and in the window that opens, you will see the settings button next to the Play button. Click on it and turn on the mods before starting the game.

Best Fashion for Cyberpunk 2077

Now that we know how to install and add mods to your game, let’s look at some of the best mods that are currently available for Cyberpunk 2077.

Settings CybersTvod

Each Cyberpunk 2077 player knows the mistakes that Cyberpunk 2077 pursued at launch. Of course, CD Project Red corrected many of them and made the game more smooth over the years, but there are still some minor inconvenience.

Cyber Engine Tweak helps to correct these minor problems, and also allows players to better control their game. Setting up changes and unlocking the debugging menu is one of the best functions of this mod. Mod also acts as a gateway to the Lua script, allowing you to change the game.

Cyber Engine Tweak is the simplest mod for Cyberpunk 2077.

Outgoing texture Cyberpunk 2077

We all want the games to be not only funny and exciting, but also beautiful. In addition to Minecraft, one of the largest advantages that all developers and publishers advertise is how graphically their game is advanced.

Cyberpunk 2077 looks good, but you can make it even better. The Override texture mod improves all textures in Cyberpunk 2077, including the whole world, clothes, cars and weapons. Everything that matters receives a texture improvement.

Cyberpunk Autonomous Reshed-True HDR

Night City is a great place to live, but high skyscrapers can throw a shadow on a population living below. At times, it can become boring.

The Cyberpunk Autonomous Reshad-True HDR mod allows you to change the shade of the night city and make it much brighter. The light effect is improved, and in combination with the Texture Override function, you can get the best view for the game.

Improved Police

Despite the fact that the police officer underwent major repairs for the Cyberpunk 207, much still remains on the best. Enhanced Police Maud makes the police in the game be much better to respond to your criminal acts. Police will arrive at the crime scene with a slight delay, they will better seize the terrain and will even chase you in a much more realistic manner.

Your search level will now also determine which units will respond to you. The level of search for one-star means that cops are running to you, while a higher level of search guarantees that armored vehicles and even helicopters will come for you, which makes each sequence of chase much more interesting.

Best Transportation Management

The maneuvering of vehicles in the Cyberpunk 2077 can be difficult on the close and crowded streets of Night City. Fast turns and simply general control over vehicles should be perfect, and this is not so, so we have a mod the best drive of a vehicle.

The steering is improved for all vehicles, and you can drive a car with much greater accuracy. After installing this mod, you will fly much less, especially if you play mice and a keyboard, where driving is much more complicated.

Improved Minikart

The minicart is undoubtedly the most important tool at your disposal, but it can cause huge inconvenience if it is realized incorrectly. It should be perfect and transparent enough not to interfere with your vision.

Fortunately, the Better Minimal mod allows you to configure the mini-card at its discretion. You can change the size and transparency, remove the border of the mini-card and even change it only to the compass. In addition, with this Minikart’s mod, it becomes much more accurate and more reliable.

Let there be a flight

Every time you think about the future, you see cars flying throughout the city. Despite the fact that flying cars are present in Cyberpunk 2077, as you see at the beginning of the game, you do not have access to any of these vehicles in your passage.

If you want a real futuristic sensation and want to fly like a king, the Let there be Flight will help you. With this mod, most vehicles in the Cyberpunk 2077 will NBA 2K23 receive updates that allow you to fly by car wherever you want. You get not only a car moving through the air, but also accelerators and reactive engines, which makes all this even more exciting.

Exciting first-person view

We all live our whole life in the first person, but the first-person games are not at all like real life. You look down and there is nothing but legs, making it clear that you are just a camera on ghostly legs.

The Immersive First Person mod for Cyberpunk 20077 corrects this problem. The mod is working on the addition of a real body, which you see every time you look down, and the presence of your body as a whole improves. The free viewing system is also improved, allowing you to realistically anime when you look around.

Virtual Atelier

Cyberpunk 2077 stores do not allow you to view items before buying them, especially clothes. The only way to get some idea of what Vi is dressed in is to look in the mirror in your apartment, and even this gives only a vague idea of VI clothes.

Virtual Atelier mod allows you to first view all clothing items before buying them. You will get a much better idea of how clothing will look on V. Mod also allows you to view all the items that you added to the game using mods.

The first-person view is not for every1. Some players prefer a third-person type, which allows them to navigate much better in their environment. Although you can drive a car in a third-person viewing mode, you cannot play the whole game in a third-person viewing mode for V.

To do this, we have a WIP TTP MOD, who does exactly what he says. This allows you to go through the whole game in a third-person viewing mode.

Updating the appearance of Kawasaki

We know that the Cyberpunk 2077 is in default in FPV, and you cannot regularly see your face, but this does not mean that you should adhere to the default face.

The Alaska Appearance Updater mod allows you to change your face, hair and eyes to personalize V to your taste. Although the settings parameters are currently limited, it is still better than the base V by default, which everyone receives at Cyberpunk 207.