[Self-Development Standards’ Moon Young-soo] The Korea Game Policy Autonomous Organization (Chairman Hwang Sung-ki, hereinafter GSOK) unveiled the ‘Game Advertising Self-Development Standards’ for the healthy development of the game industry and to increase the effectiveness of game advertising self-regulation.

Game advertising autonomous deliberation criteria include sincerity provisions, anti-discrimination provisions of others’ rights, anti-discrimination clause, inadequacy of language, public morality and social ethics, antisocial clause It consists of a total of 20 provisions, including over-consumption and meandering acts, dignity provisions such as the state, and advertisement provisions in the game. The deliberation standard will be released in three languages (Korean, English, Chinese), taking into account the recent global game advertisements in Korea.

In September 2019, GSOK formed and launched the Game Advertising Self-Regulatory Committee (Chairman Moon Chul-soo, the Advertising Committee). The committee consists of eight experts by field, including law, media, advertising, and civic groups. Considering the characteristics of game advertisements that provide users with game-related information, they have been carrying out various activities to ensure that healthy game ads are distributed to the game market.

The committee created a plan for the autonomous deliberation of game advertising in 2019, and has regularly held a committee every month to deliberate the actual game advertisements and complement the standards. In the process of determining the deliberation standards, he tried to specifically set the criteria for controversial issues such as violence, selection, and sincerity.

GSOK will carry out full-fledged self-regulatory activities, starting with the disclosure of the game advertising self-deliberations. Advertisements that violate the deliberation standards will also notify the game operators of the results of the deliberation and gradually review the list of violations in order to secure the effectiveness of autonomous regulations.

In addition, GSOK is a full-fledged collaboration such as sharing information about the game committee and illegal game advertisements and the construction of a hotline for illegal advertisement after the GSOK-Game Management Committee-Korea Game Industry Association in May 2019. I decided to proceed.

Hwang Sung-ki, Chairman of GSOK, said, Game advertisement is the first channel for game users about the content of the game. It’s a reality. We expect a positive system to form a positive system that can meet the right to know the user’s right through the self-regulation of game advertising, which has been prepared in depth for two years.