In this collective guide to The Last of Us Part 1 you can find out:

  • How many artifacts there are
  • Where you can find all artifacts
  • Which trophy you get for all artifacts

With The Last of Us Part 1, Naughty Dog promotes the Playstation classic at Next-Gen level. If you want to capture the platinum trophy with Joel and Ellie, you have to find all hidden artifacts and notes **. We show you the locations.

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The Last of Us Part 1: How many artifacts can be found?

In The Last of Us Part 1 you keep coming up with notes, small pieces of paper or special items that contribute something to the story and lore of the game in their own way. These collectibles hot artifacts. There are a total of 85 artifacts ** in the game.

The Last of Us Part 1: Which trophy bring the artifacts?

Once you have found all 85 artifacts in the main game, a Trophy in the Last of Us (Guide) . You will be rewarded with the gold trophy chronicles and have made a good piece of soil on the way to the platinum trophy .

The Last of Us Part 1: All artifacts ordered according to chapter

the quarantine zone

Artefact Section Location
Military brochure Behind the wall You get automatically with Joels backpack.
Map of the QZ Boston Behind the wall You get automatically with Joels backpack.
Message to Brother Behind the wall After the first encounter with the runners, she creeps up a staircase. In the room on the left, the artifact is on the table at the window.
Convention notice The slums Cross the empty bus on the market. The artifact on the floor between the notes and the old newspapers is straight on the corner of the next stand.
Profile The slums Go straight to the fence from the site of the Convention notice artifact. On the left, the profile hangs on a wooden wall.
Frachtlist The slums After you have found Robert, you have to switch off a few of his assistants at the docks. The freight list is just right from the starting point of the area in front of a small container on the railing.
Message from the Docks The slums Go right along the railing from the large rusty ship. The artifact lies between the containers.

the outskirts

Artefact Section Location
Tess’ list Outside After reunification with Tess you will find the artifact at the side table with the lamp.
Patrouillia route card Outside If you have started the generator, a elevator trip follows. Then look right on the floor to the right of the boilers and pick up the artifact.
Evacuization flyer Center Follow Tess and Ellie through the rubble until you see a traffic light. The artifact lies on the ground between car wreck and trash can.
Field use protocol Center Enter the first large building and two police corpses pass. The artifact lies with the second.
Firefly card Center After crossing the high-rise with the clickers, you end up in a subway station. A firefly body with the artifact lies on the stairs.
Message to Derek Center At the end of the Center section you land in a subway station contaminated by clickers. Hold on the left and sneak into the shop Minute Pick. The artifact lies in the drawer behind the counter.
Medical brochure Museum At the beginning of the section, you have to get a container from a dark room with three runners to climb over a truck. If you have done this, turn around and get the artifact from the open loading area.
Firefly commands The town hall After you have left the museum, you have to use a wooden slat as a bridge to the next building. Once over there, you go down a staircase. Turn around below and you will find a body where the artifact is located.
Smuggler note The town hall After visiting the town hall, you get into a flooded subway station. At the end of the swimming insert you can find a skeleton with the artifact on the platform on the left, on which Ellie is on.

Bills City

Artefact Section Location
Pillen note The forest After the forest you come to a building in front of which two clickers hang around. The note lies in one of the upper rooms on the floor.
Perimeter note The forest There is an abandoned record store in Bill’s city. The note lies with the printer in the back room.
Message to Bob The forest After the caravan on the main street, you get to a roadblock. The artifact hangs on it. It includes the combination for the safe a little further up the road.
Message to Rachel The forest Once you have found the bow, the path leads you over a few roofs into a side street. Creep through the explosive trap, turn left and walk through the door from which the noises come. On the upper floor you will find a table over which the lettering Rachel is emblazoned. The note is below.
Bills card Case slip After the chase, you end up in Bill’s shelter. The card is at the bar of the bar.
Zeau note Case slip In the back room of Bills Bar, the note is on a couch table.
Hunter note Case slip Go up with Bill in the bar. The note in the room is back to the far right.
Bombs note Case slip At the end of the section you can reach a basement by equipping Bill with new weapons. Go over the stairs into the church and get the artifact out of the room next to the altar.
A boy’s diary Cemetery Once you have crossed the cemetery, you have to sneak through a settlement. Towards the end you reach a house with a pool. The artifact is located in the children’s room on the first floor.
Frank’s message High school escape After the high school you reach a house. Go to the bedroom after the video sequence and get the message.
Frank’s message II High school escape The garage follows a conversation with Bill, in which Joel gives him Frank’s message. Lift her up after Bill thrown away.
Suction hose High school escape Bill gives you the suction hose automatically.

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Artefact Section Location
List of a stranger Alone and abandoned After the attack, you can get into a garage by lifting a roller gate together. The artifact lies on one of the roller waves.
Ambeil card Alone and abandoned After the garage, it continues over the stairwell. Go on the right in the hallway through the door. The card hangs on the wall in the small storage room.
Hill lost-note Alone and abandoned On the way through Pittsburgh you hear a shot and hide from the hunters. Then you come to a military post through a bus wreck. The note lies in a guard house at the entrance.
Traitor flyer Alone and abandoned In the military post, you have a conversation between three hunters. The flyer hangs on the wall next to them.
Contemporary checklist Alone and abandoned On the ground floor of the Kingston bookstore you will find the artifact under the stairs that leads to the first floor.
Zone abandoned-note Alone and abandoned To the left of the stairs in the Kingston bookstore you reach an office. The artifact lies on the desk.
Map of the lost areas Alone and abandoned On the first floor of the Kingston bookstore you reach a camp that you can only open with a knife. In it you will find the artifact in one of the shelves.
Letter from a mother Alone and abandoned After the bookstore, you continue through an alley. After the cutscene, you follow the street and see a door next to a blue delivery van, which is marked with a red X. Open it with a knife and get the letter.
Hidden note Alone and abandoned After a short swimming insert, you enter the Drivers Cafe. The artifact lies on a closet on the first floor.
Message to the workforce Hotellobby In the lobby you come via a ladder to the first floor. Go along the broken staircase along the wall. The artifact lies in a suitcase in front of the elevator. You will find a safe combination in it.
Hotel key card Hotellobby After a few confrontations, you can reach the generator in the basement. Use the rubble as a ramp. On the upper floor you will find a surveillance room. The key card is on the desk.
Fireflies note Finanzviertel After the hotel it continues through the financial district. While you sneak away in front of the hunters, you reach a small shop called Don Fiocchis Sub. The note is in the back of the cooling.
Last attack note Finanzviertel Later in the financial district you come to a garage in which there is a workbench. Shortly afterwards there is a cut scene and you enter an office building. After a Hunter meeting you follow the hallway to a open-plan office. The artifact lies on one of the desks.
Truck note Finanzviertel If you have left the office, follow the street until you meet Hunter again. Then enter the Fedra office and take the artifact from the desk with you.
Moba attack note Finanzviertel During the confrontation with the Hunger on the street, you can enter the Delta direct office next to a police car. On the upper floor, a hole in the wall leads to the next room. The note is under the desk.
Press note Leave the city On the way out of the city you meet Henry and Sam. Henry locks you up the door to an architecture office. In the conference room, the note is on the ground in the corner.

The suburbs

Artefact Section Location
Boat note Canalization On the beach you will find a blue shipwreck. The note lies in the cabin.
Sewage note Canalization In the sewage system, Ellie helps her through a small grille. It clears the way and you reach a camp. The artifact is on the table.
Exchange note Canalization Together with Henry and Sam, you get to gate that cannot be opened. You have to pull into the water and a steel tube out of the chain. Then follow the path until you reach a room with two clickers. The artifact is the stairs up with the mattresses.
Rain catcher note Canalization Once you have found the new weapon Shorty in the accommodation, the path leads through a tunnel with a few infected. Complets it and go down the stairs into a washroom. The note lies with the barrels.
In the terminal note Canalization After the washroom, a staircase leads up. In the first room on the left you will find a storage room in which the note is located.
Children’s drawing Canalization At a large lattice door you will be separated from Ellie and have to deal with stalkers. Hold on the left and go up the stairs behind the pillar 11h. The artifact is on the bookshelf.
Sno-note Vorstadt The artifact is on the right in the second house of the suburb. You can find it in the bedroom on the first floor.
Father’s note Vorstadt After the curve in which the lettering Will Shoot on Sight can be seen in a white house, you can pass an ice cream truck. Then go into the garage in front of which a blue pick-up is standing. The artifact is on a chest of drawers on the first floor.

Survivor note | Vorstadt | In the same room, in which the Bottesarten artifact is also located, you will find the note on a desk.
Couple | Vorstadt | You can also find the matches on the right in the last house. Go up the upper floor and get the matches from a desk. You will find a safe combination.

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Tommys dam

Artefact Section Location
Map of the power plant Hydrolectric dam In the power plant you can pass a small red brick house behind an excavator. This is the card.
Handings plans of the power plant Hydroelectric dam If you met Tommy, he guides you through the power plant. Two men study a plan in the headquarters. You can get it later.

The University

Artefact Section Location
Protocol from the sniper nest Let’s go, Big Horns Rides through the second goal to the university’s site. You reach a blockade and a garage on the right. In it you will find a weapon and a workbench. Via the stairs you come to a balcony and find the artifact between the camping chairs.
Wall table note Let’s go, Big Horns After a lattice door you briefly separate from Ellie. In the following courtyard, the note on the fuse box hangs on the right.
UEC campus plan Let’s go, Big Horns The campus plan is located in the student dormitory (Dormitory) on a desk.
Diary of a student Let’s go, Big Horns On the second floor of the student dormitory you take the corridor to the left and enter room 202. The artifact is located on a shelf next to the door.
Newspaper section Let’s go, Big Horns After the fighter with the bloat, it continues through the door at the end of the corridor. On the second floor you will find room 209 and the artifact on the table next to the sofa.
Recording device from the office Research tract In the research tract, you come to room 101 Storage after the Lecture Room. The artifact lies at the desk of the window.
X-ray images of the mushroom Research tract Follow the yellow cables according to room 101 through the lock. In Labor 105, the artifact lies on a desk at the window.
Recording device from the laboratory Research tract It continues to Labor 104. There the artifact lies on one of the right tables.

holiday resort am See

Artefact | Section | Location
Artifacts from Ellies backpack | The hunt | Open Ellies backpack and look at all the artifacts in it.
Ellies backpack #2 | Holiday huts | At the end of the section you will find Ellie’s backpack in a storage room after a short cutscene.
Meat stock | Holiday huts | The existing book lies in the same room, in which you can also find Ellies backpack.

Bus depot

Artefact Section Location
Family photo Autobahn exit On the way across the highway you can pass a motorhome with a body. The artifact is on the inside on a table.
Letter to wife Autobahn exit In the Logan James Bus Station you will find the artifact down the stairs on the left in one of the suitcases.
Map of the QZ Salt Lake City Autobahn exit Go shortly before the bus station output in the white tent in the corner. The artifact lies on one of the tables.
Photo by Joel and Sara Autobahn exit Before you leave the bus station, speak to Ellie. She gives you the photo.

The Firefly Laboratory

Artefact Section Location
Significations of the surgeon The hospital On the way through the hospital you reach the West Wing. Via the waiting area in the quarantine zone, you come to the stairwell. In the next section, the artifact lies on the counter.
Marlenes recording device The hospital Once you have collected the surgeons’ records, you will find the next artifact in one of the offices behind you on a desk.
Marlenes Diage The hospital Follow the corridor, enter the quarantine tent and grab the diary.
Marlenes recording device #2 The hospital After the last major confrontation, you follow the hallway and go through the door at the end. In the first room on the right, the artifact is on a table.

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