Sausage Legend Joint Company started delivery of “Sausage Legend 2″ on February 14. The corresponding platform is iOS / Android. New elements such as story mode and mission have also been added. Although the release within 2021 was planned at the time of May announcement, it seems that the development has been postponed because development has been prolonged.

“Sausage Legend 2” is a sequel to the match action game “Sausage Legend” fighting with sausages. In this work, the player operates sausages that pierce the fork. Press and hold the screen to charge the power. It is an object of timing with a sausage that sways and swaying, hit the opponent sausage and scraping HP.


In the previous work “Sausage Legend”, the hot battle between sausages was unfolded by the above simple rules. In this work “Sausage Legend 2”, the basic rules and surreal playbacks are somewhat adding elements as they are. Specifically, the fork is moved up and down by swipe operation. According to the in-game help, it is easier to make it possible to make it possible to make it easy, so it is better to keep the minimum movement, but the change of the fork also seems to be an element that affects the victory and defeat.

In addition, the battle format has been changed to a winning ceremony using three sausages from one pair of the previous work. Sausages have cost concepts, and high reality sausages are expensive, and three sausages of decks are likely to divide the outcome. The concept of the battle between sausages is likely to be expected to be a hot battle as it is.

As a new element, a story mode that was not previous work has also been added. On the stage of Story Mode, iron was monopolized by iron king. The flame group rises in search of iron release, but it was surrounded by the enemy on the battlefield, and it loses without it. The player was caught by the enemy because he participated in a battle as a member of the flame. After that, the player joins a duel as a warrior of the Tetsu Knights. However, in this country, a duel with iron was prohibited, so sausage duels were made using sausages instead of the sword. A story about a strange duel with sausages is drawn.

Besides, in this work, a so-called gacha is mounted as in the previous work. A variety of sausages appeared such as Magma Hot Dog and Lightning Winner with Thunder and Lightning Winner, and Metal Hot Dog, which has become a late metallic. Each sausage seems to have different lengths, thicknesses, and three-status, life / power / speed, and special abilities released by reinforcement.

“Sausage Legend 2” is being delivered for iOS / Android.