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All the skins of weapons in the store of weapons in Apex Legends

In Apex Legends, players can own various cosmetic objects, including Legend skins and weapons. You can get them by buying APEX coins using craft metals and opening APEX sets. Some weapons skins have various design options that players can get weapon repainting in the store. Nevertheless, you need to purchase a specific skin of a weapon in order to purchase its option of repainting. The weapon repainting store regularly changes in Apex Legends, which simplifies the players of their favorite skins. Here are all the skins that you can purchase in the store of weapons in the 14th season Apex Legends.

All Skins of Weapons Apex Legends Weapon Recolor Store

In the store of weapons in the 14th season, Apex Legends there are five unique skins options that players can purchase. You can spend APEX coins on the purchase of these color options. In the same way, you can also use legendary tokens to purchase some skins in the weapon repainting store.

set Technotherror

Techno Terror’s set includes 30 APEX packages. Along with this, for buying a set, you will receive a Techno Terror Legendary R-301 skin. You can also purchase a skin separately.

Set Technotherror *-3950 APEX coins
Technotherruror Legendary skin R-301 *-1800 APEX coins

luxurious distant shot-the legendary skin of the guard

Luxury Long shot Legendary Sentinel can be obtained if players have the legendary Biomechanics skin.

Luxury skin Long shot Legendary Sentinel *-1800 APEX coins or 10,500 Legends
Biomechanics Legendary skin of the guard *-1250 APEX coins

Eight Ball-Legendary Skin Volta

Skin Eight Ball Legendary Bolt can be purchased if you already have a skin Classic Pearl Legendary Volt.

Eight Ball Legendary Volt Skin *-1800 APEX coins or 10,500 Legend tokens
Classic Pearl Legendary Skin Volta *-1250 APEX coins

The Sunburst-The legendary skin of the leader

Sunburst Legendary Wingman Skin can be purchased if you have the Death Ray Legendary Wingman skin.

Skin of the legendary Sunburst *-1800 APEX coins or 10,500 Legend tokens
skin of the legendary led death of death *-1250 APEX coins

Hide and Seek-the legendary skin Peacemaker

As in previous repainting options, the skin of the legendary peacekeeper in hide and seek can be unlocked if you have a skin of a legendary peacekeeper.

The appearance of the legendary peacekeeper in hide and seek *-1800 coins APEX or 10,500 tokens of legends
skin of the legendary peacekeeper of the destroyer *-1250 APEX coins

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Apex Legend Mobile confirmed release in late May

The specific release of the Apex Legend Mobile version, which had been heralded this summer, was announced. The time is late May.

Respon Entertainment announced on the 3rd (domestic time) and announced the release of this month through the official Apex Legend Mobile SNS. At the same time, we encouraged to participate in pre -booking in Android and iOS.

Apex Legend Mobile is a game that was produced in collaboration with Tencent, which has developed Battleground Mobile and Call of Duty Mobile. It is characterized by simple operation and gameability that can be enjoyed more lightly for the mobile environment. Therefore, there are some differences in characters and perspectives from existing PCs and consoles, and cross play with the above platform is not supported.


Meanwhile, Apex Legend Mobile has been tested in many overseas countries since the beginning of this year. Currently, the official launch date is likely to be the same.

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