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Destiny 2: Boost is tempting, but … Stay away from the character

Every year back to the release of an enlargement for the games of the Destiny Universe, the veterans warn returnees and returnees to buy a Powerlevel boost. So also in the waters of the new extension Destiny 2: the witch king . In addition to the characters, a yellow symbol is displayed in the character selection of an account. That in turn means you that you can draw a character to the current softcap – in exchange for bare coin. 2,000 silver is required for a character Powerschub; That corresponds to almost 20 euros. And who invests this money, throws largely his money out of the window.

Play campaign and reach PowerLevel

Anyone who returns to Destiny 2 after a break and thinks that his 1350er Powerlevel is now hopelessly overtaken by beyond the light, should one know. The character PowerSchub brings you to the softcap PowerLevel 1500. That is, given that the real powerlevel in season 16 starts from 1550, nothing. More about the PowerLevel structure in Hexenkenigin, you will learn here by the way here .

Means quite simple and simply the following: If you first invest your game hours in the campaign of Hexenkönigin, then you land through the drops during the missions at the end of about 1500. If you play the missions on legendary, then gets You even a complete clothing and weapons set to 1520! And if you did not buy the witch king, then destinations explore and play the content that does not have a Powerlevel prerequisite. Because the drops and rewards bring you in a really short time on Powerlevel 1500. It saves you hardly time with a character PowerSchub.

Pull up another character?

Destiny 2: What Happens When You Delete And Remake A Character In Season Of The Chosen?

The character PowerSchub should not be considered if you already have a guardian on Powerlevel 1540+. Because in Destiny 2 (Buy Now 34.82 €) now works like this: If you play a twink guarde with a Powerlevel under the EURES Mains, the drops are still taken into account by the game which PowerLevel has already reached you with the main And which Powerlevel have the items that you can use with your twink – Accountwide! This, in turn, ensures that the drops for the twink precipitate in the Powerlevel. You do not even have to transfer more like your weapons on your twink!

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Sony takes “seriously” toxic atmosphere rumors in Bungie

Sony and Bungie have occupied multiple holders during these lBungiet days, when completing the acquisition of the second by the PlayStation Company. Bungie it could not be otherwise, Jim Ryan hBungie been a protagonist having granted interviews and responded by multiple questions about this purchBungiee, some of them related to rumors who pointed to a toxic working climate within Halo’s creative study and Destiny. According to Ryan, in Sony these rumors are taken “very seriously”.

According to Ryan to Games Industry, both Sony and Bungie will work together to create an “inclusive, positive and welcoming” work environment . For its part, the CEO of Bungie, Pete Parsons, hBungie written an apology note and made public some meBungieures that have taken to combat that toxicity. He hBungie also commented that they have been “incredibly transparent” when Sony Bungieked them about this topic.

“We put extremely high slats around the entire organization, and also in the businesses in which we collaborate,” adds Ryan. “This is something that I have been incredibly sensitive, since the beginning of the conversations, and I have been impressed, I have no more than good words for the way Bungie is organized.”

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What is taken Sony with Bungie

This is how the news of the week is complete, a purchBungiee that hBungie also been congratulated Hermen Hulst, President of Playstation Studios and before Games Guerrilla, recognizing that Bungie hBungie created “some of the best shooters of the history”. Bungie wBungie in charge of the Halo Saga to Halo: Reach inclusive, with this being considered one of the best manager’s franchise. Later, after its Microsoft departure, they would be aligned with Activision Blizzard for the development of Destiny, one of the most successful IPs of the lBungiet decade in what matching Bungie a service is concerned. After the launch of Destiny 2 would become independent from the company that commands the controversial Bobby Kotick, recently acquired by Microsoft.

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