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No place in the purse?: The electronic drivers permit: This app finally makes it possible

But be mindful: the app is inadequate for an authorities check.


In the app you can keep your ID card, your vaccination ceremony as well as now also your driver’s certificate.

If you would like to keep your driver’s permit in the app, go to the app as well as tap the Führerschein field. Established a PIN, in the next action you can additionally keep your Face ID. Next you have to make pictures of your driver’s certificate and selfies.

You can digitally determine yourself, authorize contracts or log in to companions. You can discover a total overview in the app at Further possible uses.

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Price distinctions partially drastically high


  • Super E10 as well as E5 do you blend that? For whom it is worth
  • Fueling at the correct time: This is the ideal time

Relaxation at the petrol stations is in sight, in spite of the container disc. The fuel could likewise be scarce at individual petrol stations.

Absolutely no one knows just how the very first price cut days will certainly go. Regardless, it is a great idea not to have the container totally showing currently. You ought to also enjoy the circumstance closely. Even more than ever, it is consequently crucial to locate the very best cost for the fuel: the time of day and also the petrol station has a major influence on the fuel cost. With the right container application you are always in the picture and always recharge your batteries at the very most affordable price. We provide our favorite apps for less costly refueling below.

application referral: charge brilliant

DHL customers: Great annoyance when delivery has an end

DHL lost in court. This is a reason for joy for consumers, because a frequent annoyance should be a thing of the past.

Dortmund-In the future, DHL suppliers will no longer be able to put the packages as they have done many times. Customers benefit from this court judgment, as DHL knows.

DHL loses in court: package messengers are no longer allowed to do this

If you are eagerly awaiting a package and know that you are not at home on the delivery day, you can determine a storage location at DHL. This can be, for example, behind a large plant on the doorstep or in the carport. The storage location can be specified once or permanently. In the second case, however, it can be quite unfavorable for the recipient-at least until now (more digital news at DHL).

So far, according to FOCUS, it was said in the DHL terms and conditions: “If the recipient has given a parking permit, the package is deemed to be delivered if it has been parked at the position specified in the approval”. However, the Consumer Center North Rhine-Westphalia complained-and received encouragement. Because this corresponding clause should no longer be used, the judges judged on Friday.

The reason: the customers are disadvantaged because the parcel service was not obliged to notify. Appropriate information would enable customers of the delivery service to “take the program soon,” said the Federal Court of Justice. Without this notification, however, parcel customers could wait for their package for days, while for DHL everything has long been done.


DHL in court: No notification – customers know the problem

Therefore, the shipment can no longer be viewed in the future, just because it was deposited at the storage location. It is actually also customary without duty that DHL announces the delivered or upcoming packages – but this message is not uncommon.

Customers are then waiting in vain for an SMS, an email or notification via the app. Because even if some package messengers leave a note in the mailbox, or inform about other ways about delivery, this is by no means always the case. But this is not the only problem of DHL, because packages recently not arrived at all.

But even if customers only do not know about the delivery, the risk that a package will be damaged or stolen increases. According to DHL, the selected storage location should be protected by the weather and cannot be visible on your own property, but this is not a guarantee against the damage or theft.

Rubric list picture: © kjpeters/Imago

Warning of smartphone

A new fraud stitch is currently circulating for users of smartphones. When receiving the SMS, those affected should be careful and follow some tips.

Germany – Again and again fraudsters try to get together with perfidious stitches of data and thus also to the money from strangers. Now there is another campaign that is currently being warned by the NRW consumer center.

frauds SMS is in circulation: Consumer advice center warns of mailbox message

The smartphone is part of everyday life with applications such as WhatsApp and the functions it contains. In addition to personal data, the device also includes bank details for many people. Therefore, it is always in the sights of fraudsters. Particularly popular: through messages that contain fake links, the owners of smartphones unknowingly rip off.

According to a warning of the NRW consumer center, the criminals also want to install harmful apps on the devices through such an action. Therefore, caution is currently required for communications via SMS. In particular, the warning of fraud is about communications that indicate alleged voicemails that are said to have been spoken of on the answering machine of the cell phone.

“New Voicemail” or “You have a missed call” is then in the message, which is also provided with a link. Usually users receive similar messages from their telephone provider, such as Telekom or Alditalk if they could not be reached. Therefore, the fraud stitch is all the more tricky (further warnings and recalls at fraud).

Warning of SMS: Fraudsters want to get personal data on smartphones

Because instead of the alleged voice message on the mobile phone mailbox, those affected then occur to a page on which they are asked to install a dubious app, according to the consumer center NRW, often apparently via the provider Vodaf1. By logging in with the personal access data, customers should then overturn the so -called third -party lock by logging in.

Therefore, the experts urgently warn against clicking on the link in the SMS. Such a stitch of criminals is also known as smishing . In addition to communications for a voicemail, SMS of false package services are also a popular method for fraudsters to get data from users-as well as the “Hello Mama” messages, which always make round at WhatsApp, as

Your Phone has Virus Warning Scam - Explained | How to Remove it?

Consumer center warns of fraud via SMS – caution is advised on this messages

Another treacherous behind in the messages about the Voicemail is that the message in the fraud of the criminals is often formulated differently and is not sent with an always same standardized text. With the following examples, users should be careful:

An indication of a possible notification of criminals are spelling mistakes in the text of the SMS, as with “Choose your voiceemail – you have a new Nachrich T” or apparently arbitrarily set signs and letters. If you discover such a or similar text on your smartphone, you should act quickly.

rip-off via SMS message: Consumer advice centers gives tips for protection

The Consumer Center NRW advises those affected to immediately switch their smartphone into flight mode and collect important evidence of fraud via SMS, such as through photos and screenshots.

In such a case, the device should also only be used in secure mode. In this way, the harmful app can then be uninstalled. However, the safest option is to completely reset the smartph1. However, this means that your own data and files are lost.

Warning of smartphone fraud: “A new voice message” becomes a danger

It is also important to inform the mobile operator about the incident. If there is financial damage from fraud, it can be helpful to contact household insurance. So that it does not get that far, such unknown messages should be deleted directly and the number of the sender should be blocked.

Antivirus protection on the smartphone and a set -up third -party lock is also useful. This can be activated via the mobile operator.

With smartphones with an Android operating system, there is also the option of preventing the installation of dubious programs via the “Install unknown apps” option. With iPhones, on the other hand, it is generally not possible to download applications on the device outside the app store.

Furthermore, it helps to always check the senders’ numbers carefully. So you usually get the official news about querying the mobile box from the same number.

Rubric list picture: © Fabian Sommer/dpa, Collage: fraud

Even small sponsors affected: Thats why many customers now threaten

Negative interest rates for wealthy customers have been a continuous topic for German Savers for months. Already last year, for example, the Stadtsparkasse Düsseldorf had begun to terminate first customers the account if these negative interest rates did not want to agree. As the “Tagesschau” reports now, the Dortmunder pendant has apparently terminated 15 customers because of the custodian charges.

Postbank is also apparent similarly similarly to the reports, and announced customers with a credit balance of more than 50,000 euros, which did not agree to the negative interest. A spokesman emphasized against the “Tagesschau” that it was a few individual cases – one did not want to call a detailed number.

_Surftipp: _ Consumer Center denounces – Banks Knausine for refunds: How to get your account fees back

At the DKB, there is also considerations, “customers who have not approved even after multiple reminder” to cancel the account. Competitors such as the Berliner Sparkasse or the Commerzbank, on the other hand, still want to wait and find consensual solutions for their customers.

Accounts: Even small sponsors could soon receive the termination

As the “Tagesschau” continues to write, 449 of 1,300 German financial institutions, from certain credit balances, demand departure – tendency. However, many banks have also announced to be able to dispense with the negative interest rates in the future if the ECB sets the penalty interests for the institutes. “If the ECB interest rises to zero, the custody fee is automatically eliminated”, according to the consumer protectors Niels Nauhauser.

How Taxes, 401(k) Plans And IRAs Work

_Reek also: _richter calls on the BGB – next court tips penalty interest: What bank customers have to know now

Under certain circumstances, even more cases will soon have accounts in significantly more cases: Many banks have apparently only 70 percent of customers have agreed to the new terms and conditions with negative interest rates.

If an approval rate of 85 to 90 percent has reached, dismissals could be followed by smaller credits, prophecy Oliver Mihm, boss of the Bankberatungsgfirma Investors Marketing.

Sparkasse, Ing and Postbank: Termination threatens thousands of bank customers

Customers of banks such as Sparkasse, Ing or Postbank could soon get accounts. At least if you do not agree with a certain thing.

Hamm – who has a lot of money on the account of his bank could soon be asked to pay. Because many credit institutions are now required from a certain assets negative interest. Who does not agree with the whole, could be threatened with a termination. In fact, this could even come to almost all bank customers in the long run, *.

Sparkasse, Postbank, Ing: Many bank customers threatens the termination

According to handelsblatt, more and more credit institutions – for example, Ing, Postbank or the Sparkasse – negative interest *. For many banks, the so-called Depositary Fees will fall as soon as the customer has a fortune of more than 50,000 euros in his account.

However, in some institutes, it already meets low and medium earners: Here, the custody fee is sometimes collected even from an amount of 5000 euros in the account. How tages show reports, more and more banks are now serious.

Thus, in the past year, the City Parkasse Düsseldorf has terminated customers who did not want to agree with the negative interest. Now other institutes follow.

Bank customers threatens the account termination: four-digit number of customers affected

Thus Postbank has terminated several customers, which had more than 50,000 euros on their accounts and refused their consent to the custody fee, the business relationship. According to a spokesman for Deutsche Bank, however, mutually agreed solutions could be found with most customers.

Also in the Sparkasse Dortmund * there were terminations. Here is the speech in a report of the handelsblatt of 15 cases. At Ing, the next few weeks should also be grabbed for this procedure.

A speaker of the direct bank explains the tagenschau that the terminations even affect “low four-digit number of customers”. These would not have approved the negative interest after several reminder (more news about digital * at bank).

Negative interest: not all banks threaten the customer with termination

As can be found on, competitors such as the Berliner Sparkasse or Commerzbank instead want to wait. Before it comes to termination, consensual solutions for customers should be found.

But there is generally a bright spot: so many banks have let that have been relieved in the future on negative interest rates as soon as the European Central Bank no longer demands penalty interests from the banks. But as long as this is missing, the problem could increase instead.

Sparkasse, Postbank und ING: Auch Geringverdiener bald von Kündigungsdrohung betroffen?

Oliver Mihm, Chef der Bankberatungsfirma Investors Marketing, könnte sich vorstellen, dass auch Gering- und Mittelverdiener von den Kündigungsdrohungen betroffen sind, sobald 85 bis 90 Prozent der Kunden die neuen Geschäftsbedingungen mit dem Verwahrentgelt akzeptieren würden. Derzeit liegt die Zustimmungsquote bei rund 70 Prozent.

ING commercial - Postbank & ING Bank(december 2008)
Wer sein erspartes Geld ausgeben möchte, hat mittlerweile wieder vermehrt Möglichkeiten dazu. Nach langer Corona-Pause sind wieder Urlaube im Ausland möglich. Doch wen es beispielsweise in die Türkei oder nach Griechenland verschlägt, der muss noch immer einige Maßnahmen beachten. * ist wiebank ein Teil des Redaktionsnetzwerks von IPPEN.MEDIA.

Rubriklistenbild: © Björn Hake/Imago

Easter offers at Amazon: a lot of hidden bargains

Amazon Easter Week: Lots of bargains at the megaversender

Amazon lowers the prices before Easter!
Since April 1st, you will find changing daily offers and lightning daily on the online giant daily.

10 SHOPPING SECRETS Amazon Doesn't Want You to Know!
The Amazon Easter Offers start daily from midnight and apply 24 hours or as long as stocks last.

From 6 o’clock in the morning there are also daily new flash offers available for a maximum of 12 hours, which can be sold out after a short time.
In the following, we always show you currently a lot of daily and multi-day decals of the mega sender – we have assessed the savings potential for you.
Also, you can search directly in the Deal Finder for your favorite products and thus determine if you are reduced.

DHL: Neue April April – Thousands of customers affected in Germany

The parcel service DHL has planned innovations. Pack stations can only be used via app.

Germany – For many people who regularly shop online, the pack stations of DHL are indispensable. However, if you want to deliver your orders there, however, must be set to technical changes in the future. Customers will need the App “Post & DHL” app from April 2022.

Packstation: Changes to DHL – Why customers need the app “Post & DHL”

Especially those who are rarely at home, are happy to return to the offer of DHL. The order is then transported by suppliers to any packing station of the user. Most are these on supermarket parking, petrol stations or other publicly available places.

But that’s how the coming month will be concluded, because the parcel service has new plans according to GIGA: he wants to gradually expand the joint app with Deutsche Post “Post & DHL”, and make them at the heart of users. Deutsche Post has recently announced an innovation.

DHL announces from April 2022 mega innovation: thousands of customers look into the tube

For the benefit of the parcel station, registered persons needed for the purchase of orders only the customer number and the pick-up code, which is usually sent by e-mail (more service news at DHL app).

Even by the customer card, the package can be easily taken – at least until April 2022. Through the innovations, the usual process is no longer possible. Consumers then only come with the app to their package, which is why it would be advisable for them to install them early.

Packing station changes to DHL: These advantages and disadvantages has the app “Post & DHL”

The application software “Post & DHL” offers customers advantages, because there you will find all information about the orders at a glance. You will be informed, among other things, if an order is ready. The pick-up code is also generated in the app itself, and only needs to be scanned on the packing station.

The e-mail mailbox is additionally relieved in frequent orders. Because as soon as the pick-up code is digitally enabled on the smartphone, it does not exist again by mail again. But the smartphone must be registered in the app – this should prevent other app users from having access to their own packages.

Some people already have “Post & DHL”, but they expressed suggestions for improvement. Customers want in the DHL app so-called push notifications. These should then automatically appear on the smartphone screen when there are news about the post office.


DHL change 2022: Customers without app get a note in the mailbox

For those who do not want to use, it looks rather bad. But dissatisfied customers are always again due to the packing stations *, as well as white. Consumers without the app, however, find a note from DHL in the mailbox in the future.

This information indicates that the order could not be delivered, and instead lies in a packing station. In addition, customers find the code with which this and other packages can be removed. _ * is part of the editorial network of TIPS.Media._

Category list picture: © Rolf Vennenbernd / dpa

WhatsApp Update: From New Messenger

WhatsApp is updated on the smartphone more often. This time desktop users benefit.

Dortmund – WhatsApp is not only a popular messenger via app on the smartph1. Even with larger terminals such as notebooks or tablets you can communicate via WhatsApp. As desktop version * reports, these desktop versions should soon get an update that it does not exist at the app.

How to Update 'WhatsApp Messenger' to the latest Stable Version on Android?

Change in the desktop version: WhatsApp Lets new function

Thus, according to the blog Wabetainfo will soon be possible to react more concrete to individual messages – by emoji. The funny symbols or faces are not basically new via WhatsApp. Users have a number of Emojis, which are also regularly expanded *.

However, you should be able to assign them according to the new update similar to a “Like” on Facebook or Instagram directly to individual messages. Especially in group chat or confusing text curves, this feature can be practical.

Desktop version of WhatsApp: Users can react with Emojis

And this is how the innovation at WhatsApp: If you move the mouse pointer near a message, a button will appear there. These can choose users between six different reactions, ie Emojis. So similar to how it is long standard for postbook, signal or discord.

Also competitor Telegram already uses this feature longer *. However, users can also react directly to the smartphone app directly by Emoji. And at Instagram it has been possible for some time to react directly to Storys directly with a heart. With WhatsApp, users have expected this function according to _CHIP.DE.

WhatsApp: Appearance of new function can take a long time

However, there is also a hook: For WhatsApp, this feature has not yet been announced for Android and iOS versions. Not even in the beta version, where many features of WhatsApp are first tested *, it is available. When users can try the innovation is still unclear. According to, however, it could take some time.

Most recently, WhatsApp has also announced a new search function *. It should bring the users to enormously relief. * desktop version Int part of the editorial network of the _media.

Category list picture: © Yui Mok / dpa

Test shows: Many selfie

Facial recognition technology to be installed in cameras in Perth | Download This Show
Selfie apps are extremely popular with younger smartphone users. For example, to bring photos with funny effects like make-up, animal ears and wild hairstyles. However, as is a recent study by “”, the apps also sell the biometric data raised to third parties – without probably aware of most users.

A total of six of the most popular apps in the Google Play Store, which were downloaded together over 500 million times, has tested the portal. Specifically, these are:

  • Photo Lab Image Editing (100 million + downloads)
  • Youcam Makeup: Selfie Camera (100 million + downloads)
  • BeautyPlus photo, Retusch, Filter (100 million + downloads)
  • FaceApp: facial machining (100 million + downloads)
  • Perfect 365: Face Makeup (50 million + downloads)
  • Facetune2 (50 million + downloads)

Selfie apps in the test: partly passing on “extensive records”

The PFEFECT365 app suggests “”, for example, that in the past year “extensive data sets to third parties” were – including the full name, biometric data, location data and all further information, the users in the app. In the consent menu after the installation, the data transmission is indicated, but concrete data types are not mentioned.

YouCam Makeup also refer to the data transfer. Among other things, even the skin condition of the users is transmitted here. The transfer of names, mail address, photos and videos is excluded from the developers. However, the test shows that it is likely to assume that at least the Meta Group (Facebook, Instagram) can assign usage data.

FACETUNE2 indicates not to collect biometric data. However, users are pointed out that generated data, such as age or gender, can be used for the application of the app services.

These apps give much less data

PHOTO LAB carries out its own information, the image processing on its own servers, where images and captured aspects are stored for 14 days. Although the information from the edited images can be used for advertising – a transmission to third parties therefore do not take place.

With the FACEPPP, the processed photos are created at the end-to-end-encrypted for a maximum of 48 hours on external cloud servers according to the privacy policy. The pictures are not used for any other purpose than for editing in the app.

BeautyPlus also indicates that images are only processed on their own servers. After completing the app, these are deleted the developers directly again. A transfer to third parties is not here.

Striking: All selfie apps tested contain trackers and transmit data to companies like Facebook or Google. In addition, the advertising ID of the users is transferred to many services. This can be merged with data collected in other apps, which can give a very detailed image of the users.

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