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Where to find all the monsters in the Aster in Tower of Fantasy

In Tower of Fantasy, players face various enemies and world bosses, exploring the map. Knowing where these enemies are located, helps players get to these areas and quickly defeat opponents. Astra is the first location that players will open in Tower of Fantasy, and in this region you will find about 11 bosses and one world boss. You need to defeat them to earn EXP and increase the level in the game. Here’s how you can find all the monsters in the Aster in Tower of Fantasy.

All monsters of asters and the location of the Tower of Fantasy boss boss

Astra is divided into various areas, and you need to visit them to find all enemy locations. On the map above there are all areas where you will find monsters on the aster. Red circles with numbers show the location of the corresponding monsters, and the white circle denotes the world boss. Robarg is a global boss on the aster, and the players will find this monster in grave of spikes region in the southern ring ridge on Astra.

1) Shrowomguard-Marsh Schrumer

The guardian of the mushrooms-the mushroom pipe is in a small fortress in the northern ring on the Aster. This enemy is far from the west of the A-03 ruins, and you can easily get to this place, rising to the mountain. SHROOMGUARD-Schrumer Marshal is surrounded by several hyenas-heads and spaces, so we recommend that you first win before entering the battle with this monster.


Eno Yablochko is in a small fortress north of the A-03 ruins in the northern ring in Astra. You can unlock the space portal nearby to quickly get to this enemy. Enoma Yablochko is accompanied by a student of esselus and several thugs-hyena. You need to defeat both of these enemies in this place. It is best to isolate enemies before fighting stronger bosses.

3) Dikin madman

Dikin madin is located in a small fortress north of the A-01 ruins in the northern ring in Astra. Gangs-hyena surround this enemy, and there are several ways to easily defeat them. Climb with one of the townspeople and shoot opponents from long-range weapons, such as a nightingale feather.

4) Vharma cunning

The cunning Warm is in a small fortress south of the training center: dexterity on the northern ring in Astra. You can quickly go south from the area of the rusty belt to get to this small fortress. Vharma is surrounded by a pair of thugs-hyena, the elite razor and a student of Esselwsor. We recommend that you first deal with weaker enemies before moving on to the bell.

5) Surprised in a mask and villains

I am surprised in the mask is in the entrance to the hyenas , north of the Astra Omnium tower. In this region, you will encounter several thugs-hyenas and two bosses, a mask and villains surprised. Near the mask, the mask is Disciple Esselwssor, so the players need to be careful not to attack both enemies at the same time. In the same way, Wickeds have an elite bustle hunter nearby, and we recommend that we fight with them one at a time in order to easily and quickly bypass all the enemies.

6) Giant Bom

The giant Bom is located in a small fortress located south of the football field on Aster. You will find this boss on the edge of the water flow that separates the mega arena from the mainland. There are Disciple Esselwssor and several thugs-hyena that you will face when fighting Bohm The Giant. Destroy the weaker enemies before joining the battle with Bom the giant and student.

7) Blood Range

The bloody ridge is located in aberrified barre city region, west of the amno on the ASTER in the Astra in the fantasy tower. This strong enemy is surrounded by several aberrants. You can take them one at a time or use them all at once. Quickly defeat this boss and smaller enemies to move on to the next. The spacecraft of Mega Arena is located south of the aberround Barrenstown. You can convey in this place to easily find a boss.

8) Zult

Zult is located in the city of rat lairing: science region in the southern ring ridges on the aster. This place is located south of Barrenstown, and in this place you will also find The Vermin Brothers-Gamma Mouse Squeak. Several thugs and elite hyenas surround Zulta, fight with them one at a time before fighting the boss.

9) Brothers-parasites-gamma-mossy squeak

The Vermin Brothers-Gamma Mouse Squeak is also located in Rat’s Den: Sweak, and you will find this boss at the upper level of buildings in this area. There are several structures where you can climb to the top and shoot at this boss at a distance. Quickly evade the attacks of this boss, but do not fall from the platform during movement. We recommend that you fight this boss after you defeat Zulta and other hyenas found in this place.

10) Wulgraf Grozny

Vulgraf Grozny is located in the Astra cemetery area. Go south from the crimson pillars landmark, and you will find this enemy at the top of the cliff. There are several spaceships next to this area, and you can use Transmit to quickly get to this place. The vulgraph has several gangsters, but it is relatively easy to win in Tower of Fantasy.

11) lime scammer

The fraudster lime is located at the reference point of crimson pillars in the southern ring on the aster. Go south of the A-01 ruins to quickly find this attraction. A fraudster Lime is an enemy who is easy to win, and he is surrounded by various thugs-hyenas. Quickly destroy this boss and move to Robarg.

12) Robarg

Robarg is located in the city of Grave of the Spikes region in the southern ring ridge on the aster. This is the most difficult boss that you will encounter on the Aster, and we recommend that you improve your weapons before joining this boss. Far battle weapons are always a good option against this boss. You can always unite with others before raiding this enemy. Check the world chat to find out if anyone is ready to fight Robarg. Players can also play alone, but we recommend that you unite with other players to quickly defeat this world boss in Tower of Fantasy.

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Tower of Fantasy received a new plot trailer

In anticipation of the release of the game Tower of Fantasy, Level Infinite has released a new trailer that demonstrates some story elements.


The trailer hints at the inevitable disaster, which will have to face the character of the game and overcome it. The video shows a fair-haired girl Sally, who appears in almost every advertising material of the game, which asks Zika to shoot her, and blood flows down her face.

Tower of Fantasy is a MMORPG from Hotta and Level Infinite, the output of which is planned at the end of this year. Preliminary registration is already open, and players are waiting for many awards that can be obtained when the release of the game will take place.

Final Fantasy VII Remake has a new game more for the really powerful

Last updated there is April 7, 2020

(Mild Spoilers): Final Fantasy VII Remake is not yet officially released, but some people get it a little early. Some even beat the game and unlocked the New Game Plus mode. Few Final Fantasy games have New Game Plus modes, but they are always welcome. Final Fantasy VII Remake’s end-of-game options are more cleaning for trophy hunters and those who want an additional challenge. There are two main features unlocked by terminating the game such as chapter selection and difficult mode.

FF7 Remake - Level Cap, New Game Plus & Data Transfer

Selection of chapter takes you to the beginning of any chapter, but you keep all your equipment, your levels and your equipment. In this way, you can go back to any mission, goal or mini-game, but if what you are looking for happens at the end of a chapter, you may need to browse a lot of content to access it. By beating the main game, you will receive an Exp boost, so reach the maximum level will not require a big grind. You will also be able to play in difficult mode, but unlike other difficulties, you will not be able to activate or deactivate it on the fly; Once you have selected it, you will have to read all the chapter or go back. The chapter selection indicates whether or not you beat a chapter in difficult mode, so there is no cheesing.

Towards the end of the game, there is a combat simulator that players can use. Some simulations are only available in difficult mode. The difficult mode also modifies slightly the way MP is restored. Normally, the rest points restore both HP and MP, but only HP is restored at these points in difficult mode. This makes the MP a more important product. Final Fantasy VII Remake will be available on April 10 on PS4.

What do you think of Final Fantasy VII REMAKE? Let us know in the comments below.

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