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Improve access to the disabled game, Game Culture Forum 6th online

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Korea Creative Content Agency (hereinafter referred to as Conjinwon) will hold the ‘2022 First Game Culture Forum’ online to suggest policy measures for improving access to the disabled on the 6th.

The Game Culture Forum is designed to view the cultural value of the game and to discover various views for creating a game culture.


This year’s first forum focuses on the access rights and actual cases of people with disabilities under the theme of ‘There is no game culture or barrier for everyone.’ Simultaneous hydration interpretation will be conducted on topics and comprehensive discussions.

The first theme announcement is about the status of disabled sports and the development of disabled e-sports under the theme of ‘Disabled Sports and E-Sports Development Plan’.

Subsequently, Kim Sang-min, a teacher at the Dongducheon Yangju Office of Education, Gyeonggi-do, is based on the experience of the disabled student e-festival. Talk about the impact on students with disabilities and the necessity of improving the game access rights under the theme of disability/non-disability.

The general discussion will include: Lee Jang-ju (Irak Digital Culture Research Institute) ▲ Director Choi Seung-woo (Korea Game Industry Association)

Lee Yang-hwan, general manager of Conjinwon Game Headquarters, said, We hope that this game culture forum will be an opportunity to discuss the positive influence of the disabled and the way to easily access people. I will do it.

In 2022, the official YouTube channel will be broadcast live from 2 pm on July 6th through the official YouTube channel. For more information, please visit the official website of Conjinwon.

Sucker Punch validates that no one is working with well known and scheming co -oper franchise business

This press launch has the merit of putting an end to the report wave of a Sly Cooper 5, whose last game released in 2013 had actually been established by Sanzaru Gamings, which has actually given that joined the Meta family members, as a reminder. When it comes to Infamous, she recognized exactly how to make an excellent location in between the launch of the initial episode in May 2009 and also that of Infamous First Light in August 2014. But given that after that, it was with Ghost of Tsushima that Sucker Punch met extraordinary success, and also there is every chance that the workshop is producing a straight successor to the experiences of Jin Sakai, which will additionally be adapted to the movie theater.

When it comes to the most up to date resistance competitors who still make use of the UGC (content produced by the individual) servers of Well known 2, Sucker Punch explains that they will certainly be relocated in order to stay energetic a bit much longer, even if the extinction of the lights is inevitable in the long-term.We want to keep them in activity as long as feasible for players still active _, we can check out. Furthermore, Sucker Punch ensures that the DLC Cole’s Tradition of Infamous Secondly Son (a bonus offer previously available just in the enthusiast) will certainly be put online on the PlayStation Shop throughout the globe for those that missed it.


As we focus on our current project, we do not intend to revisit Well known or Sly Cooper for The moment, and no other studio is presently working on tasks connected to these franchise business either. These personalities are very costly and also really unique to our hearts, so even if we will certainly never claim no to a subsequent reopening of these doors, for the ‘Instant, no Well Known or Sly Cooper game is in growth _, we can check out.

Robo Action RPG Megaton class Musashi X (Cross) announced, free basic play will be delivered this fall. Change from full price to basic free

Level Five announced Megaton-class Musashi X (Cross) on July 1. The compatible platform is Nintendo Switch/PS4, which will be distributed this fall for free basic play.

Megaton Class Musashi X (Cross) is a work that has been used for free play of the robot action RPG for Nintendo Switch/PS4 Megaton class Musashi. The previous work was sold at a full price of 6974 yen including tax. In addition to the contents of the free update of the same work Vol.1 to 6, many new elements such as story, system and aircraft have been added. The content of Megaton-class Musashi Kai, which was announced as a paid large update of the previous work, will be introduced in the new work.

In this work, in addition to the story that the protagonists unfold, you can enjoy the exhilarating battle and customization unique to a giant robot. A giant robot rogue called the Megatonweight is piloted and counterattacks the invader from the outer space. Rogue can customize the appearance and performance by doing missions. Create your own rogue and defeat the enemy. In addition, this work supports local online cooperation play with up to three people.


New elements added to this work include Season 2 stories and online battles (PvP), new aircraft, characters, weapons, and stages. The legendary Super Robot, Mazinger Z and Getter Robo, will participate as a new aircraft. In these aircraft, all parts will be used to use special special moves.

In addition, the player of the previous work Megaton Class Musashi can take over save data to Megaton class Musashi X (cross). All statuses have been shifted, and you can play this work using the aircraft that have been played and enhanced so far. In addition, limited items can be purchased as a takeover reward. It is not possible to take over save data to different platforms, such as the Nintendo Switch version to the PS4 version.

Megaton Class Musashi X (Cross) will be distributed this fall for free basic play for Nintendo Switch/PS4.

In addition, anime development is also performed for Megaton class Musashi. In conjunction with this announcement, the teaser PV of the TV anime Megaton Class Musashi Season 2, which will start broadcasting on October 7, has been released. In Season 2, the world outside Ixia is drawn magnificently, and the highlights are the new characters and the united scene of the new aircraft Musakrus. In addition, a mysterious rogue may appear in charge of the mechanic design by Go Nagai. Check out the anime official website for details.

Nvidia intends to reduce the order by 5

Digitimes colleagues report that technological companies are going to reduce their orders for the production of chips by TSMC. The report includes Apple, Nvidia and AMD.

The mass production of Apple iPhone 14 has already begun, but the initial plans for the supply of 90 million devices are cut by 10%. Following Apple, NVIDIA and AMD are going to rethink their plans, which predict a significant reduction in demand for components for PCs.


NVIDIA, who left Samsung back to TSMC and paid for a reservation of 5-nanometer production facilities a lot of money, now predicts a significant reduction in demand from gamers, and the large stocks of chips for RTX 30 are aggravated by this situation, as well as the flooding of the used video card after the recent market after the recent market Cryptocurrency collapse.

As for AMD, it reduced the order of vifers for the fourth quarter of 2022, as well as the first quarter of 2023 by 20 thousand, but this applies only to 7 and 6-nanometer processes. 5-nanometer wafer for PCs and servers will be ordered in planned volumes without changesDigitimes colleagues report that technological companies are going to reduce their orders for the production of chips by TSMC. The report includes Apple, Nvidia and AMD.

The mass production of Apple iPhone 14 has already begun, but the initial plans for the supply of 90 million devices are cut by 10%. Following Apple, NVIDIA and AMD are going to rethink their plans, which predict a significant reduction in demand for components for PCs.

NVIDIA, who left Samsung back to TSMC and paid for a reservation of 5-nanometer production facilities a lot of money, now predicts a significant reduction in demand from gamers, and the large stocks of chips for RTX 30 are aggravated by this situation, as well as the flooding of the used video card after the recent market after the recent market Cryptocurrency collapse.

As for AMD, it reduced the order of vifers for the fourth quarter of 2022, as well as the first quarter of 2023 by 20 thousand, but this applies only to 7 and 6-nanometer processes. 5-nanometer wafer for PCs and servers will be ordered in planned volumes without changes.

Outriders WorldSlayer: Gameplay Videos for broadening the looter

From now on you can see yourself in two brand-new video for Outriders: WorldSlayer game scenes from the development.
Outriders: WorldSlayer on the computer was played.
Outrider’s WorldSlayer will certainly be released on June 30, 2022 and also can be pre-ordered in the Microsoft Store for 35.99 euros.
By pre-order, you will certainly get a 48-hour initial reduction to the development.
If you do not yet own Outriders, you can pre-order Outriders consisting of the WorldSlayer extension for 62.99 euros.
Outriders: WorldSlayer |Story Gameplay Part 1

Outriders: WorldSlayer |Story Gameplay Part 2

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ends up being.

Starship Troopers: Terran Command – Tipps & Tricks

Started Trooper! In Starship Troopers: Terran Command it goes to Kwalasha. An ugly planet. A bug planet! And so that you come back alive, you can find out in our tips guide:

  • What strategies against the beetles help
  • What units you should use
  • How to place your trooper properly

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The basic game mechanics of Starship Troopers: Terran Command explains

The desert planet Kwalasha was colonized by the mining industry and is an important resource supplier for the military. Unfortunately, the hard-working colonists dug too deep and highlighted a number of bug holes. Now the brave men and women of the mobile infantry are needed to stop the insect plague.

As in classic real-time strategy games, you maneuver your troops, occupied and expand bases and requests reinforcements. Starship Troopers: Terran Command focuses on the movements and the position game of the units. Pure constant fire and blind storms into the droves of bugs only many names on the killed-in action list.

tips & tricks on the units & skills

The bugs are not only simple beetles, they also have many different units. So also the mobile infantry. In order to survive successfully on the battlefield, it is important to get to know all units ** and know how to use them effectively against the insect plague:

The simple soldier is equipped with a assault rifle with which it can effectively keep entire hordes of bugs in check. Come too close to your opponents, change to the shotgun mode and thus increase the damage. The soldier also has MX90 grenades for a larger collection of bugs.
snipers , on the other hand, rely on weapons with immense large reach and should therefore never be at the forefront. They are perfect to switch off the sparrow-beetles that can spit caustic acidity at an early stage.
If you want to outdo entire bug hordes quickly, you should get some rocket trooper *. Their highly explosive explosive devices not only destroy entire arachnid swarms, but also disassemble the particularly large beetles in the shortest possible time.

Each unit also has special skills. If your teams survive long enough, get up in the rank and receive further upgrades. The radio officer can then, for example, call a dropship for fire support, while the huge M-11 Marauder can request an artillery bombardment.

How to put your units correctly in position

In order to keep your team alive, the units should be correctly put in position . Hold the mouse button for the movements to see the formation that the soldiers take in their end position. Attention: Your Trooper must have free field of vision for shooting. If half the mobile infantry changes through a narrow alley into the back rows, valuable muzzle fires will be lost.

Supports the standard units on the front with tactical officers and snipers and let them take a stand behind walls, burned-out vehicles and increases. This slows down the incoming bugs and gives the mobile infantry more time to eradicate the beetle plague.

If closer courses do not avoid and a crush to come, send the fighting engineers into the front row . Your flame thrower heats up the Arachnids properly and you can build protected towers at certain points. Make sure that the towers are built in the right direction.

It is best to switch on larger goals such as the plasmbugs with MK. II troopers and marauders. The latter are even able to fire while running. Perfect to enable the other soldiers a tactical withdrawal and to receive new positions . If no marauder is available to you, the most inexperienced unit always lets a heroentot die. If you pull all the units back, the bugs quickly get you in and you lose the complete mobile infantry.

occupies old outposts and ensures supplies

The Starship Troopers gameplay: Terran Command is not designed for a base construction. Nevertheless, there are buildings that you place at fixed points can . They grant you new units.

These places are located on old outposts . Clean the places of all four-to-legs, occupy the radio house and order new troops to your position. You can also replenish the battered squads on the dropship zones.

There are two types of resources **:

stocks * determine how many soldiers are under your command.
Dropships * indicate how fast and how many units you can call at the same time.

It is best to take all outposts on a card. This increases your army and allows you a quick transport of units between the radio buildings. These places can be used for strategic maneuvers and raids.

However, since the bugs do not idle how the mobile infantry sets out at home, they will attack regularly. You have to weigh up how many units stationed her for defense and how many Trooper sends her to the mission. Tip for defense : Let the engineers set up some protected towers.

smokes the bug hives

Important: You can expect a never-ending rush of the Arachnids, Unless they destroy their dwellings. For this, Trooper must go into the bug holes and destroy them from the inside. You have no influence on the procedure in the Hives, but how much resistance awaits you.

Only ensures that there are no more bugs in the area. Above all, Plasma bugs should be tracked down and destroyed. Then you place a group of three rifle troopers in a U-shape in front of the entrance and do every beetle until the red beetle symbol has disappeared. Only then should you send your soldiers into it. There will still be a few losses, but they are predictable.

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Amazon: Alexa is meant to discover to imitate voices of departed people

The gigant Amazon has significantly shaped our purchase and consumption actions in the 21st century. At the in-house meeting, Amazon announced that Alexa must be able to imitate voices of deceased in the future. **.

Amazon Alexa ought to mimic votes of dead individuals

At Amazons internal meeting, Re: Mars, you have discussed all kinds of information concerning the topics of machine knowing, automation, robotics and area traveling. Just One minute of audio material must be sufficient so that the tool is able to mimic a person’s voice.

When marketing, Amazon explicitly suggests to the usage of the modern technology for dead . He spoke of it to keep memories and that several have shed us in pandemic a person to whom we were close.


market launch presently not confirmed

The details regarding the new feature is instead sparse. It is vague whether and to what level it need to ever be presented, it appears to be even more of a principle at the minute. In enhancement, the numerous honest concerns would certainly of training course have actually to be clarified in breakthrough.

For a guy, nevertheless, this remote future is currently a truth. Since Wonder lately bought the right to the voice and also face of the departed legend Stan Lee. You not just acquired all archive recordings, but additionally the opportunity to mimic your look and also voice with CGI.

To web page


At Amazons in-house meeting, Re: Mars, you have talked about all kinds of news concerning the topics of equipment understanding, automation, robotics and also area traveling. Just One min of audio material ought to be sufficient so that the device is able to mimic an individual’s voice.

When marketing, Amazon explicitly suggests to the use of the innovation for deceased . He spoke of it to preserve memories and also that numerous have actually lost us in pandemic an individual to whom we were close.

Top 20 de Nintendo GameCube

Gamecube is another test of the commitment of Nintendo for keeping originality and innovation in video games alive. Small and with an attractive design, at the time **** offered a great value for money taking into account its remarkable power. Inside it houses a PowerPC CPU to 485 MHz with advanced instructions, custom GPU designed by ATI to 162 MHz and can handle up to 33 million polygons with textures and effects.

Gamecube , possibly had the best architecture of her generation, was easy to program for her and her power provided some of the best graphic effects of the time. The proof of all this was materialized in large video games such as: Star Wars: Rogue Leader , Metroid Prime, Re Remake O Twilight Princess . The posterior version of the mythical RE4 for PS2 , clearly was lower against Gamecube .

The first Nintendo console in using optical discs, specifically Mini DVD format. Initially announced with the name Project Dolphin , Gamecube sold 22 million units worldwide. Many consider it a commercial disaster but was slightly behind Xbox, with 24 million. The reality is that, in terms of sales, both were quite far from the 155 million units of PlayStation 2 .

Gamecube is also remembered for his command, one of the best controllers that we have had the pleasure of holding in our hands. Today it is still one of our favorites. GC was the last console of Nintendo that received a video game from that unforgettable Rare . The famous English study, responsible for works such as: Donkey Kong Country, Goldeneye and Perfect Dark, provided his farewell with Star Fox.

Here you have our Gamecube top 20. We hope you enjoy it:

Sony would such as to deliver the most effective technology for PS5 – Leakage announces monitors and headsets

_ Übrigens will certainly quickly transform drastically. One of the most crucial information about this is available in the video: _

After getting the console, the technology check is pending. Can the television use all the functions of the PS5 at all? Should you obtain new headphones to ensure that the purchase effort for the console is additionally mirrored in the sound experience?

Manufacturer Sony obviously wishes that the television flicker as well as the headphones grind. Because according to the current leaks, unique technology remains in the jobs that are perfect for the PS5. Meinmmo shows you the information.

The PlayStation 5 is and remains one of the most popular pieces of technology of our time. Since the release we have had a sales ticker for the PS5 on MeinMMO as well as lots of visitors are still searching for a console for their living-room.

PlayStation manufacturer Sony has already released its own technology for its game consoles. Apparently the Japanese group wants to remain to pursue the method for the PS5: Leakages show the first images of brand-new gaming headsets and also a display is probably in the works.

displays and also headsets particularly for the PS5

The leak to the screens originates from Tom Henderson published on the Experptor’s. com page (by means of Henderson is taken into consideration a trusted expert that has actually currently made numerous exact predictions in the gaming area.

What kind of technology was now dripping? Especially, there are 3 headset models as well as 2 monitor versions.

A clever debate that synergies create between the different parts of the firm. A possible competitive benefit for highly competitive technology market.

Sony hardware developed earlier with the Playstation assert, including tv. A straightforward calculation for the manufacturer: The gadgets are suitable for all the typical applications of a tv, however featured a suggestion for the PlayStation.

He introduces that Sony will soon present 2 monitors:


  • 4K display with 144 Hz
  • FullHD monitor with 240 Hz

Both gadgets need to be ideal for PS5, support VRR, bring HDR with them as well as use a small action time (1ms gray-to-gray time). Video gaming attributes are feasible, such as showing the present FPS as well as substantial choices when setting colors as well as contrasts.

Henderson can not state specifically when the gadgets should be presented. His resources are anticipating an efficiency next week (27.06-July 3rd). Possibly there is additionally the new PS5 Pro Controller, which Henderson has actually additionally leaked.

The overview on the new PS5 headsets from Sony originate from Onleaks- in fact rather known for Leakages around Android phones. But his sources offered him Sony technology this time. We connect the photo of one of the brand-new headset designs here:

The headsets must come in 3 different versions and receive a disharmony qualification. Gamers have been waiting on the launch of Disharmony on the PlayStation for a very long time. This might be a possible signal that something will certainly happen below quickly.

You can locate much more images here (through 91.

These are the 3 dripped models:

  • Inzone H3
  • Wired
  • Most affordable headset in the series
  • Inzone H5
  • Wireless
  • Longest battery life
  • Inzone H9
  • Wireless
  • Most costly headset in the series
  • Noise-Cancelling Noise

All three versions ought to provide 360 Spatial Audio. This permits an exact overall simulation of the guides and also you could see exactly the direction from which the audio comes.

Exactly how much should the tools expense? There is currently no info about this.

If you can agree your technology without the Playstation label, after that you can already discover the appropriate headset for you in our detailed acquisition suggestions: The very best video gaming headsets that you can get in 2022

** PlayStation manufacturer Sony has actually currently released its very own technology for its game gaming consoles. Obviously the Japanese team would certainly like to continue to seek the method for the PS5: Leaks show the initial images of new gaming headsets and also a display is probably in the works. The expectation on the brand-new PS5 headsets from Sony come from Onleaks- in fact rather recognized for Leakages around Android phones. We tie the picture of one of the new headset designs right here:

The headsets need to come in 3 various versions and get a dissonance certification.

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