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CSGO: an undefeated team that seeks to champion, River Plate demonstrates its power and takes the victory

The Playoffs phase within Unity League begins to define who will be the top champion of this end of the year tournament, after several dates the squads have demonstrated a great level in each of the battles, starting with the confrontation of River Plate gaming against stone Movistar to define who of the two will be the first to move forward, taking into account that River is undefeated in the season.

Starting in Overpass The situation was interesting, but the front became for the River boys who manage Golems noticed, but it was not enough since they ended up falling to the power of RP leaving the first map in their favor.


Going to Dust The stage looked very even where the two squads kept similar things to avoid a big difference, Stone’s team looked for each of the rounds with cape and sword to be able to seek to send the decisive but Ushered would have the last word to settle the rivals to give the opportunity to the river team to take the series and continue with the undefeated.

Two maps were the ones that were enough for the players of River Plate Gaming that completely dominate the confrontation to be able to advance in the superior bracket where they expect rival for the next round, with a domain of the tournament quite good the RP team Search Have a perfect season with its great quality of play that gives a lot to talk about, on the other hand Stone has a second life against Ve lox to be able to advance the lower bracket.

How to get all resources in the cult of the lamb

If you want to unlock objects, build buildings, cook food and create a living commune, you will need resources. However, it may be difficult to track where to find everything. This is how you can get every resource in the lamb cult.

how to get a stone in the cult of the lamb

At the beginning of the game, you can get stone heaps around your home base to get enough stone for building temple and temple . However, as soon as heaps of stones end, you will need to go on a crusade. When you have the opportunity to choose a direction, select a branch leading to a room with a stone symbol.

After you have acquired enough devotion, you can unlock stone mine for a couple of stone resources.

how to get wood in the cult of the lamb

Wood is used for almost everything, especially at the beginning of the game, as you will need it to breed bonfires. You can start collecting wood, cutting the trees around your home base. However, as soon as they end, you will need to expand.

Go to the Crusades, and when you have the opportunity to choose your own path, you must choose an option with a magazine. This will reward you with a good number of lumber. Later, you can also unlock the pilgrimage of followers through missionaries and various offers that will provide lumber.

If you have enough devotion, you can also unlock forest warehouse that will provide a constant stream of wood. Just keep in mind that the first version of the sawmill will break.

how to get gold in the cult of the lamb

Unlike stone and wood, technically you do not get gold. Instead, you can get gold from boss chests using Tarot cards (especially rabbit paw ), sell resources and extort more coins from your subscribers.

If you prefer an approach similar to mining, go to the battles with bosses. Victory over the bosses gives you gold as a reward, and with each boss you can fight repeatedly.

Finally, you can unlock Cleaning plant Melt gold nuggets in gold coins.

How to get meat in Cult of the Lamb

In addition to the meat of the followers that can be obtained by sacrifice or killing followers, you can really get ordinary and non-nicnibalistic meat in the game, which can be used for cooking. Offering statues Use the RNG approach and sometimes you will drop the meat. The building missionary will also fall meat.

Finally, you can use improved stuffed animals to catch birds, and then use them for meat.

how to get grass in Cult of the Lamb

Grass is one of the most universal resources in the game. You can use it to make food, conduct rituals, create buildings and, in general, to create a commune that is intertwined from the threads of the grass.


When you are on the Crusades, almost every room in the dungeons (especially dark tree ) is filled with grass that can be assembled. Attack the grass after victory over all the monsters in the room, and you are guaranteed at least one piece of grass, and maybe more, depending on your luck.

how to get fertilizer in the cult of the lamb

If you want a crop, you need fertilizers. At the beginning of the game, you can find fertilizers scattered throughout the camp to start planting food. As soon as you deplete your base, go on a crusade.

Like grass, fertilizer will randomly appear in the dungeons. Anura and also dark tree is especially replete with fertilizers.

As soon as you can, create wing and feed your cult. This will make them visit the restroom, which will lead to regular fertilizer.

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