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Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak: its currently a substantial card, here are the first numbers

Released on June 30, both on Nintendo Switch as well as PC, Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak is already a good box.
In the space of a single little week, the expansion of the searching game of large monsters of Capcom has already gone across the limit of the 2 million cumulative sales.
Again evidence of the popularity of the permit in Japan yet additionally in the West.
Instantly, cumulative, the Monster Hunter Rise series has 10 million games offered, which is an impressive rating.
On Vapor, we discover that 200,000 gamers connected for the launch of Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak, another record.


It stays to be seen whether the game will certainly be able to exceed Monster Hunter World and its 21 million copies offered since its launch.
The future will tell…

Monsi Rise Steam Edition, 24th Switch Update

On the 24th, the Monster Hunter Rise’s Ver. update is held on Steam. This update has been meaningful in that it will continue to update the switch and simultaneously.

According to Monster Hunter Rise Steam announcements on the 17th, the Ver. update is distributed for free, and a collaboration quest with universal studio Japan is added. Here, from the initial to the Nintendo switch from the beginning to Ver.3.9.0 updates, reflect the adjusted elements at the same time. In addition, I noticed that I would start selling paid DLC.

Monster Hunter Rise PC version, released on January 13, released in March 202, the Nintendo Switch Plate and about 10 months of gaps. At the time of release, the PC version was released in accordance with Ver.3.6.1 version, and the switchboard was completed at the time of the time. For comments concerned about update differences, the production team has been scheduled to synchronize updates by the end of February.

Monster Hunter Rise STEAM VERSION DEAD GAMEPLAY TRAILER NEWS PC SUNBREAK モンスターハンターライズ 【デッドコミュニティ】

Since this update, the two platforms will be updated at the same time, and a large-scale paid DLC ‘Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbu Lake’ will be released this summer. However, there is still no cross play or cross saving saving.

On the other hand, detailed update information to be applied to Nintendo switch Ver.3.9.0 will be released later.

Class Games, Mobile FPS Zombie Virus launch

Class Games (Representative Jeong Hee Chul) said today (17th), Mobile FPS ‘Zombie Virus’ launched a Global Play Store and started global service.

This game with 30,000 people from the pre-reservation stage is a hot topic, which contains survival in the city destroyed by zombie viruses. Through the stylish scenario steps, you can easily play with a variety of different types of zombies and maternity, which are changing creatively.

A realistic firearms and a variety of strategic special items, a wide range of weapons choices, and the battle with a powerful boss zombie is giving an edge with a unique finish directing.

1: 1’s PVP is a white meal of ‘Zombie Virus’. It is expected that it is expected to provide an interesting experience that will take a common zombie and push it to the other party to push it to the other person.

Jung Hee Chul Clase Games is a “glad to be able to announce the global launch of Zombie Virus. Zombie Virus is a new work of the “Zombie Hunter: DEA” team, which recorded 7 million downloads in 2020. Everyone has made it easy to play and enjoy chewy, especially, in particular, PVP, which suppresses the opponent with a common zombie, “has been introduced to confidently.”

8 Best Multiplayer Zombie Survival Games For Android & iOS 2021

Class Games is a Global 10-million of Global RPG genre sales, and the development of ‘Soul Kirk’, which is a 10th largest sales of 90% overseas sales, is now developing and service popular games such as Zombie Hunter Day, Civil Wars.

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