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Evil West: New trailer reveals gameplay and also cutscenes

Along with a magazine day for the Bloody Action Cloppy Evil West (from EUR 44.99 when buying), there is one more trailer that reveals around 10 mins of actual gameplay consisting of the linked cutscenes.

In Evil West, you face-either in the online co-op for 2 players-as a challenging revolvering of demons and also vampires. Throughout the clashes, long-distance and also close combat weapons are utilized alike to stop the fleet specifically rich.

Memories of Red Dead Revolver


The designers clarify in enhancement to the new material: Stylishly bloodthirsty beast as a single boxer or in the co-op with a close friend. Fight and also discover with a story-heavy campaign and enhance your weapons as well as searching tools. Activate brand-new benefits to additional establish and find your skills in monster. So your very own style of play to beat superordinary crowds.

A minimum of in the ranged combat by 6 shooter, the balls in the trailer are discreetly evocative the western shootouts of Red Dead Revolver. The Pistolero intends at hands to disarm the opponents-or placed them inactive with a head shot. If one of the bad children comes too close to him, clamps are handed out with an electrically billed hand.

The trashy scenario and also the auto mechanics know just how to convince in these brief gameplay series, the battles encounter rather powerfully as well as aesthetically reasonably appealingly. Especially in co-op mode, the action block might make certain a lot.

Player be careful, its a goosebump

Goosebumps, which shelters countless embarrassing trauma from childhood, obtains another video game. Goosebumps: Dead of Night arrives on PC and consoles this summer, and it looks exactly what you could expect from this franchise. It is the perfect vehicle to scare a brand new generation of children.

Dead of Night A Slappy escaping his confinement to wreak havoc, as usual. It is up to you to recover the pages of his cursed book and put this model in his place. There is hardly any better known monster throughout the canius of Goosebumps, apart from Monster Blood. Players will sail in a whimsical first person environment full of frightening traps, puzzles and frights. What better way to have a summer?

Cosmic for Forces has already done this Goosebumps dance, with Night of Scares in 2015. This last opus presents improved graphics, advanced commands from Nintendo Switch and more steps will all make their best Goosebumps game to date. You can consult the trailer below for a better overview of the game. I read a lot of these books at the time, but I don’t remember garden dwarfs. It may be a much more recent version? Goosebumps Dead of Night arrives this summer on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

Goosebumps: Dead of Night - All Jumpscares (PC HD) [1080p60FPS]
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Description of all game characters in Evil Dead: The Game

Evil Dead: The Game is the game of horrors to survive from a third party, which includes not only locations from the cult classical film franchise, but also a rich part of his list of characters. Along with Bruce Campbell, who repeats his role a role hunting on Demons, Williams with a bumstitch, a joint game for four players is also inferior to the place seven additional game characters .

EVIL DEAD: THE GAME - Character Profiles!!

All characters in Evil Dead: The Game

Ash Williams

Esch Williams is the main hero of the world of the “sinister dead”, known for his branded double-rolled shotgun with a crop, grated sharpness and a clockwork, albeit a little cruel combat style.

Cheryl Williams

Cheryl Williams is the younger sister of Easha Williams. Despite the fact that she was the first to be anger of demons in the 1981 film, many would argue that Cheryl is a balanced character capable of taking wise decisions under pressure.


Scotty in the shower joker, as well as a faithful friend for those who remain in his circle. Unlike Esha, Scotty goes to search for trouble, using its quick temper, to take danger until it returns to bite it.

Lord Arthur

Lord Arthur comes right from England, and his kingdom in the castle of Candar is right under his belt. Warrior in the shower and completely capable of destroying everything that falls from the army of darkness.


Shelly is a society, although not from those who begin to kill when there is a choice: a fight or flight. Hence the reason for which she did not go so far in the “sinister dead men.”


Before being a broken shovel, Linda played a long girl Eshha. At that time, her friends would praise her for devotion and the ability to empathize with other survivors.

Pablo Simon Bolivar

Pablo has much more than any of the surviving standard, thanks to its wide range of abilities that make it simultaneously invisible for demons, as well as spiritually connected with necronomicon.

Kelly Maxwell

Kelly is a serious fighter who knows how to kill the dead, especially with the help of the M16 rifle, which has become something like a symbol in the early stages of her game in “Ash against the sinister dead”.

To learn more about the “sinister dead men”, check out the section Does Evil Dead: The Game single-user mode?

An output date for Dead Space remake

Unveiled at the EA PLAY LIVE 2021, the remake of Dead Space is in development but EA continues to communicate around its future title with this time, elements on an exit date. Thus, the game will be available at the beginning of the year 2023. As a reminder, Dead Space will be a total remake of the original game, developed by motive studio. This team is responsible for Star Wars Squadrons and should eventually work on other IPs for the studio.

an exit date for Dead Space

While in 2021 EA had only mentioned a long development, the studio stated at a stream on March 11, 2022, that the game was still a construction site. However, EA confirmed that Dead Space remake would come out Start 2023 .

Note that from what developers mentioned during the Stream, the game will be present on PS5, Xbox Series and PC.

A total remake of Dead Space

13 years after the release of the first opus, EA decided to work on a complete remake of Dead Space. The game will not be a Upgrade version of the original game but a complete development of a new game based on the first story and gameplay of the first.

During this Developer Livestream, the development team was able to present the first gameplay images of the game as well as its progress. In addition, the developers explained the reasons for making a remake of the game rather than a simple upgrade.

According to the Motive Studio team, the goal was to resume an excellent game but to improve the atmosphere of the game using the new technologies made possible on the next generation consoles. So, we are on a remake that will not only be more beautiful but who also hopes to offer improved realism and gameplay.

In addition, an important point mentioned during the Developer Stream concerns the absence of gravity. Dead Space takes place (as its name indicates) in space, zero gravity phases were present in the second and third opus of the saga. However, the first opus was not particularly developed on this aspect. The remake will use new technologies to add more options and realism on this subject.

Dead Space | The Sound of Fear Reimagined | Audio Developer Livestream

As a reminder, EA has worked in particular on a remastered version of Mass Effect but also on C & C Red Alert or Need for Speed ​​Hot Pursuit over last year.

A step in the development of motive studio?

With this Dead Space project, Motive Studio sign there an important step in its development at EA. Thus, the studio should take more and more importance among the American giant and potentially, follow this remake with one or more new games.

This information has been mentioned several times in the different Livestream presentation of Dead Space. This could imply that the Dead Space franchise will experience a renewal with a remake suite Mass Effect or that motive studio will be at the head of a new IP after Dead Space.

Discover the release date of the remake of Dead Space, the first opus of the trilogy being rebounded at zero. In the meantime, you can find all the news on video games, the Esport scene and the best game guides on Dead Space.

Dead Island 2 could be started early 2023

Last updated there is February 18, 2022

The news from Dead Island 2 managed to keep afloat since the announcement of the game in 2014. For a while, it was a bit of an annual tradition for the publisher Deep Silver to tease the fans they were still working on the future.

Fortunately, the fans, the CEO Lars Wingefors, revealed during a question-answer session that the game could finally be available for the players’ audience during their 2023 exercise, which will end on March 31 of this year.

Due to the silence of the team over the years, many players have begun to give up the game assuming it will never materialize. Announced in 2014, the Zombie action game was then delayed, changed developer twice and is literally fallen from the card. He was even cited by several reports last year the game will be thrown exclusively on Epic Games Store.

Wingefors may not have addressed the issue directly, but he gave the fans a small index to cling.

_ “I can not talk about Dead Island 2 because it is not announced as such by the publisher,” he said. “_We have an AAA title not announced that you think being Dead Island 2.” _

Unfortunately, he refused to give more details on this project. _ “It’s hard for me to comment more about it,” he added. “But, I’m excited by the unsinclosed titles.

Wingefors’ comments are clearly not an exact confirmation regarding Dead Island 2. However, the cryptic nature of its response sent fans in a frenzy. This could be a clue that long-awaited title development continues.

Dead Island 2 is definitely always one thing. After all, developers have not officially canceled it, not yet anyway.

Do you expect the rest? Let us know in the comments below.

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