Another month is almost over, which means it’s time to start looking ahead to the rewards that will be coming our way with Update 7.3 and Season 4!

PVP Seasons only pertain to a portion of material in SW TOR while being much shorter and more regular than Galactic Seasons, so there are less brand-new benefits per PVP Season compared to Galactic Seasons.

This is the full track of all 25 levels and benefits connected to every one of them in PVP Season 1.


Armor Sets

There are four decorations obtainable through the PVP Benefits Track You get 5 of each enter a package.

Check out the devoted guide on that subject if you desire more details on how PVP Seasons work in SW TOR.


The Fleet Vendors Items are shown and described in the SW TOR PVP Seasons Guide. If you have missed out on something, take a look at the collective SW TOR 7.2 Modifications Summary and Spot Notes post to capture up!

There are 4 color variants of a new armor set. Both of the red variations can be gotten from the PVP Season 1 rewards track while the green variations are buyable for 6 PVP Season Tokens (each product) from the Avicii PVP Seasons vendor in the Fight section of the fleet.

Full PVP Season 1 Benefits Track.

And simply for enjoyable, here is the very same track in image format, as you will see in in-game.

A number of these decks are on display in the PVP alcove.

This shouldn’t dissuade you from participating though because the PVP Seasons Tokens can be used to buy past ranked PVP benefits, which tend to be a lot cooler than what you can buy with Galactic Seasons tokens.