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Podcast Reload: Program 27, Season 13

They have not left great news from that GDC that is finally celebrated again in San Francisco – we will end up learning, it seems that soon, what was talked about in some meetings – so today this week is marked by the CD Projekt announcement, Preparation “A New Saga” of The Witcher with Unreal Engine 5. Ah, and PlayStation has purchased Haven , the Jade Raymond study.

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver 3/27/22 | HBO Last Week Tonight with John Oliver Mar 27, 2022 NEW
We can also talk, finally, of Steam Deck . For that we have called Javi Román, who has already a few weeks with the Valve machine in his hands… although he is not the only one who has it.

And we ended up – lack of Kirby; We are playing it right now and we will comment on it in the next program – with GHOTSWire: Tokyo . The good initial impressions with the open world of Tango are maintained in relation to tone and setting, but the action remains shorter than we expected.

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Explanation of why Halo Infinite is not compatible with Steam Deck

Microsoft has explained why Halo infinite is not compatible with the new Valve handheld computer. Many have been anticipating the launch of Steam Deck to play some of your favorite PC games and, although many notable titles are allowed, there are some interesting exemptions. In some cases, games are even playable, but they are not specifically optimized for Steam Deck, which generates performance problems and problems with controls. Developers are expected to continue helping expand the list of optimized Steam Deck titles, but it is possible that some games will never reach the platform.

Xbox confirmed a handful of his games will not be compatible with Steam Deck. Titles such as Halo: the collection of the master chief, Engagement 5 and Halo infinite can not be played at Steam Deck due to your anti-trap system. Unfortunately, not even the campaign modes are exempt from this problem. Less competitive online titles such as Forza Horizon 5 and mar of thieves are playable, but they are not verified by Steam Deck, so players can find problems with these games. You can probably expect many other massive titles online with a competitive game also skipped Steam Deck, but perhaps the developers find a way to admit it later if the demand is there. Bung stated that playing Destiny 2 is not only compatible with Steam Deck, but it will also result in a game ban if players try to play it in the new Valve device.

Steam Deck - Halo Infinite Multiplayer GAMEPASS Version! (On Windows W/ Latest Windows GPU Drivers)
It is a bit annoying that one of the largest games of 2021 can not be played at Steam Deck in any way. Since the new portable device is more a minicomputer than a traditional console, it is understandable that developers distrust themselves. Players have a lot of freedom to use the machine as they want and until there is a clearly defined way to avoid cheating in Steam Deck, developers will not want to run any risk.

Some players have already received their Steam Deck, but some anticipated orders will not be sent until later by 2022. What do you think about the restriction of some online games at Steam Deck? Let me know in the comments below or contact me on Twitter @Cade_ONDER.

Steam Deck already has a launch date: this interests you if you have already reserved it

Steam Deck is the portable console with which Valve wants to revolutionize the world. He was going out at the end of the year but was delayed indefinitely. But it already has a start date and adds to the madness of February that we are going to have. Luckily it is the shortest month of the year!

Valve has officially confirmed that Steam Deck’s launch date is February 25. If you have reserved it, the firm has published all the details to proceed, indicating that the date indicated will begin to send the emails to those who reserve the device: from then there will be three days to make the purchase and start the order.

If you do not buy the console after those 72 hours, reservation will go to the next person in queue. The units will start from February 28, so the consoles will begin to arrive at the first days of March.

Valve also emphasizes that it is only possible to ask for the model of Steam Deck that you booked on your day , so you can not change to another without losing your position in the queue. The reservoir deposit applies to the final price of Steam Deck, and the shipping costs are included.

A new console is about to arrive and wants to revolutionize the PC game. Soon we will have it with us.

Reason revealed for the pandemic game removed from shops

Previously, we knew that the Pandemic board game had been removed from the STEAM list. We also know that the game will be removed from the Microsoft shop at the end of January and the Nintendo Switch shop in July. But before, there was no explanation as to why the game had been removed from various playlists. Although we could assume that this was due to the global problem, it is a little too late for that. But finally, we heard why Z-Man Games, who made the original request to delete the game.

It turns out, according to the statement, that the digital copy had been initially realized nine years ago. As such, they felt that the board game was not up to them, and they would like to make improvements in the future. They detail their plans for the game and other plans in the statement below.

The Pandemic Application has come out 9 years ago, and we no longer think that the current quality and reliability of the game are up to what Pandemic deserves on digital platforms. Time has come to make room for the digital future of Pandemic.

It is why we gradually suppress current Pandemic games edited by Digital Model of all digital shops. Current owners will not be impacted: All players who have already bought the game will always play and download it.


Pandemic is and will stay available to play online in solo or multiplayer mode on Board Game Arena.

We are really grateful to the whole Pandemic community for their great support and involvement in recent years. Stay tuned!

The Z-Man & Model Digital. teams

So, if you currently have a copy, do not worry; It seems like you can keep it and play it. If this is not the case, but you are interested, and you have access it, better to download it while you have the opportunity!

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