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Where to discover all the various fish in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4

There will certainly be a total amount of 39 fish to capture, but for the minute, some of them are a mystery.

The angling has actually gone through a certain adjustment in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4. There are now all kinds of fish to catch, as well as they will bring you a variety of benefits when you eat them. Some heal you, some offer you shields, as well as one of them even provides you a thermal vision.

There are currently 39 fish in total to capture in the video game, as well as you can also consult your collection of fish to see the number of them have caught it. Now keep in mind that all these fish are not yet in the game and also that the details listed below is the result of lots of leakages and also information mines. We have actually attempted to capture as numerous fish as feasible, so we discover what they are doing and will certainly update this guide with this information throughout the weeks and also months ahead.

Fortnite fishing places

Pisces discovered in all locations

Woodland zones.

  • Flopper from the Atlantic.
  • Peely jellyfish.
  • Violet slurpfish.
  • White spotted firemen.


Marketing zones.

There are currently all kinds of fish to catch, and also they will certainly bring you a selection of benefits when you consume them. Some recover you, some offer you guards, as well as one of them also gives you a thermal vision.

  • Flop coho jump.
  • Drift fire.
  • Green-Bouclier Fish.
  • Green thermal fish.
  • Red and also green thermal fish.

  • Black slurpfish (can only be discovered during the night).

  • Black candy striped bun fish.
  • Purple jellyfish.
  • Corbeau thermal fish.
  • Skies blue.

There are now 39 fish in complete to capture in the video game, as well as you can even consult your collection of fish to see exactly how several of them have captured it. Currently maintain in mind that all these fish are not yet in the video game and also that the info listed below is the outcome of several leaks and also data mines. We have actually tried to capture as lots of fish as feasible, so we discover what they are doing and also will upgrade this guide with this information during the months as well as weeks to come.

Coastal areas

  • Black as well as blue bun fish
  • Blue flop
  • Blue slurpfish
  • Little blue fried
  • Flop eco-friendly
  • Smallfry light blue
  • Musional fire fish
  • Flop orange
  • Top Violet Smallfry
  • Purple and orange thermal fish
  • Silver thermal fish
  • Slurp jellyfish
  • Small Tan fried

  • Flop Chinook Jump.

  • Cuddly jellyfish.
  • Southern fire fish.
  • White slurpfish (can just be found in the evening).
  • Yellow slurpfish.

Hill zones.

[Oki] “I hate such a game capture book” examination result announcement!

Weekend Limited Emotional Planning Game Spark Darkie, It is an announcement of the fifth nine17. The subject was such a game capture book is disgusting , but thank you for the many responses. As a result of the answer received from you by everyone’s evaluation and person in charge, the following answer was chosen as the Best Answer.

Spoken’s friend

I will read the sex of the author from the trend of

Earn scores and aim for high heels!
This area is a steamy hot thermal pantyhose
If you go through the red gate as expected by the Prophet, you want to be the last hit!

Spoken’s friend

Picture book specification to jump out

High-rise dungeon stabbed

Spoken’s friend

Capture information is certain, but the love of the author is too strong
Personal considerations and handwritten illustrations are rich and read

If the heat is too strong

Spoken’s friend

The sentence is written by the authors. Map handwrites (remembering).

I understand that I’m really capturing

Spoken’s friend

Agostini system

What is the first time

Spoken’s friend

This is a feeling of cracking, I can win if I have a strong feeling and Don’t give up
A difficult place is given by a little of mind

Don’t be a mistake depending on the game

Spoken’s friend

It has been worn by the liver of resale

Resale Ya This is unusual because it is unusual

Spoken’s friend

Every time Aide comes blank column columns of attack power
Need to write yourself

The current game can be adjusted with the update…

Spoken’s friend

On page 4
Mafia City ad is published

Advertising even with paper media

Spoken’s friend

Las boss is writing a recommendation comment in the band

There is no doubt between the house!

Spoken’s friend

We only use vague expressions such as I feel like I feel like

What did you capture?

Spoken’s friend

A wire with a hot plate or a dumpling switch can be prepared

Cheats that passed too much

Spoken’s friend

When reading, the dead insect’s dead insect is observed in the oil dyed and pinched and pinched

Isn’t it?

Spoken’s friend

Publisher is

Many kanji

Spoken’s friend

As a capture book, a listening work.

Many letters

Spoken’s friend

It is written only for the failure of the capture and finds the capture method from that

The title is Packed Shi ○ Hero Teacher

Spoken’s friend

Configured only with TIPS-to-TIPS image displayed in the game

It’s a hand time, it’s time and effort

Spoken’s friend

A1 version


Spoken’s friend

I will drift every time the page turns

Fucking price book

Spoken’s friend

The lighter is too good, and the capture method is not listed at all.

A genius can not be taught

Spoken’s friend

Yokohama book written to the second half of the page

It’s not Dakar!

Spoken’s friend

Showa-like soundtrack son sheets come with
In structure of Molina feeling is recorded and trembled

There is no machine to play

Spoken’s friend

Tour Mintaka contributes illustrations to the end of the volume.


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