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Warning of smartphone

A new fraud stitch is currently circulating for users of smartphones. When receiving the SMS, those affected should be careful and follow some tips.

Germany – Again and again fraudsters try to get together with perfidious stitches of data and thus also to the money from strangers. Now there is another campaign that is currently being warned by the NRW consumer center.

frauds SMS is in circulation: Consumer advice center warns of mailbox message

The smartphone is part of everyday life with applications such as WhatsApp and the functions it contains. In addition to personal data, the device also includes bank details for many people. Therefore, it is always in the sights of fraudsters. Particularly popular: through messages that contain fake links, the owners of smartphones unknowingly rip off.

According to a warning of the NRW consumer center, the criminals also want to install harmful apps on the devices through such an action. Therefore, caution is currently required for communications via SMS. In particular, the warning of fraud is about communications that indicate alleged voicemails that are said to have been spoken of on the answering machine of the cell phone.

“New Voicemail” or “You have a missed call” is then in the message, which is also provided with a link. Usually users receive similar messages from their telephone provider, such as Telekom or Alditalk if they could not be reached. Therefore, the fraud stitch is all the more tricky (further warnings and recalls at fraud).

Warning of SMS: Fraudsters want to get personal data on smartphones

Because instead of the alleged voice message on the mobile phone mailbox, those affected then occur to a page on which they are asked to install a dubious app, according to the consumer center NRW, often apparently via the provider Vodaf1. By logging in with the personal access data, customers should then overturn the so -called third -party lock by logging in.

Therefore, the experts urgently warn against clicking on the link in the SMS. Such a stitch of criminals is also known as smishing . In addition to communications for a voicemail, SMS of false package services are also a popular method for fraudsters to get data from users-as well as the “Hello Mama” messages, which always make round at WhatsApp, as

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Consumer center warns of fraud via SMS – caution is advised on this messages

Another treacherous behind in the messages about the Voicemail is that the message in the fraud of the criminals is often formulated differently and is not sent with an always same standardized text. With the following examples, users should be careful:

An indication of a possible notification of criminals are spelling mistakes in the text of the SMS, as with “Choose your voiceemail – you have a new Nachrich T” or apparently arbitrarily set signs and letters. If you discover such a or similar text on your smartphone, you should act quickly.

rip-off via SMS message: Consumer advice centers gives tips for protection

The Consumer Center NRW advises those affected to immediately switch their smartphone into flight mode and collect important evidence of fraud via SMS, such as through photos and screenshots.

In such a case, the device should also only be used in secure mode. In this way, the harmful app can then be uninstalled. However, the safest option is to completely reset the smartph1. However, this means that your own data and files are lost.

Warning of smartphone fraud: “A new voice message” becomes a danger

It is also important to inform the mobile operator about the incident. If there is financial damage from fraud, it can be helpful to contact household insurance. So that it does not get that far, such unknown messages should be deleted directly and the number of the sender should be blocked.

Antivirus protection on the smartphone and a set -up third -party lock is also useful. This can be activated via the mobile operator.

With smartphones with an Android operating system, there is also the option of preventing the installation of dubious programs via the “Install unknown apps” option. With iPhones, on the other hand, it is generally not possible to download applications on the device outside the app store.

Furthermore, it helps to always check the senders’ numbers carefully. So you usually get the official news about querying the mobile box from the same number.

Rubric list picture: © Fabian Sommer/dpa, Collage: fraud

Smile Gate AI Center, Bulletin, Damage Damage Datty … Using community, chatbot, etc.

[Eye News 24 Park Ye Jin] Smile Gate AI Center (Center Gang Han Woo Jin) announced on Twenty, who revealed the evil and disgusting statement data set.

The Smile Gate AI Center has recently built a disgust and disgusting remarks to detect and respond to disgusting and responding to a preemptive and responsive, considering a wide range of disgusting in the online space and can lead to a social problem. The project was done through the knowledge content startup underscore and collaboration.

The evil and disgusting remarks have collected a post on a variety of websites, including portal sites and communities during the period from January 1, 2019, to July 1, 2019. In the course of collection, we have taken up for the attention and deflect of the dislike related data, and have been built to build 10,000 datasets based on about 550,000 data.

In particular, in the process of building dataset, ‘Women / Family’ ‘sanctuary’ ‘Male’ ‘Race / Nationality’ ‘Age’ ‘Age’ Category ” Response ” Explanation of disgusting remarks through the disclosure of the standard model for the disgusting statement classification.

Smile Gate AI Centers’ enemies and disgusting remarks datasets are expected to be used in various areas in the future. Comments in the Games Community, Customer Appearance Consultation Chat Bob, and polls, and polls, you can grasp the disgusting statement in many areas. Based on the ongoing technology, we plan to advance the technology that can accurately find the disgust expression with higher accuracy based on the technical research and development of continued research.

Meanwhile, the data collected this time will be released among January through the Smile Gate AI Center Feather shoe page.

The Han woo Jin Smile Gate AI Center Chapter said, AI Center has been responsible and problem conscious as an agency that is studying the problem of ethical artificial intelligence in society in addition to research purposes of natural language treatment and classification. I hope that the data is safer to utilize artificial intelligence, he said.

Future Smile Gate AI Center will try to try various efforts to make a positive contribution to society as well as a technical point of view and efforts in the meantime, said Smile Gate AI Center.

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