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BVB: The eternal Michael Zorc is leaving

When Michael Zorc is adopted by the audience on Saturday in the Dortmund Westfalenstadion, not only an era comes to an end. Zorc’s farewell is the end of a story that will never exist again.

44 years in the service of an association. His ball game club, whose fan he was as a boy, in whose youth he played, whose professional team he led to titles. His skill he steered back to the top as a manager and BVBs director.

When Zorc played his first Bundesliga game for Borussia Dortmund in 1981, I still go to school. Football plays a big role in my life, since I play with great passion and less great skills. I have been BVB fan since the club’s Bundesliga return in 1976. However, because my own kicking has priority, I mainly follow the games in the “BVBschau” and in the “kicker”, not yet regularly in the stands.

I quickly become aware of “Susi”, as he is called because of his curly splendor, when I started to go to the stadium more often in the mid -1980s. However, if someone had predicted that this Schlaks with number 8 in midfield would play a formative role in our club for more than four decades, I would have probably declared it stupid. But everything that has happened since then is closely connected to Michael Zorc or would not have been possible without him.

“When we entered the stadium, a shower ran over our backs”

Zorc, born in Dortmund, came to BVB as a youth player from the small local club TuS Eving-Lindenhorst, enjoys high reputation in the club, also and especially among fans. After all, he himself was one who went to the Rote Earth and later to the Westfalenstadion with his father Dieter. In 1988 “Susi” became captain of Borussia, he replaces Frankie Mill. It is a phase in which Dortmund is preparing to revive the shine of past days.

He is reserved to lead his team to the DFB Cup final in Berlin in 1989. A memorable day for all Borussia. “When we entered the stadium, a shower ran down our backs-only black and yellow. 500 kilometers from home came to the stadium. Unimaginable,” says Zorc later.

BVB wins this game against Werder Bremen as an outsider, it is the first title of the club for 23 years, the first since the European Cup winner in 1966. When Zorc stretched the trophy into Berlin, I see many seasoned men in the Olympic Stadium Crying around me of joy and emotion.

“For me, a childhood dream came true today”

It is one of the many turning points in the eventful history of this club. Borussia Dortmund “is again”, kicks on the European stage, strives for higher things in the Bundesliga. In 1992 the club became a German champion, on the last match day there are only four minutes for the big hit.

He follows three years later, with Michael Zorc in the leading role. The midfielder contributes 15 goals that season, he is the best BVB shooter in the 1994/95 season.

On June 17, 1995, Borussia went second in the last matchday against HSV, the leader Werder Bremen has to go to Munich. On this slightly rainy June day, I stand with 35,000 people on Dortmund Friedensplatz and stare at a huge screen. “Public viewing”, long before this term even exists.

We see historical: Bavaria beats Bremen, we the HSV. 32 years after the last win of the shell, Borussia Dortmund is again German champion. A city explodes. When I see the tears of our coach Ottmar Hitzfeld and the overwhelming joy of our players, I am also one of these men in black and yellow, the cry.

with the roar of a starting jet hunter

Michael Zorc says quietly into the television cameras: “For me, a childhood dream came true today. I don’t really want to say more.” So, it is reserved to the outside world, but behind this facade full of emotions, which he, too, cannot always hide. On that championship day they are written in his face.

Dortmund is now swimming on a wave of success, defending the title in 1996 and moving into the Champions League final a year later. At this point, Zorc is no longer playing a leading role, but May 27, 1997 is also inextricably linked to his name.

When BVB leads 3-1 against the house -high favorite Juventus Turin shortly before the end of the game, the curve begins to call “Susi, Susi, Susi”.

Not only the fans want to see their idol. I still see in front of myself how the replacement players gather wildly towards Hitzfeld a few meters in front of my eyes. When he changes him for Andreas Möller, stadium spokesman Nobby Dickel’s tension can be felt when he says in an almost overlay voice: “… with number eight Michaeeleel…”. With the roar of a starting jet hunter, half the stadium “Zorc.” In capital letters because it was so loud and so moving!

with 572 games is Michael Zorc’s record player from Borussia Dortmund

At the cup handover, Zorc is only adorned, but the comrades naturally send their long -time captain to take the Henkelpot. “The team also has a feel for gestures,” says RTL commentator Marcel Reif.

Zorc crowns the last year of his player career with the winning of the World Cup in Tokyo, in the final against Cruzeiro Belo Horizonte he shoots the decisive 1-0 against the Brazilians.

In the summer of 1999 he got a farewell game that he does justice to him. Over 40,000 people would like to thank the man, who is still a record player in his club with 572 games. Only Adi Preißler (“Gray is all theory, crucial is a place”) has scored more goals for BVB.

from the square to the desk – a tedious process

Zorc changes job, but not the club. He moves into management and his first transfer will be an absolute hit: Dédé, the famous right -back and fine guy, who was supposed to stay in Dortmund for 13 years. This obligation follows difficult years for Dortmund. President Gerd Niebaum and manager Michael Meier threw the money out with both hands to the window, led the club to the stock exchange to get freshness – and everything gambles: the BVB is in front of the bankruptcy.

New Milestones EP 12: vlog about the mind, Jozef rulof, suicide and my unpublished book.
The primal borus is not one that goes off on board in difficult times, he rolls up his sleeves on the square as before. Helps with reconstruction. It is a tedious process, he first has to get used to the fact that the supporters are no longer only wearing him. There is criticism, often unjustified and under the belt line. Zorc does not complain about it, but it is noticeable to him how much this affects him. It looks thin -skinned in those years, but he swims free.

ZORCS most important transfer

In the summer of 2008 he succeeds his most important transfer. It is not a player, but coach Jürgen Klopp. He carefully ventilates the club, giving BVB a new image. Already after the second year Zorc says about the man, to whom he gives a dog puppy called “Emma”: “Jürgen is a stroke of luck for Borussia Dortmund. He can euphorize people and positively influence people. He is also an excellent football teacher and has already shown in Mainz that he works sustainably. “

The outcome of the story with titles and a Champions League final is known. Klopp stays for eight years, half an eternity in the modern football business.

BVB manager Zorc developed a golden hand in those years. Players like Shinji Kagawa, Sven Bender and others are fetched cheaply and sold expensive. Many of his transfers fit perfectly like Lucas Barrios or Robert Lewandoski, the later world footballer. Others also prove to be human as wonderful reinforcements such as Neven Subotic, Jakub “Kuba” Błaszczykowski or Lukas “Piszczu” Piszczek.

final chapter of a memorable history

From the man, about whom Uli Hoeneß spotted so badly (“When Mr. Zorc gets up, I have long since had breakfast”), the longest -serving manager in the league becomes. When he actually wants to retire, a certain pandemic crosses his plans, which also poses problems for BVB.

Zorc remains on the command bridge, unlike planned. On May 14, 2022, however, this chapter also concludes with a bouquet of flowers and a lot of applause.

In order to classify this memorable moment, I allow myself to quote myself. “Today it seems like an evil fairy tale that the current BVBs director was a controversial figure a few years ago. Zorc looked into the abyss with all of us, but he did not only pull himself out of the affair in an admirable manner Because Borussia Dortmund has its proverbial “and you always like” mentality with new life. “

Ulrich Vonstein

© rtl

Transfer Ticker: Confusion about Bürki lending at BVB

The transfer window in the football Bundesliga closes at 18:00 next Monday. Until then, numerous changes can go over the stage.

What plan FC Bayern, BVB, FC Schalke 04, Gladbach, Eintracht Frankfurt and Co.? What developments are there in Premier League, La League or Serie A?

All news and the hottest rumors around the Deadline Day are available in the Transfer Ticker by clock .

  • 13: 35 pm: Barca and Juve sharply on Aubameyang
  • 13: 21 clock: BVB Plant Record Transfer
  • 12: 31 clock: Will the BVB Schulz still start?
  • 10: 21 clock: confusion about Bürki lending
  • 07: 28 o’clock: Five goals on shadow list of FC Bayern

+++ 28.01.2022, 13:48 clock: Is there Costa to Hertha BSC? +++

Looking for reinforcement for the second half, Hertha BSC is apparently serving Eintracht Frankfurt. According to “picture” information, Danny Da Costa is the desired candidate for the right-heavy position at the capital city club.

The contract of defense players at the SGE runs out in summer. All too expensive because Costa probably will not be. Especially since the 28-year-old, who was awarded in the past 1st FSV Mainz 05, belongs to the Frankfurt coating candidate.

+++ 28.01.2022, 13:35 clock: Barca and Juve sharply on Aubameyang +++

At FC Arsenal, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang was last advised on the siding and probably has no future more at the Gunners. Now the former BVB profi offer two lucrative options.

Like “The Athletic” reports, both the FC Barcelona and Juventus Turin are interested in a lending until the end of the season. Accordingly, Arsenal has already received official offers of the two clubs for Aubameyang.

It is still questionable whether Arsenal will get involved in a loan business.

+++ 28.01.2022, 13:21 clock: bvb allegedly plans record transfer +++

Borussia Dortmund has to employ well or evil with possible successors for Erling Haaland. Karim Adeyemi is considered a hot candidate on a commitment in summer. However, according to Italian media reports, the BVB is also concretely in a series A striker – and plans a record offer.

According to “Gazzetta dello clock”, BVB is ready to set up a new club record in terms of transfer for an attacker.

Whole 45 million euros the BVB is to offer the Italian Club Sassuolo Calcio to secure the services of Gianluca Scamacca. So far, Mats Hummels, who came in 2019 for 30.5 million euros from FC Bayern, holds the Dortmund Transfer’s record. More here!

More: These are the most expensive winter transfers of all time

+++ 28.01.2022, 13:06 clock: RB talent is awarded to Spain +++

Last summer, Ilaix Moriba was changing with large advance laurels from FC Barcelona to RB Leipzig. But the 19-year-old midfielder could not prevail.

Therefore, Moriba should now collect the FC Valencia game practice. The youngster will be awarded to Spain until the end of the season. That has known RB Leipzig on Friday afternoon.

+++ 28.01.2022, 12:56 pm: Schlotterbeck talks about his future +++

Nico Schlotterbeck is one of the big risers at the SC Freiburg in the Football Bundesliga. The 22-year-old is absolutely set among Christian Streich and finally made the leap in the squad of the national team. Even with the top clubs FC Bayern and Borussia Dortmund Schlotterbeck was recently brought. Now the central defender has come to the speculation.

“For me, that’s still a dream that I play in the Bundesliga. And that’s why I do not ask for the desire to go abroad,” said the central defender at “Sky”.

It does not matter, “whether it is now England, Spain or Italy – I want to stay in Germany if it works”.

+++ 28.01.2022, 12:36 clock: Hertha-fanblebing before winter escape +++

After the commitment of Marc Oliver Kempf of VfB Stuttgart, Jordan TorunariGha at least no longer sees a future for her future at Hertha BSC.

As “”, “picture” as well as “Sky” agree, it draws the 24-year-old central defender on a loan base to the end of the season to Kaa Gent in Belgium. A purchase option should not include the deal between Hertha BSC and Torunarigha’s new club, it says. A return in summer was now planned.

++ 28.01.2022, 12:31 clock: Will the BVB Schulz still start? +++

Shortly before closing the transfer window, BVB is working hard to get rid of several of its bank presses of the last months. Now with Nico Schulz a third professional of Borussia Dortmund could still seek the width.

How the “clock Picture” writes on Friday, the left-part could change towards Turkish Süper Lig. Fenerbahcensoll, according to the report, have “great interest” to Schulz, who could never fully convince the BVB. The whole story is here.

+++ 28.01.2022, 11:54 am: Amiri to the medical check in Genoa +++

The change from Nadiem Amiri from Bayer Leverkusen to the Italian first division FC Genoa is imminent. According to “Sky”, the 25-year-old midfielder completes the medical check on Friday. Accordingly, Amiri is initially borrowed until the end of the season, a purchase option should have been agreed.

+++ 28.01.2022, 11:09 pm: Surprise decor for Klopp? +++

Despite the already heavily occupied storm, the FC Liverpool wants to re-invest in winter. As the “Mirror” and “The Athletic” report, Luis Díaz from FC Porto faces a signature at the Reds.

Including bonuses would probably be due around 60 million euros for the Colombian. Tottenham hotspur should also have signaled interest in Díaz. Should Liverpool in the poker be serious about the wing runmer, the Spurs would have bad cards.

+++ 28.01.2022, 10:21 am: confusion about Bürki lending +++

At Borussia Dortmund, Roman Bürki has been playing no role for a long time. Now the BVB could obviously find a customer for the keeper.

As the Turkish journalist Mehmet Özcan announces, Bürki joins the Istanbul Club Galatasaray. Thus, the Swiss will be awarded to the Turkish record champion to the end of the season. Bürkis contract at BVB is still dated until 2023.

“clock1” editor Patrick Berger contradicts Özcan, however. Accordingly, Bürki is not shortly before changing to Galatasaray. There was also no official exchange between the BVB and the Turkish Top Club.

+++ 28.01.2022, 09:50: Vlahovic landed in Turin +++

What wattered for weeks through the rumors is now as good as fix. Dusan Vlahovic switches from the AC Florence to Juventus Turin. The old lady publish a video on her Twitter account a video showing the striker on his arrival in Turin.

Vlahovic thus issues a basket in both FC Bayern and Borussia Dortmund. Both German teams were finally sought interested in the Serbs.

+++ 28.01.2022, 09:41 clock: Thiaw before Schalke’s outlet? +++

At the beginning of the week, “Sky Italia” provided a message for plenty of vortex at FC Schalke 04. The AC Milan show interest in a commitment to Malick Thiaw and had already given an offer, it was in it.

Little later reported “picture”, Schalke has rejected the offer, 6.5 million euros have commanded Milan, the area of ​​revenue demanded at least ten million euros.

Dimitrios Grammozis is still confident that he can also put in the second half of the Services of ThiaW (Treaty by 2024).

“If there is something there, we’ll announce it. He is our player and so we’re going around with him. Everything else will bring the future. But I actually assume that Malick stays with us,” said the Schalke chef coach On Thursday on the edge of the test match at 1. FC Cologne (2: 2).

+++ 28.01.2022, 09:25 clock: Change Bensebaini for competition? +++

With Denis Zakaria and Matthias Ginter, Borussia Mönchengladbach loses two power carriers at the latest in the summer. Even a departure of Ramy Bensbaini threatens – just to competition.

As the “picture” reports, Bayer Leverkusen is the services of the Algerian National Player. At the Werkself Bensbaini Mitchel should replace Bakker. The Dutch was finally associated with a change to Newcastle United.

For Bensbaini, Leverkusen would probably have to grab the pocket deeply. Of 22 million euros transfer is the speech.

+++ 28.01.2022, 08:35: Sweetheart at Dembélé +++

The Zoff between Ousman Dembélé and the FC Barcelona last and continued to move on. After the Frenchman had accused his employer “blackmail”, he obviously directs.

As the radio station “Cadena Ser” reports, Dembélé is now ready to look for a new club this winter.

The 24-year-old saw that he has no future at Barca and wool his World Cup participation does not jeopardize by missing game practice. Where it could pull Dembélé, but is still open.

+++ 28.01.2022, 08:22 clock: Chelsea-star Favorite on Slee Succession +++

Official confirmation of Bayern, from the summer separate ways to go with center-back Niklas Süle, was a real bang this week. According to a recent media report, it is now clear who should be the top favorite on the successor of the German national player.

In the pole position, committler andreas Christensen should be located by FC Chelsea. The Danish domestine is contractless from the summer, according to a podcast post of “image” football chef Christian Falk actually already had already been in agreement on an extension of his working paper last year. All information about this is here.

+++ 28.01.2022, 08:09 clock: “null bock” star should leave Gladbach +++

A few days ago rumors ghosted by the media, Deniz andav would be a change to the German Football Bundesliga. Now it seems to crystallize which club the sensors should have stretched out: Borussia Mönchengladbach.

On the other hand, a star of the foal should definitely leave the club. More here!

+++ 28.01.2022, 08:03 clock: power carrier of the 1st FC Cologne awakens desirilities +++

Since Bruno Guimaraes stands in front of a change to Newcastle United, Olympique Lyon apparently exited the sensors to Ellyes Skhiri from 1. FC Cologne as successor.

According to “”, the Tunisian national player is one of many candidates at Lyon. Also Romain Faivre by Stade Brest is on the list, so the portal.

+++ 28.01.2022, 08:01 clock: Vfb Stuttgart before commitment of storm jewel +++

According to Transfer expert Fabrizio Romano, VfB Stuttgart secures the services of Tiago Tomás of clocking. Thus, the 19-year-old Portuguese changes to the Swabia for a long-term lending. A purchase option should have also assured the Stuttgart. More here!

+++ 28.01.2022, 07:38 clock: five goals on shadow list of FC Bayern +++

Already in the past, rumors around a shadow list at FC Bayern circulated, on the potential transfer candidate.

BVB Target Gouri, Dolberg & Martial as Haaland Replacements | Zakaria Could See Himself Joining BVB

In the “picture” podcast “Bayern-inside” Christian Falk reveals that the same five names should be on the ominous list.

One of them is Matthias Ginter von Borussia Mönchengladbach, who has not extended his expiring contract with the foals. According to Falk, there was already a push of the Munich.

+++ 27.01.2022, 13:39 clock: Barca has jewel of FC Bayern in visor +++

FC Bayern threatens the loss of a talent. Top clubs around FC Barcelona should have thrown an eye on Kenan Yildiz. This reports “clock1”. Accordingly, the Munich’s 16-year-old would like to think beyond the summer of 2022, but Barca lure with an interesting perspective. Much suggests a departure, judges “clock1”,

+++ 26.01.2022, 08:44 o’clock: BVB buits to Spurs star +++

Dele Alli hardly plays a role in Tottenham. That’s why the offensive midfielder appears to be a say goodbye to the Spurs. According to “Daily Mail” is Borussia Dortmund among the prospects. In addition, Newcastle United, Brighton & Hove Albion as well as FC Burnley and FC Everton are supposed to enhance the 25-year-old.

+++ 25.01.2022, 21:32 clock: FC Bayern in the pole position at Ginter? +++

The Migrant Matthias Ginter of Borussia Mönchengladbach was most recently associated with a change to Inter Milan, even a transfer to Bayern is always in the room. Now the “Gazzetta dello clock” reports that the German record champion in the race should be ahead of the DFB national player in the summer. On the other hand, a future with Inter is less realistic.

+++ 25.01.2022, 14:57 clock: FC Bayern and BVB receive competition at Van de Beek +++

Donny Van de Beek hardly plays a role in Manchester United. Because of this, a change of the central midfield player is speculated. Most recently, FC Bayern and BVB were also mentioned as potential customers. According to Fabrizio Romano, Crystal Palace and the FC Valencia have now requested for a lending. Ralf Rangnick does not want to leave the Dutch.

+++ 25.01.2022, 12:22 pm: German Belgium bomber on the way to the Bundesliga +++

Until a few months ago, Deniz andav in Germany was a nearly blank sheet. His 28 (!) Gate participations in only 23 missions for the Belgian sensational leader Union Saint Gilloise, however, have also known the attacker in his homeland. Now, for the 25-year-old a dream could come true: as the newspaper “Le Soir” reported, AndAV has already signed for the new season in a non-nameless German Bundesliga club.

+++ 25.01.2022, 08:17 clock: Inter to DFB star interested +++

Switches Robin Gosens within the series A? As the journalist Fabrizio Romano reports, Inter Milan is interested in a commitment of the national player and should now even lead the transfer race. Accordingly, the Italian master with Atalanta Bergamo is in advanced talks.

+++ 25.01.2022, 07:24 o’clock: goalkeeper exchange between Barca and PSG? +++

Since 2014, Marc-André Ter Stegen is at the FC Barcelona under contract. But according to “El Nacional”, the time of the keeper could soon end at the Catalans. Accordingly, Barca is interested in a goalkeeper exchange with Paris Saint-Germain. In return, the Spaniard Gianluigi Donnaruma could get. ## +++ 25.01.2022, 07:01 clock: Gladbach has already found Zakaria replacement already +++ The possible farewell to Denis Zakaria would leave a huge gap at Borussia Mönchengladbach. Allegedly manager Max Eberl and Co. have already provided and several potential successors envisaged. A hot candidate is for information from “Foot Mercato” of the 25-year-old Angelo Fulgini from the French first division Sco Angers. Continue reading

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