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SledgeHammer Games has hired tons of new employees to work on several unknown projects

Sledgehammer Games, a company that is best known for its work in the Call of Duty Franchise has just hired a ton of new people to help work on a series of projects. What these exact projects are is a supposition of anyone at this point, but it is safe to assume that at least one of them is a new call of duty game.

Despite the massive success of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone, Activision is always determined to keep COD in annual version. This has been the norm since the design of the series in 2003. Many fans expressed their opinion that they were tired of a new game each year, but as long as this commercial practice remains profitable, there is little chance. ‘Activision goes to have a change of heart.

The last call of duty game on which Sledgehammer worked was Call of Duty: WWII. A game that has been widely forgotten by the community itself if it has only been released in 2017. Although it is a beautiful gesture to try to go back to the classic formula that laid the basis for the success of Call of Duty, This attempt did not really captured the same atmosphere as before and was also prey to things like booty boxes and microtransactions.

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Everything on which Sledgehammer is currently working will have, hopefully, a much more important impact than their previous contributions. The future of Warzone is also involved. We still do not know which of the various developers of Call of Duty will be responsible for taking care of the spin-off of the Royal Battle after Modern Warfare has followed its course. As an Activision plans to have Warzone as a game that connects all Call of Duty games, entrust Warzone’s monitoring is not out of reach.

Call of Duty 2023 would no longer reach PS4 or Xbox One

As the treatment between Microsoft and Activision Blizzard continues to unfold, we continue receiving new information related to the future of call of duty . Apparently, the next three games of the franchise will still come to consoles of PLAYSTATION , however, it seems that they could also be exclusive to PS5 and Xbox series X | S.

According to Tom Henderson , a reliable leaker that has previously been very cleared with the leaks of it, the successor of Warzone , as well as the delivery of CALL OF DUTY for 2023, already They will not arrive at PS4 or Xbox One . Supposedly, the pandemic has a lot to do with this decision.

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This would mean that the delivery of this year, which will apparently be a sequel for the reboot of Modern Warfare, would be the last cod we would see in xbox one and ps4 . At the moment this is only a rumor and things could well change in a future, but I repeat, Henderson usually usually be very circuitous with the information of it.

Editor’s Note: I would definitely make sense that by 2023, Activision has already set aside the past generation of consoles. Regardless of the pandemic, the Call of Duty Games usually receive three years of support on speech consoles, but we will see how this situation evolves.

Call of Duty will continue to arrive at PlayStation until at least 2023

After the purchase of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft , there is some concern about the users of PlayStation because multiple franchises in this publisher could be exclusive to Xbox . CALL OF DUTY is one of the most important, and according to Phil Spencer , they have intentions to continue throwing these games in consoles of the competition. But how long? A new report seems to have given us the answer.

According to Bloomberg information, nearby sources within Activision have confirmed that the Company is committed to continuing to launch Call of Duty games in consoles of PlayStation up to what Less 2023. This includes the release of this year, the next one and the sequel to War zone . After the premiere of these three games, not even the employees of Activision know what could happen.

Yes, Spencer said they do not want to move the players from PlayStation from Call of Duty, or rather, he said they did not intend to do it. This means that the situation could change at any time, and although initially they will respect all agreements between Sony and Activision , once the acquisition has been officially specified, Xbox could become the only home For Call of Duty games.

Editor’s note: It sounds like something difficult, but not impossible, that Call of Duty becomes an exclusive Xbox franchise. After all, Microsoft did not spend a millionaire so that his own games are leaving in consoles of the competition. We already saw what happened with Bethesda, and the case of Activision does not think it is very different.

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