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The new Elden Ring spot prepares numerous bugs caused by the previous one in PC, PlayStation and Xbox

If something can be absorbed the face of Elden Ring is that your optimization has not been the best for the different platforms in which it was published last February. FromSoftware You have actually been including updates to deal with the different mistakes however, after the last one, a couple of even more changes have actually been added.

It is currently readily available on all platforms If we intend to play online we should apply the new spot that, as we claim, is aimed at resolving the errors triggered by the previous one A mistake has actually been dealt with that prevented players from moving in NPC Missions Nepheli Loux; an additional that triggered the death of character when descending from a location near the sanctuary of the beast; A 3rd party that avoided an ash of battle would take result; And one last that made players teleport in the multiplayer modality to inaccurate collaborates on the map.

Elden Ring | These bugs are Game BREAKING. | Patch 1.03.2 RUNDOWN - Syrobe
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It is worth stressing that the great update last week likewise included usable functions and also even including brand-new personalities. When it comes to its efficiency, the basic experience has actually been enhancing over the weeks, although it has surprised from the beginning its optimization in Vapor Deck, the new Valve mobile console.

As we can read in the official spot notes, variation 1.03.02 is currently offered to download on PC (Vapor), PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Collection X | S as well as primarily bring a series of Concrete modifications Some bugs that can taint the game experience of users after upgrade 1.03 of last week.

Update “EP. Exceed ~ the blessing ~” special site including “Lineage M” and “Holy Swordsman” class care!

PC Online RPG “Lineage” Title “Lineage M (hereinafter, Lineage M)” service, NC Co., Japan Co., Ltd. (Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Kim Technology ) Below, None Japan was informed that “EP. Exceeded ~ the blessing ~” special site published on February 18, 2022, and “Available Island Communication # 19 Update & 1000 Day Memorial Broadcasting” has been decided.

PC Online RPG “Lineage” Title “Lineage M (hereinafter, Lineage M)” service, NC Co., Japan Co., Ltd. (Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Kim Technology ) Below, None Japan) will announce that “EP. Exceeded ~ the blessing ~” special site published on February 18, 2022, and “The Island Communication # 19 Update & 1000 Memorial Broadcasting” has been decided..

# “EP. EXCEED ~ The Blessing ~” Special Site

release date

February 18, 2012 (Fri)


Today, we published the “EP. Exceeding ~ the Blessing-” special site, which is the third week of “3 consecutive updates” scheduled to be implemented on February 23 (Wednesday).

“EP. EXCEED ~ THE BLESSING ~” is scheduled for updates such as the “Holy Swordsman” class care and a new World Dungeon to a new world dungeon.

In addition, Twitter campaign will be held to commemorate the special site release. From among those who shared the special site with Twitter, we will give you an in-game item “[Makeover Card] Elite Magic Soldier” for 5 people by lottery, so please join us.

For more information on updates, please check the special site today.

«” EP. Exceed ~ The Blessing ~ “Special Site is here»

# Update Just before the official live broadcast “Cane the island communication # 19 Update & 1000 Day Memorial Broadcasting” February 21 broadcast decision

Delivery date and time

February 21, 2022 (Mon) 19:30 ~

# # Delivery platform

You Tube Live: https: //
Twitter Live: //
※ We will notify you of the Lineage M Official Twitter ( on the day


The Lineage M Official Information Program No.19 will deliver information about “EP.Exceed to the blessing ~” implemented on Wednesday, February 23!

We will deliver the information and period of the new world dungeon “rule of the Holy Swordsman” and the new world dungeon “control tower”, and event information held from the update date, so please watch it until the end!

In addition, there are also in-game attractions and quiz corners that commemorate the 1000 days with the acquired chance of gorgeous game items, so please join us.
※ There is also a possibility of changing the contents of the program for live broadcasting.

# # Performer ※ Title abbreviation

Church (MC) Twitter: https: //
River Nanzu (Operating Producer)
Suzuki Ichi (Service Team Leader)

«The details of the official live broadcast” Communication of the island communication # 19 Update & 1000 Day Memorial Broadcasting “are here»

# “1000 Month Monem Broadcasting Event-Different World Proof of Super World [Completed] ~”

Holding date and time

February 21, 2022 (Mon) 19:40
※ For live broadcast linked events, there is also a possibility that the start time may be back and forth.


As an inter-game interlocking event in the game of the game of the day of live broadcasting on the day of live broadcasting, “Available Island Communication # 19 Update & 1000 Memorial Broadcasting” will conduct events in the interactive’s safety zone during the live broadcast on the day.

In the event, the “A brained 〇” attacked “brainwashed 〇” and gives special rewards to the maximum level character in the account of all characters that you got the item.

In addition, there are also 1000 dragons’ diamond (event) 1000 pieces of dragon diamonds (events) gifts from the event participants.

This event is a character that can enter the intercerber, so everyone can participate, so let’s join us and celebrate 1000 days together!

«Click here for details of” 1000 Mon Monembide Event-Different World Denki [Completed] ~ “»

# Game Overview

A smartphone MMORPG based on a high-hit game as a high-hit game.

The main role of the battlefield leading to the seminar “monarch”, “Knights” and attack power, “Elf” specialized in long-distance attacks and spirits magic with strong body and attack power, and “Magician (Wizard)”, “Dark Elves”, which boasts a powerful proximity attack power, scope attack skills and obstructive skills, “muskumi run”, “Awakening” skills special “awakening” skills borrowing the power of dragons Various attacks with “dragonist”, “dragonist”, “Dark Knights”, “Dark Knights” that manipulate the dark magic with strong shields and dark magic with strong body, and “Holy Swordsman”, The only world view that the “raging warrior” spinning and sovereys, and blood of blood is woven, which uses the skill specialized skills and survival skills.

Various people will intersect through adventures and polesters and wars, and will be an irreplaceable friend or rival for your life.

Also, items can be sold at the store in the game, and it is possible to buy and sell items with other players through the exchange, and the items owned by your own items are assets and the same economic sense as real I can enjoy it.

# Title information

Title name: Lineage M (Lineage M) Genre: MMORPG service start date: MMORPORATION Price: Download free item charging OS: IOS 9.0 or later / Android 4.4 or more Development: NCSOFT Operating source: NC Japan KK Copyright: © NCsoft Corporation. Licensed to NC Japan KK All Rights Reserved. Official Site: https: // https: // Line M Service Team Twitter: Https: / / official line @: https: // Official Facebook: Official YouTube Channel: https: //

※ The contents of our press release are as of February 18, 2022. Depending on the various circumstances, you may want to change the schedule.

Dead Island 2 could be started early 2023

Last updated there is February 18, 2022

The news from Dead Island 2 managed to keep afloat since the announcement of the game in 2014. For a while, it was a bit of an annual tradition for the publisher Deep Silver to tease the fans they were still working on the future.

Fortunately, the fans, the CEO Lars Wingefors, revealed during a question-answer session that the game could finally be available for the players’ audience during their 2023 exercise, which will end on March 31 of this year.

Due to the silence of the team over the years, many players have begun to give up the game assuming it will never materialize. Announced in 2014, the Zombie action game was then delayed, changed developer twice and is literally fallen from the card. He was even cited by several reports last year the game will be thrown exclusively on Epic Games Store.

Wingefors may not have addressed the issue directly, but he gave the fans a small index to cling.

_ “I can not talk about Dead Island 2 because it is not announced as such by the publisher,” he said. “_We have an AAA title not announced that you think being Dead Island 2.” _

Unfortunately, he refused to give more details on this project. _ “It’s hard for me to comment more about it,” he added. “But, I’m excited by the unsinclosed titles.

Wingefors’ comments are clearly not an exact confirmation regarding Dead Island 2. However, the cryptic nature of its response sent fans in a frenzy. This could be a clue that long-awaited title development continues.

Dead Island 2 is definitely always one thing. After all, developers have not officially canceled it, not yet anyway.

Do you expect the rest? Let us know in the comments below.

Steam Deck already has a launch date: this interests you if you have already reserved it

Steam Deck is the portable console with which Valve wants to revolutionize the world. He was going out at the end of the year but was delayed indefinitely. But it already has a start date and adds to the madness of February that we are going to have. Luckily it is the shortest month of the year!

Valve has officially confirmed that Steam Deck’s launch date is February 25. If you have reserved it, the firm has published all the details to proceed, indicating that the date indicated will begin to send the emails to those who reserve the device: from then there will be three days to make the purchase and start the order.

If you do not buy the console after those 72 hours, reservation will go to the next person in queue. The units will start from February 28, so the consoles will begin to arrive at the first days of March.

Valve also emphasizes that it is only possible to ask for the model of Steam Deck that you booked on your day , so you can not change to another without losing your position in the queue. The reservoir deposit applies to the final price of Steam Deck, and the shipping costs are included.

A new console is about to arrive and wants to revolutionize the PC game. Soon we will have it with us.

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