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After beaker: VfL Bochum demands play repeat

The VfL Bochum strives for a repeat of the game broken after a mug throw against Borussia Mönchengladbach (0: 2).

The club and his lawyer Horst Klgle confirmed the SID on Wednesday a report of the bild -zeitung.

“The offenders have bought his drink completely legally and the club no fault at the offense,” said climke with reference to the legal and rules of procedure of the German Football Federation (DFB): “That’s why the game has to be repeated.”

In paragraph 18, point four, it says: “If a federal play without the fault of both teams is canceled prematurely, so it is to be repeated in the same location. If a team or their club or both clubs arrive at the score, the game is the game of or the Studies with 0: 2 goals for lost, the innocent with 2: 0 goals for won. “

On Friday evening, the referee assistant Christian Ggantmann had been hit on the side line from one of the front rows of a filled beer cup on the head. The encounter was initially interrupted after just under 70 minutes and then canceled. The police determine due to dangerous personal injury.

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The control board of the DFB has also included investigations. The DFB Sports Court decides on the game rating and a possible penalty. When a beer cup hit a line judge before eleven years ago, FC St. Pauli was sentenced to a ghost game. The game was scored 2: 0 for the opponent Schalke 04.

BVB | Watzke praises DFB: “More fresh start is barely”

DFL Supervisory Board Hans-Joachim Watzke is very positive about the results of the Bundestag of the German Football Federation in Bonn. “It all has changed with so many new people on the positions,” Watzke said about the Bureau elections in Bonn.

Hans-Joachim WATZKE: So funktioniert das BVB-Business (OMR Podcast #431)

“It was always denied that it is a new beginning. But more new beginning is barely going,” said the BVB managing director.

The DFB Bundestag chose Bernd Neuendorf to the new president. The controversial top functionary Rainer Koch did not make it back to the Bureau.

“The DFB has to form now, and we have to help,” Watzke said, who had interim led to the association in recent weeks together with Koch. As the top representative of the German Football League Watzke also sits in the DFB-Presidium.

“DFB is facing enormous challenges”

DFL managing director Donata Hops has congratulated the new DFB President Bernd Neuendorf and pointed out the forthcoming tasks for the association.

“The DFB is facing enormous challenges and requires a strong leadership in the sense of all German football,” wrote Hops as a boss of the German Football League on Friday. The DFB Bundestag in Bonn is “a great opportunity for a new beginning – for the DFB itself, but also for the relationship between DFB and DFL”.

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