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Lol: Riot wants to see Miss Fortune in Worlds and adds great improvements for the next patch

Riot Games not for with the changes to League of Legends facing the World Cup and, after announcing a series of very important improvements to Maokai, it is the turn of Miss Fortune . While she is not a champion as abandoned as the twisted treant, it is true that she is one of those characters that receives the most love for the American developer and seems to have wanted to give her wings for the next patch with the aim of seeing her in the next Worlds.

It has been Tim Thetruexy , Riot’s associate designer, who has announced these changes on hunter in virtually all her skills (except her passive). Tim himself has mentioned that the intention of these adjustments are aimed at to improve the build of the champion’s critic and adjust the lethality , which was being the most normal in the champion during the last patch.

As can be seen in the adjustments and improvements, one of the great changes that can be seen with the new Miss Fortune will be the time of casteo of its Q-Redoble , which will take the same as a normal self-Ataque and, therefore, depend on the attack speed we have . In addition, AP climbing has been improved in all skills, something that we have not fully understood since several months ago Riot herself put an adjustment in the champion inside League of Legends that prevented the Builds_ of magical damage They were viable.


While it is true that it does not seem to be something that is currently worth it, it is likely to be something to take into account in the future , since players could find an explosive combination that breaks the head of Riot developers.

Neowiz, cat and soup P2E game service

Neowiz announced on the 22nd that it has signed a P2E game development and ‘Intella X’ onboarding contract using ‘Cat and Soup IP’ with Beautiful Games. Cats and soups are Neowiz representative IP, featuring cartoon illustrations and easy operation.

Beautiful Games, which produces cats and soup P2E games, is a mobile game developer specializing in social network games (SNG).

Through this agreement, Beautiful Games plans to develop mobile SNGs with P2E elements using cats and soup IP. The game that has been developed is on the Neowiz Blockchain Platform Intella X, and Neowiz is also in charge of global publishing.

Kang Byung-jong, CEO of Byung-jong Kang, said, Cute and cute cats and soups are a game that goes well with the SNG genre..

An official of Neowiz said, I am pleased to join the Intella X ecosystem.

2022 Board Game Con, COEX is from August 14th to 15th

‘2022 Board Game Con’, which presents various board game contents such as 600 domestic and international classic, best-selling board games, new board games, board game exhibitions and experiences, will be held for two days from 14th to 15th at COEX, Seoul, Seoul, Seoul, Seoul, Seoul, Seoul, Seoul, Seoul. to be.

The event will be hosted by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Korea Creative Content Agency, and hosted by the Korea Board Game Industry Association.

In addition to the board game exhibitions and experiences, the board game exhibition will be held, and events and additional events such as discount sales, ball live, board game artists, and vivid live will be held. It is expected to be.

In addition, last year, the event was divided into one and two parts for the social distance, and this year, this year, this year, this year, we can experience various events and games relatively various events and games.

An official of the event said, This event has been doing its best for a long time to create a culture that the whole family can enjoy together. This year, we will not only announce the excellence of Korean board games through board gameons, but also become Asia’s largest board game festival.

In addition, it will be provided with a board game presentation, which is limited to visitors who make a reservation in advance, and the pre-booking application can be conducted by the website.

Meanwhile, in 2021, the board gamecon included a variety of companies, including the world in the play, Korea Board Games, and Happy Baobab, and introduced new educational and domestic development board games.

Thegrefg presents Ringcraft, the new Streamers series bMinecrafted on the Lord of the Rings

We have a new streamers series in Minecraft. And beware because the cocktail ingredients cannot be more curious. Thegrefg in the production work and The Lord of the Rings Minecraft setting. It will be calledRingcraf and start on Friday September 2, 2022 . It is described Minecraft a rivals Twitch *, so its duration should not be extended too much in time and could cover that weekend from September 2 to 4.

The date is not a coincidence, much less. Precisely On September 2 the power rings will be releMinecrafted on Amazon Prime Video and the promotional relationship with Thegrefg’s project seems sung. This is the new and a long-awaited series about the Lord of the Rings and the Universe of Tolkien (which, by the way, hMinecraft just releMinecrafted a new trailer). But Minecraft if that were not enough, that date is also the one chosen for The return of Middle Earth to video games by The Lord of the Rings: Gollum , new game starring Sméagol.

Thegrefg Minecraftsures that the teMinecrafter on these lines is just that, a brief teMinecrafter who wanted Participants, teams, duration and final award ** over the next few weeks.

Ringcraft will arrive after the phenomenon of the Minecraft Squid Games of Rubius and Auron, replicated by the latter in the Minecraft Saw Games . It will also take the relay of the current Karmaland 5 of Willyrex and Vegetta (why hMinecraft Staxx abandoned after the first day?) And the imminent Tortilland 2 , again from Auron (already with premiere date ).

Thegrefg becomes the Spanish Big Four

This is the first great project of Thegrefg after pMinecraftsing the barrier of the 10 million followers on Twitch and entering part of the Spanish Big Four, made up of the other three names that had exceeded the figure: Auronplay, Rubis and Ibai.

Will Thegrefg achieve the success of these series?

Mini-game puzzle collection Last Call BBS -I was surprised that the game of making Gunpla would become so popular [Developer interview]

This project interviews the developers of new indie games that interest you. This time, we will deliver a mini-interview to the developers of the mini-game puzzle collection Last Call BBS , which was developed by Zachtronics and started early access for PC / Mac / Linux on July 5th.

This work is a puzzle game where you play various mini games using a retro PC. A total of eight games are included, including those that assemble plastic models and those that operate food factories in the world 700 years later as in the 20th century. Japanese is not supported at the time of writing the article.

Last Call BBS is being delivered in early access for 2,050 yen.

――First of all, please introduce yourself. What is your favorite game? **

Hello Zach & Matthew Seiji Burns (Zach & Matthew). Zach Barth and Matthew Seiji Burns will be happy to answer your questions. Zach is the creative director and lead designer for this film. Matthew was a writer, sound designer and composer.

Neither of them has a favorite game, but Matthew has been enjoying ELDEN RING lately, and Zach is playing a game called Rocksmith. (Both are quite different types of games from the ones we make!)

――Why did the development of this work start? **

Zach & Matthew We were interested in exploring the world of personal computers in the 90’s. Both of us feel nostalgic in this era of great potential and future. The future is unclear, and when you get a new computer, a new world opens up in front of you! This was our theme.

As a puzzle game, I was originally interested in the idea of a factory game that deals with various products such as food, electrical appliances, and daily necessities. However, it was difficult to make an interesting puzzle except for the food part. Therefore, we focused on the food part, and the 20th Century Food Court in this work was completed. Other games were based on other ideas.

――Please tell us the features of this work. **

Zach & Matthew This is a collection of 8 games to play on your 90’s desktop computer. Many of them are difficult puzzle games, similar to the type we previously made as Zachtronics. There are two solitaire card games and one action puzzle game.

There is also a type of game that makes a robot plastic model (Gundam model). By playing each game, you can tell the story of the creator and how the narrator came across the game.

――What kind of people do you want this work to be played by? **

Zach & Matthew I want people who are interested in computers in the 90’s to enjoy this work, regardless of whether they were actually touching computers at that time or just read about those days somewhere.

Also, this game is not an action game, and you don’t have to think too much about difficult things. We often jokes that our games are for programmers and engineers who can’t quit their jobs when they get home. If you like difficult puzzles like the Zachtronics games of the past, you’ll be happy with this one as well.

――How long do you plan for early access? What kind of elements will be added in the future? **

Zach & Matthew We are planning a short period and hope to end Early Access by the beginning of September. We have no plans to add new games, but popular ones may be expanded. For example, I was surprised that Steed Force Hobby Studio, a game for making robot plastic models (Gundam models), would not be so popular.

――Please tell us your impressions of releasing it as Early Access. **

Zach & Matthew We basically have Early Access in our games. It’s useful because it allows players to find bugs that they couldn’t find during development. You can also collect data for adjusting the difficulty of each puzzle. But we basically try to complete the basics of the game before Early Access. This is to end early access immediately and officially release it.

――Are there any works that influenced this work? **

The Zach & Matthew action puzzle game HACK * MATCH was influenced by Money Puzzle Exchanger and Magical Drop, but the other games included in this game are especially specific. I haven’t done it.

――Are there any plans to support Japanese for this work? Is volunteer translation possible? **

Zach & Matthew Japanese is not supported at this time, but I would like to add it if desired. If you would like to cooperate, please contact us. (I’m sorry, but please use English)

――Did the new coronavirus have any impact on development? **

Zach & Matthew Yes, there was. We are a team of five, but we used to work together in the office. In the middle of development, we started working from home. This required a lot of adjustments, which often took longer than planned.

Actually, this is also the reason why I decided to make a collection of small games called this work, not one big game. You can work on development for each game with a small team.

――Is it okay to distribute and monetize this work? **

Zach & Matthew Yes, of course!

――Please give a final message to Japanese readers. **

Zach & Matthew This work was influenced by the personal computer of the 90’s. It also includes Japanese computers like the PC-98. Our aim is not to reproduce them exactly, but to give players the feeling of experiencing another history that did not exist. I hope you enjoy it!

–thank you very much. **

Lollipop Chainsaw: iconic activity

When getting), it looks like it will soon celebrate a comeback as the Lollipop Chainsaw (from 19.95 . It is not yet understood when and in what create the game will return.

He also added the story to the Hack and Slay Lollipop Chainsaw. And it looks like the title ought to celebrate its large return.


Lollipop Chainsaw: Remaster or proceeded?

Currently in 2012 Lollipop Chainsaw pertained to the market for the PS3 and also Xbox 360 in sales by Kadokawa Games. The title was well received, so additionally with us: Head out, chains’ on: Brief yet entertaining zombie connect with Medical spa- Warrantie we remained in our examination at the time.

As GAMESPOT currently reports, the civil liberties to the brand name have now been associated with Dragami Games. Their chief executive officer Yoshimi Yasuda now hired on Twitter that a person must look forward to Lollipop Chainsaw:

For the time being, he remains guilty of additional information. In any way, it is unclear whether Lollipop Chainsaw will just be a remaster, more intricate remake and even in the form of a sequel. According to a tweet, James Gunn does not yet understand anything.

One thing must not continue to be unanticipated: Yoshimi Yasuda was before Chief Executive Officer from Kadokawa Games, where he was ducking for 14 years. He was there when Lollipop showed up.

He also added the tale to the Hack and Slay Lollipop Chainsaw. At all, it is not clear whether Lollipop Chainsaw will only be a remaster, much more complex remake or even in the kind of a follow up. He was there when Lollipop showed up.

The Cub: prices more of the apocalypse

After an effective look at the Tribeca Games Festival as well as the Guerilla Collective Showcase, there is now a new The Cub Gameplay trailer.


The game lately was among the last 9 video games chosen by the Tribeca Games Showcase and also which are ingenious in the locations of innovation, storytelling and art, such as Oxenfree 2, Cuphead-The Delicious Last Program and also a Plague Story.

The Cub is a 2D platform Parkour video game inspired by classic Sega video games from the 90s-the jungle publication, Aladdin, King of Lion-but with modern-day turns and concepts. The game plays in the same post-apocalyptic world as Golf Club: Wasteland, but this time around the story is distinguished the perspective of those that have stayed on earth and also survived, while the super-rich individuals left to Mars from the collapse of society.

After another efficiency at The Guerilla Collective, the game will certainly get on the Steamnext festival in June 2022. Nevertheless, the playable demo has currently been offered for everyone to try it out on Vapor. It provides the players an area of 3 various degrees in addition to a healthy and balanced dosage of the next wave of Radio Fond memories from Mars-the particular radio show with tunes and also stories, which is relayed by the ultra-rich swarm on Mars.

The gameplay of a plague Tale Requiem is still tailored in the direction of stealth, says Asobo

A plague Tale Requiem was shown as one of this year’s Triebca Games Spotlight selection at the Summer seasons Games. And although we have actually not got a deep insight right into the video game, we saw some story scenes that reveal just how Hugo and also Amicia have actually expanded given that the first video game in 2019. As well as the gameplay will still be aligned with Stealth Hugo and also Amicia are both somewhat older than in a plague Tale Virtue.

In general, the game looks dramatically far better than the initial with huge aesthetic upgrades and raised reproduction of Amicia and Hugo as well as the settings that they discover.

The game has polished animations for the more action-oriented battles and also stealth kills, however ASOBO said in Tribeca Display that the game still relies on the requirement for survival. This activity will offer the narrative core of Amicia, its connection with the violence that she had to withstand, and her partnership with the globe around her.

When the game gets to the Game Pass, with any luck we ought to see even more of the game at the Xbox as well as Bethesda Gamings Showcase on Sunday. Perhaps we will certainly even obtain a publication day from A Plague Tale Requiem. Currently you can enjoy the area from the Tribeca Gamings Display:

This showcase by a Plague Tale Requiem is just one of several that originated from the Tribeca Games Showcase-and this is not the only program situation that takes place this summertime. You can see our timetable for the Summertime Game Fest 2022 if you want to keep an eye on whatever. We additionally have a listing of the very best PS5 survival games and the finest Xbox Collection X survival video games if this has actually sparked your creativity.

505 Games will hold an exhibition of its games after 4 days

The Italian publishing house 505 Games announced the intention to hold a spring exhibition of its games a few days later. The exact date of the conduct is May 17, and the time is 16:00 (Moscow time). The publishing house promises that we are waiting for some extremely interesting announcements, and you can see the future show on YouTube.

The Almighty 505 Games PS2 Complete Collection Sub Set

Recall that 505 Games is preparing for us BloodStained: Ritual of the Night 2, Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes, Ghostrunner 2, Serial Cleaners, Stray Blade and several other projects, and therefore there is a chance that we will be told about this exhibition.

The latest game of the 505 Games at the moment is the Eiyuden Chronicle: Riding on May 10.

How to get gold in Hearthstone

It is not difficult to get gold in Hearthstone, and the game offers two true ways to get gold: arena and daily quests. Although daily quests bring some gold at the end, the arena provides good return on investment.

The entrance to the arena costs 150 gold, which return after winning seven games. In the arena you get chests with awards after defeat in three games, victory in twelve games or leaving the arena. There can be a lot of gold in the chests, so you can quickly make money. The more games you win, the more money you will earn on award chests.

In fact, you cannot farm in Hearthstone so much as to get rich only due to gold, but this is a good system that allows you to get a little gold. It would immediately occur to many players to abuse award chests after three losses, but any abuse will lead to a ban. If you use a carcript to obtain award chests in the arena, you violate the conditions of use.

How To Get More Gold In Hearthstone!
A similar problem was two years ago when you received gold, when you won three games in the game mode of Hearthstone, but it was easy to farm. Players will use a carcript to easily go through games, because it is not difficult to win in Playmode.

Do you want to know more about Hearthstone? Check will Hearthstone be exclusive for Xbox? Or the fastest way to fill out friends of friends in Hearthstone BattleGrounds here in the game manuals for professionals.

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