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Genshin Impact: How to start and complete or archon, have I done well?

Here is How to start and complete the arc, I have done it well? World Mission in Genshin Impact .

The World Missions of Genshin Impact often appear randomly and offer good rewards for following their search lines. However, some of them may even find. If you have problems with this, we can help you.

Genshin Impact ‘Oh Arcon, have I done well?’ Missions Guide

How to get the world mission

This world mission is complicated because it will only be available after completing these two commissions of the Inazuma adventurer guild in specific ways:

  • Oh bow, listen to me!
  • Oh sanctuary, show your power once again!

Oh arcon, listen to me!

The first mission, oh arcon, listen to me! Shouta gives it to you in the Sanctuary of Inazuma west of the reference point of the teleporter.

When you get the mission, you must ask Yayoi Nanatsuki to teach him how to make a lacquer for an offering to the sanctuary.

When Nanatsuki rejects because the manufacture of the lacquer will take longer than the night, be sure to choose the Tricolor Dango option. Then, wait one day and interact with the brilliant point that appears next to the sanctuary.

Oh sanctuary, show your power once again!

Oh sanctuary, show your power once again! Choose a place and the supply of food. Then, you must get the commission again and choose the other location with the food option once more.

The commissions occur in a random way every day, so you will have to be lucky. However, since these are Inazuma commissions, you can open your manual and change the configuration of commissions in the upper right corner so that only Inazuma commissions are offered.

This will increase your chances of getting those you need.

After completing the tasks listed above, O Arconte, have I done well? It should appear as a world mission when you approach Shouta in that same sanctuary of the previous commissions in the city of Inazuma.

How to complete ‘Oh Arcon, have I done well?’ In Genshin Impact

The search for the world itself is simple. Talk to Shouta, then go to the sanctuary that is located on the outskirts of the city. It should be marked for you. Defeat the Treasure Hardeders there in an easy fight.

The rest of the mission simply implies talking with different characters to help Shouta with his situation. Ask Kouichi’s opinions and Yayoi Nanatsuki, then the search for the world will end with Shouta fleeing.

Completing the mission will increase your reputation in Inazuma.

That is all you need to know about How to start and complete the arc, I have done well? World Mission in Genshin Impact . Be sure to take a look at our wiki guide to find more tips, tricks and other information about the game.

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Unchallented Multiplayer Rules GENSHIN IMPACT

Genshin Impact : How to Unlock Play Co-op Mode in Genshin Impact
Genshin Impact is an excellent game in which you can play with friends, especially when you collect materials for the boss. Most joint sessions consist of four players, but it can disappoint a little, since communication is not so much. If you play online, that is, some unwashed rules that should be remembered.

Necklace Rules of Multiplayer Game Genshin Impact

Here are some things you need to keep in mind, playing a multiplayer game:

  • Check the items that best work in the domain before fixing your character.
  • Try not to get into the team from all the characters DPS.
  • Do not choose Xiao or Hu Tao if you do not have a prepared NRE or healer.
  • When using characters anemo, do not delay the enemies from other players.
  • Zhongli does not protect the entire group, unless it uses his explosion and is not on C2.
  • Do not use low-level characters or characters without level talents.
  • Do not delay the party, fighting with another player for who will play a certain character.
  • Remember that some characters simply do not work together – do not take Chongun to the Geo team.

As a rule, you just need to remember the boss with whom you fight, and what your character’s abilities are doing. Chongün as well as C6 Bennet For example, change the types of elementals in the group attacks when they use their explosion.

In addition, if you need shield Best to take with me such a character, as albedo , which can easily provide shields for the entire team. Watch out what other players do, and communicate in the chat, if you have doubts about the group composition.

To learn more about GENSHIN IMPACT, read the section “How to add new areas in custom domains – the Genshin Impact Divine Ingenuity event” in the game manuals!

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