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Valorant – VCT Masters 1 Reykjavik: calendar, equipment, results and all the information of the tournament

After the end of all the top of its first competitive season, the professional circuit of valorant returns to the load with the first great tournament of 2022. After several months of regional competitions in which it was determined which equipment would be classified, VCT Masters returns to the one that has become one of the Fetish cities for Riot Games. Reykjavik Return to the professional elite of the tactical shooter with the celebration of the first tournament scored for the next world. A great title by which twelve teams from all over the planet will fight between the next 10 and 24th of April.

Next, you can find all the details about the competition: from the participating teams and the results of each match to the retransmission platforms in which you can enjoy the tournament. In case seeing the best in the world was not enough, you have to know that there is again Spanish representation thanks to Mixwell and Latin American with KRÜ ESPORTS .

VCT Masters 1 is gonna be the closest tournament of the year...

All teams ranked Al Valorant Masters 1 of Reykjavik

The tournament arrives with a somewhat changed format with respect to the last large of Valorant, so The twelve classified teams are divided into two large strata . On the one hand we have the privileged sets, which come to the tournament after having finished in the first position of their regions and the group stage will be skipped, while on the other there are the rest of the equipment.

Equipment classified to the group stage

Equipment classified to eliminations

Reykjavik VCT Masters 1 Format and Awards

The competitive of Valorant premieres an unprecedented format ** with a phase of express groups that he wants to avoid at all costs too determined matches or the intrascendent clashes. Riot Games wants more show than in the past masters, although the division of phases of the tournament is very similar to the usual, with group phase and qualifiers.

Group stage

The eight teams classified to the group phase are divided into two leaflets with four computers each that are disputed in GSL format . With this system, two initial clashes are determined, subsequently passing to face the sets of the same group that have an identical record of victories and defeats. The teams that obtain two games will be classified into the group stage in a maximum of three clashes. All encounters are disputed for the best of three.

Phase of Eliminatory

The four classifieds of the groups are joined to the other four teams that advanced directly to the playoff phase to play a picture that begins in the quarterfinals and has double elimination (two opportunities). In it, all the parties are disputed to the best of three, except for the final of the chart of losers and the great ending, in which a maximum of five maps will be played.


The teams compete for two different prizes. First, we have the classic economic retribution, whose value has not yet been announced. In addition, there are also at stake qualifying points for the World Cup .

* FUNPLUS Phoenix You have not been able to go to the tournament due to the restrictions on travel, so you have been assigned the points and the minimum cash prize that you would have obtained in case of participating.

Schedules and VCT Masters Calendar

So far, only the following dates have been:

  • Group phase : Between April 10 and 13. The parties begin from 5:00 p.m. (days 10 and 12) or 19:00 (days 11 and 13)

The next matches corresponding to the VCT Masters 1 of Reykjavik are the following:

How to see the VCT Masters

As usual, we can enjoy the retransmissions in both the official channel of Riot Games in which we will have a broadcast in English as in the traditional Streaming of LVP.

Additionally, we will have two channels with the right to perform ‘costreaming’.

  • Thegrefg.
  • Ibai.

WhatsApp plans important change when deleting messages

WhatsApp can be deleted messages in the chat. But Meta plans a change.

How to Delete WhatsApp Messages for Everyone after a Long Time - Up to One Week Old
Dortmund – For most people, WhatsApp is hardly indispensable from everyday life. There are more than two billion users worldwide. The Facebook Group Meta, which also belongs to WhatsApp , regularly adjusts the messenger with new updates . However, a change ensures attention, as * reports.

WhatsApp update: Messenger raises timeout for useful function

With all the news, different chats and groups you can already get confused. Not infrequently it happens that a message to the wrong person device, contains an embarrassing typo or you still consider after the sending that the content is not so suitable.

The Messenger had the solution: Simply delete the message. If you pressed on the small trashcan symbol, the remark disappears from the chat window. Although the chat partner or the chat partner sees that the message was deleted, the content is no longer read. The message can be deleted for all or only for yourself.

For this useful WhatsApp function * it should now give a new time limit. This reported the independent portal in early February, which informs about news of the popular messenger. So far, the limit was only a few minutes. Now it should be raised loud for two days and twelve hours (more digital news at group chats).

WhatsApp change: Deleting messages also possible in group chats

But that’s not all: With the new WhatsApp update * will also be possible to delete all sorts of messages in group chats in the future, as wrote on your own blog. The shipping date of the chat message should not play any more.

But beware: Not all deleted messages are immediately g1. For some devices, the WhatsApp messages can be made visible with a trick *.

Recently, the Meta Group made for a sensation. Mark Zuckerberg, chairman of the company, considered to disable Facebook and Instagram in the entire EU *. The Group explained in his annual report to the US Stock Exchange Supervisory Authority. Background are the strict data protection rules in the EU. Other WhatsApp news * Around the Messenger can be found on our topic page. (KAS) * ist Wiegroup chats Part of the editorial network

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