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Tower of Fantasy received a new plot trailer

In anticipation of the release of the game Tower of Fantasy, Level Infinite has released a new trailer that demonstrates some story elements.


The trailer hints at the inevitable disaster, which will have to face the character of the game and overcome it. The video shows a fair-haired girl Sally, who appears in almost every advertising material of the game, which asks Zika to shoot her, and blood flows down her face.

Tower of Fantasy is a MMORPG from Hotta and Level Infinite, the output of which is planned at the end of this year. Preliminary registration is already open, and players are waiting for many awards that can be obtained when the release of the game will take place.

LEGO STAR WARS: The Skywalker Saga The Copa level guide

There are six Kyber bricks to unlock at each level of Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga. One by completing the level, three by filling the bolt indicator until you reach True Jedi, one for collecting all miniKits and one by completing the three level challenges. In this guide, we will show you how to get all minikits and challenges, as well as we will also describe which characters unlock when completing the the Copa-Khetanna level in episode VI.

Locations of Copa-Khetanna minikits: Lego Star Wars: Saga Skywalker

By collecting the 5 minikits at the Copa-Khetanna level, you will unlock the A-Wing Rebel (micro).

Minikit Cup-Khetanna # 1

Hit the four surveillance droids using the bowl of the bow (the front of the ship).

Minikit Cup-Khetanna # 2

Once you can get to the back of the ship after fighting against Boba Fett, she uses a hunter to destroy the two golden boxes there. Use the parts to add to the giant cannon and then spon out and strip the lever, a minikit will trigger towards the ship’s cover.

Minikit Cup-Khetanna # 3

At the back of the ship where R2 is, destroys the sand castles and everything else around the large square on the floor to build a slot for a Gonk droid. Return to the area where it began and fired the target on the mast, which will give you the Droid Gonk you need. On the way back, you must use a Jedi or Sith to stack the boxes to mount the GONK to return to the highest area since you can not use the hook to get up (or if you have an unlocked Gonk character, that’s easier ). Even easier, of course, it is forcing the lifting of the droid.

Minikit Cup-Khetanna # 4

Where the broken railing is on the back of the boat, grabs down and then run through the edge and you will find a minikit.

Minikit Cup-Khetanna # 5

There is a grip bar on the mast, have a character grip it and then send another to where the floor has fallen and you will find a minikit.

Lego Star Wars: Saga Skywalker Copa-Khetanna level challenges

  • Boba Fett? Without sweating! – Destroy one of the rockets of Boba Fett while she is still in the air. The easiest way to do it is with one of the ship’s cannons, instead of using a light saber or a blaster.

  • Do you like that? – Hats Boba Fett with a diverted beam. Basically, use a Jedi or Sith and let them stay with their light saber until it hit Boba Fett, which should not take a long time.

  • Shot with Effect – Hit Boba Fett with a light saber thrown while in the air. In the second phase of the fight, hold the launch button until it is fixed on Boba Fett and let it fly.

The Copa-Khetanna 100% Walkthrough LEGO The Skywalker Saga

Lego Star Wars: Saga Skywalker Copa-Khetanna character is unlocked

By completing the Copa-Khetan level for the first time, you will unlock the following characters:

  • Leia (Jabba Palace)
  • Han Solo (Carbonita Shirt)
  • Jabba El Hutt

To continue the story until the next level, you will also unlock

  • Imperial lambda class shuttle

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Arceus Tips – How To Suspended Tornadus, Thundurus, Landorus and Enamorus

The natural resorts are all in Pokemon Legends: Arceus present, but do not worry – they can all be trapped, provided they have a team that cares about their weaknesses. Starting with Tornadus, you first have to accept the request “incarnated armed forces of Hisui”. Go to the Galaxy Hall in Jubilife Village and after the intermediate sequence you will receive the request of Cogita.

How to Get Enamorus & Other 3 Forces of Nature in Pokemon Legends Arceus
Go to a blizzard to the Alabaster Islands and look around in the Bonechill Wasteland. If there is no snowstorm, you just rest, until one appears.

As soon as it sees it, it starts to skidize hurl barrels, so they start to dodge. Throw items like Sticky Glob, Spoiled Acorn, Snowball and so on to eliminate his barrier, and throw either a pokeball to catch him or fight him. Tornadus is Level 70 and has the skills of extrasory, crunch, hurricane and Bleeakwind Storm. Since it is a flying type, it is weak towards Rock, Electric and ICE Pokémon.

How to catch Thundurus

If you continue with the request “incarnated armed forces of Hisui”, you can find Thundurus in the cobalt coastal land. First, make sure that a thunderstorm is in progress, and then look around in the area between Sand’s Reach and Lurker’s Lair. As soon as the player is discovered, he begins to summon thunderstorms. When you are on a basecule region, jump over or accelerate it and start to throw the same items used on tornadus. You only need a hit to go down to his barrier – follow it either with a pokeball or by fighting them.

Thundurus is Level 70 and has the skills of extrasory, Crunch, Thunder and Wildbolt Storm. The electrical / flying type includes stone and ice attacks to its weaknesses.

How to catch Demeteros

Your next stop for the request “incarnated armed forces of Hisui” leads you to the island of Ramanas, which lies south in the obsidian fieldlands. Landorus resides here and how you probably guessed with the attack. Avoid his vortex storms and throw objects to eliminate his barrier (which requires at least three hits). Start struggling to catch it.

Landorus is Level 70 and has exactly like his companions, extrasory and crunch. His other skills include Earth Power and Sandsear Storm. As a floor / flight type, it is weak against water and ice attacks.

How to catch enamorus

The last Pokémon of the “Incarnate Forces of Hisui” request and the fourth member of the Forces of Nature is Enamorus. After trapping Tornadus, Thundurus and Landorus, talk to Cogita that will inform you about enamorus. Travel to Crimson Mireland and examine the scarlet moor. After discovering you, she attacks and flees – to be hit by a tornado, will confuse you and reverse the control, so be careful.

Throw objects and hit them four times to break your barrier. As soon as this is done, throw a pokeball to catch her or start the fight. Enamorus is Level 70 and together with extrasory and crunch the skills Moonblast and Springtide Storm. As a flying / fairy type, enamorus is weak compared to a variety of different types such as poison, stone, steel, electric and ice.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus is currently available for Nintendo Switch. Further details can be found here in our review.

Lost Ark: Bard – Level Tips on Support

The Bard or the Bardin , since the classes in Lost Ark are currently almost all “gender locked”, one of the supporters classes in the Action MMO and very popular in end-game content such as RAIDS. She grows a little slower than pure damage classes, but is in the hands of an experienced player but flying. While their enormous surface loss capabilities are equal to other classes, it lacks high individual goal damage. She has problems to kill Bosse Solo quickly, unless you maximize the skill tonTechnik.

Bard have a “serenadermeter” as a display for their identity capabilities , which is in the form of three bars in the middle of your action bar. The bars invite themselves when their skills are used and opponents meet. As soon as the first bar is full, you can then play one of two songs: the _ serenade of courage _ for a strong attack power buff (solo or in the group) or the _ serenade of redemption _ for a strong area healing. The magic duration depends on the number of filled beams.

Table of Contents

  1. 1 advantages and disadvantages of the Bard
  2. 2 equipment
  3. 3 distribution of skilled dots
    1. 3.1 factories from Level 50 and Awakening Quest
  4. 4Gameplay

Advantages and disadvantages of the Bard

  • beginner-friendly
  • High self-protection
  • welcome in groups

  • No mobility capabilities

  • Depending on the group
  • requires high situational awareness


Pay attention during levels to always equip the equipment with the highest item level, where krit, spezialize and flinke are prioritized for more damage and spelling speed. Furthermore, you focus on the main story quests, as they provide most of the experience and rewards. The (yellow) side quests makes it only when you lie in the area of ​​the main quest and can be done quickly.

Distribution of skilled dots

LOST ARK: The Bard Skills on Level 50 Source: SmileGate / A core element of each Lost Ark builds are the so-called Tripods . Almost any non-awakening capability (more below) has a unique upgrade system called Tripods, with which player can unlock powerful bonuses for their skills that range from statistical improvements to basic optimizations of the performance of skill in combat.

Each skill has DREI TRIPOD stages, which are activated by investing skills in a certain skill. The skill points you will receive by increasing the level of your character in Lost Ark (now buying 19.99 €) and consumed skill potions – rare endgame items that can be found in the tower, adventure books and more. The three Tripod stages are unlocked at Skilllevel 4, 7 and 10.
It costs more skill points to improve a capability if you increase their rank. Therefore, you will not have enough points to unlock three levels of Tripods for all your skills, so they prioritize accordingly. You can instill your Tripods at any time. The character levels are listed for the preservation of the most important skill tripods. You can spend the remaining points in the meantime for secondary skills of your choice. But it ensures that you return these points if necessary and then assign the main capabilities. The fighting menu menu calls you to the K button.

Level Skill Points purpose

Bard Support Build - Lost Ark
12 | Dissonance and stigma | 4 | Increasing the damage caused
15 | Dissonance | 20 | Reinforcement of the damage against normal mobs
20 | Dissonance | 48 (removes all points of Stigma) | Kill big opponents faster
25 | Stigma | 20 | Activation of the debuff ‘brilliant stigma’
| Sound Technology | 4 | Increase in individual goal damage
30 | Sound Technology | 48 points (away 16 points from Stigma) | Increase damage
34 | Stigma | Add 20 points again | Activation of the debuff ‘brilliant stigma’
| Sound shock | 4 | More damage

| Heavenly scale | 4 | Buff of attack speed
39 | Stigma | 48 | Activation of ‘pain character’ and increasing the damage caused
45 | Sound shock | 48 | Fire craft twice and double the damage

Skills from Level 50 and Awakening Quest

As soon as your level 50 orders, you get the opportunity to unlock two more “ultimate” skills, the so-called awakening skills (Awakening skills). For the first awakening skill, you must first play the main story quest to Vern (city). Here Beatrice tells you that you should visit you in Trixion. As soon as you receive this message, you will open up your notebooks / songs (F2 key). Play the Lied of Trixion and it will tell you exactly where your Beatrice can meet. If you have found you, you will send you to the awakening quest. After completing the tasks, Beatrice will give you the normal skill _ Guardian song _ and the awakening skill _ Symphony _. To do this you have to open your mailbox and consume the items contained therein to completely unlock these skills.

Finally, you maximize the skill _ prelude to death _ to increase the kill speed with bolt groups. The fully developed skills on Character Level 50 see her above in the picture.


LOST ARK: Bardin – Gameplay Source: skill When killing trashmobs, you are mainly limited by the cooldown of your skills. Therefore, previously group your opponents before their area damage skills begins.

Against bosses, most of your damage arises in that you meet with a well placed _ sound technology _. This ability is an ambush attack, which means that it gives 10% more damage and critical hit chance if you hit an opponent from behind. Therefore, if possible, until you can avoid a boss attack, and then looks at sound technology from behind while the opponent is still in its recovery animation. Since missing with sound technology is a significant DPS loss, but you should definitely prefer to make the boss at all, rather than trying to get a perfect write-down attack.

In the game, combat articles such as grenades and bombs can help strengthen the urgently needed individual goal damage to bosses. They are also useful in the final as they scale with the character level. Uses flame grenades for damage, whirlwind grenades or sound granates to make bosses for staggering, and destruction bombs for struggles that require this. — (Source).

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