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What is the acquisition of MS, Activision Blizzard?

2022, nine months later. The biggest news in the global game industry is by far the Microsoft (Microsoft (MS) Activision Blizzard. Sony and Nintendo, along with Microsoft, in the console market, will be able to create an unparalleled wave of synergies when Microsoft acquires active vision.

The trading size is also $ 68.7 billion. Today’s exchange rate reaches 93.5 trillion won. Next, the transaction was $ 12.7 billion used to take over Taku’s Gongga. It is roughly compared to how big the Walt Disney spent 71.3 billion won in the 21st-century Fox acquisition of various TV production businesses such as Simpsons and X-Men and the acquisition of the 21st Century Fox.

However, even at the time, the world’s fourth largest company acquired the seventh largest company, of course, led to semi-dermal problems. And for Microsoft’s concern, the results of the British Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) on the 1st of the local perspective.

Concerns about the acquisition of the British Competition Market Office, why?

The British government posted the CMA’s opinion on Microsoft’s acquisition transactions on the official website on the 1st. The brightness of CMA was concerned about the damage to market competition. In other words, it has officially revealed negative views in Microsoft.

The problem with the CMA was not just a franchise pipeline based on sales synergy or solid IP. The most concerned is the synergy that Microsoft has the strength of the market with Activision Blizzard.

More than in detail, Microsoft has the world’s best console called Xbox, a cloud platform with a market influence called Azure, and a PC operating system Windows, which is the basis for the success of the cloud game.

The acquisition can be seen as a combination of Microsoft’s game department, Microsoft Gaming and Activision Blizzard, but CMA decided to consider the infrastructure of Microsoft.

It doesn’t just end up expressing concerns. The CMA requested Microsoft and Activision Blizzard to submit a document on solving the concerns within 5 business days. If that doesn’t happen, it will be referred to the second phase of investigation. Yes. The survey was a relatively less professional panel, which was the first stage investigation.

CMA’s senior director Solka O Carol said, We are concerned that Microsoft can damage rivals such as game subscription services and cloud games based on popular games such as Call of Duty and World of Warcraft. I said.

In the second phase, he also said he would appoint an independent and professional panel to examine in-depth problems.

Subscribe service and cloud point that you want to hide

Microsoft has been pointed out in the cMA’s survey. The company’s influence and cloud service.

As mentioned earlier, this deal was obvious that antitrust competition would be raised. Activision’s answer was the company’s size_ in game. Since the announcement of the acquisition in January, Microsoft has shared the reasons and visions of the transaction and also mentioned noticeable numbers.

That’s the number 3. In other words, Microsoft emphasized that no matter how much the company is in the top 10 video game sales, it is in third place after Tencent and Sony. Of course, this ranking is different for the changing sales records that change every moment, but once Microsoft acquires Activision, it is not the No. 1 market in the market.

This was one of the main evidence that Microsoft proved that there was no problem with antitrust problems.

However, in January, when the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) or the EU Executive Committee was conducted by the EU Executive Committee’s antitrust law investigation, it was not just the sales volume after the merger.

In order to prevent the FTC and the EU Commission from being called the big tech, the view of the company’s strengths in a specific field with strengths and a specific system has been strengthened. In fact, the company’s $ 40 billion acquisition of ARM, which expects to expand its influence in the mobile chip design, ended the acquisition transaction at the end of February this year at the movement of the regulatory authorities.

Concerns over the acquisition of the UK CMA also came from market competition in game subscription services and cloud game services.

MS, I try to prove no problem with openness instead of sales

MS Gaming CEO Phil Spencer issued a statement immediately after the announcement and shared directly on the view of Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard. In addition, the claim for sound market competition has been played with openness and scalability instead of sales.

Phil Spencer expands the game area through a mobile platform through a game pass, and players argue that they will play their favorite games cheaper and develop more players to more players.

In addition, he emphasized the openness of the game with high market influence, such as Call of Duty, to be able to enjoy the play station on the day of launch. And as an example of this openness, I took a Minecraft, which was released on more platforms after the acquisition of the head. Minecraft has expanded its scope to various models such as PS Vita, Wii U, Nintendo Switch, Gear VR, and Apple TV.

Microsoft also said that it emphasizes the spirit of transparency and openness and does its best to foster industry.

As I explained for a while, the regulatory authorities’ movements for more meticulous antitrust violations were predicted, so I pulled out the next card that was prepared from Microsoft. With the goal of representing the interests of the industry and player, not just a trading for market monopoly.

At the same time, Microsoft expressed aggressive opinions through the Brazilian National Competitive Regulatory (COUNCIL for Economic Defense, CADE).

CADE listened to major game companies and publishers during the investigation period of the semi-dermal point of Microsoft’s acquisition. Many publishers about Call of Duty, a strong shooter with a strong influence on the market, have expressed their position that competition is natural. In fact, companies that service or develop competitive shooter games have a view that if the call of duty falls into the Xbox exclusive, there is no reason to interfere with the acquisition due to the benefits of the PS console.

Sony, on the other hand, is a company with a lot of profits from the store payment of Call of Duty, the main title. Microsoft says Sony’s Call of Duty, which has this difference, will not be exclusive. In addition, Sony also provided subscription services such as the game pass and had the opportunity to expand, and that the expansion of the service did not harm sound market competition.

MS-Activision Blizzard, next is your next time

Microsoft, along with the United States, was under investigation by the EU, which has a high market charges and influence. In particular, the FTC, which showed tight regulatory movements, did not submit any opinions, exceeded a large mountain, and the possibility of acquisition seemed to increase.

But with the announcement of this opinion, Microsoft had to cross another mountain. Even if the US FTC is approved, it is likely that the ruling will be applied worldwide unless the EU and CMA are not approved for inadequate transactions.

Microsoft, however, has been approved by Activision Blizzard shareholders for the acquisition and signed a labor neutral agreement to promise to provide workers and union selection authority. For gamers, you can see that the two companies are walking early in the scene where Microsoft released Diablo 4 and Overwatch 2 in the Xbox & Bethesda showcase.


There are many arguments that the Activision Blizzard is an independent company to bypass the antitrust violation, but it is a deal that is impossible for the current movement.

If major regulators continue the problem to the second investigation stage, the process may continue until 2023. The power of the franchise or the monopoly in the cloud service, the Call of Duty, goes to the main topic, but in the end, it is maintained that consumers are not damaged in the competitive market. And if you prove it, Microsoft will be able to continue this deal.

Reasons why realistic Senior developers are attracted to Market Curly

In fact, developers ‘it seems’ I have a tendency to want to do things. In addition to Ito artists such emotion that I want to give value to someone else. The problem to be solved bogey go to many important… When I continued to see the market outside Curley I wanted to do is possible, but the idea was changed to meet Kim Beulah representatives realistic design am I decided to challenge dream aim to be ‘better technologies to change the world’ representative Kim said.

Best Market Development ryuhyeonggyu Curley Sign operating officer (CTO) is a senior developer with a long development history. He developed an artificial intelligence service 1 mm with yunsongyi time, SK Telecom Managing Director (current NC soft CEO) from SK Telecom, was responsible for the music service business 24hz / developed by NC soft. He followed the SK Planet’s new business / O2O platform group lead, took the Shingle E-Mart future service planning. Since 2017, he spearheaded the cacao and technology strategy, and a coordinator to coordinate the efficient use of cacao cloud transition and development resources. Market Curley has made joining the autumn of last year.

■ Growth is not a good company overvalued? Although it attracted to representative Kim Beulah Vision

The decisive instrument development and CTO BYU accumulated experience throughout a product manager at a large company with a turnover in a relatively small market Curley is because Kim Beulah representative. Usually CTO BYU looked at the market Curley mingled with somewhat questionable view that What sustainability. Growth is good, but enough to recognize that the company overvalued in the market. But his thoughts after I met Kim without many expectations have changed 180 degrees.

Meet Kim Beulah representative stand that while I’ve heard this idea seems that the pursuit of intellectual vanity. The world who dig the good stuff, I wanted to be that it is fresh and ships sounded interesting background of the establishment Kim. It downed a difficult area to look into the market Curley is to deal with the logistics and shipping. Solving areas are looked much fun to do. The idea that everyone can be happy agenda must resolve to be labor-intensive to technology, I heard.


■ I only have the vision of the market to work to increase self-worth.

Curly attracted to the market than expected current CTO saw the working conditions of the following companies. He was contemplating ways to attract talent to work with, because development can not do it al1. And he knew well before, had persuaded the senior developers better go for another job. They, his former colleagues at first did not believe in the vision and direction of the current market Curley says the CTO. But all gathered together Deon suggesting means to meet Kim Beulah representatives. It will (?) Who was persuaded by CTO BYU and Kim.

Development of human resources who was last year was 100 people are wont to about 200 people. Mainly it came bringing a lot of senior developers from the big tech companies. That’s because the company and I are complex and difficult issues they thought that followed, the back of the development department should be strong. I’m pulling the goal of developers around 200 people this year. Until last year, but hiring junior developers are subordinated to this year, 6: 3 junior developers intend to actively recruit enough : 4 or 7.

Ryuhyeonggyu CTO stressed the importance of membership growth. Although raised a lot of information and communication technology (ICT) column to the developers adopted competitive companies and presents a high salary, the developers aimed to grow steadily have their own vision, and companies chemistry which recognizes the value paradox that it is important did.

Do not bound yourself to the younger days of the company, do not be as valuable to the company I told myself to work to increase the value of having a vision for yourself only on the market. To haejwoya company recognized the value of the developers tried to do so.

■ Prediction orders advanced technology products… Ingredients filter feature introduced this year targets

CTO BYU that the role of the organization firmly, yet flexible organization development company plans to From apps to users to use, more advanced technology that helps the efficiency of logistics and shipping stages. Today, what kind of product, order forecasting, the most significant and critical technologies in the marketplace by Curley to predict whether seonbalju a few sales, plans to continue optimizing the prediction orders technologies yet to match the demand adequately reduce waste. Also, it plans to reduce unnecessary copper also advanced optimization algorithms to help more things done in the warehouse.

Index predicted the ordering edge technology markets Curley, DeJoy company saw a loss due to the disposal nameumyeon item amount. Yes to customers to uncomfortable too conservative blossomed out of stock when preparing the product. Season, weather, there is a predictive order optimization taking into account customer orientation, and try to solve the homework still far. Logistics, shipping even optimizer’ll need the same problem even more data and technology to solve significant because how do you handle large quantities as quickly packing is used within the specified time.

Ryuhyeonggyu CTO is giving more emphasis on personalized recommendation feature of the market Curley. The products are sold offline, but many can not see, wihaeseoda to the advanced features that the product can be better detected and recommended that the number will need to be exposed to the user as part app screen than it is now.

Market Curly There’s gotta open the component information of all products. There is data that describes the characteristics of the product, it’s getting better and better personalize recommendations. Users this year to introduce the component-specific filter function, such as a vegan can carefully to find the desired item, and each one will allow you to others.

■ interesting homework than your well-being and good colleagues are many companies to be solved.

Finally, the current CTO Having said that developers feel the factors highlighted interesting because there are so many problems to solve, the new market Curley. Also, lots of many senior developers a variety of experiences, adding Having the opportunity to learn can be open and share the developments of each other. Furthermore, there are good welfare and good company that can compete, pointed to the strengths of the viscosity Market Curly dwaetdaneun designated as military service business.

There are not competing with others in the appeal by creating a new ecosystem. Its know-how would we do things remain on the market. New issues to be solved are so many, the opportunity to learn about the opportunities for mutual growth, problem-solving know-how for many companies. From newbies as reasonable salaries, better equipped colleagues see that 5 to 10 years for developers to grow more in particular. I would like to benefit from the technology yirwojyeo to create balanced with the result that everyone can be happy in the, so someone helped raise the market value of Curly in the company proud.

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