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Thegrefg presents Ringcraft, the new Streamers series bMinecrafted on the Lord of the Rings

We have a new streamers series in Minecraft. And beware because the cocktail ingredients cannot be more curious. Thegrefg in the production work and The Lord of the Rings Minecraft setting. It will be calledRingcraf and start on Friday September 2, 2022 . It is described Minecraft a rivals Twitch *, so its duration should not be extended too much in time and could cover that weekend from September 2 to 4.

The date is not a coincidence, much less. Precisely On September 2 the power rings will be releMinecrafted on Amazon Prime Video and the promotional relationship with Thegrefg’s project seems sung. This is the new and a long-awaited series about the Lord of the Rings and the Universe of Tolkien (which, by the way, hMinecraft just releMinecrafted a new trailer). But Minecraft if that were not enough, that date is also the one chosen for The return of Middle Earth to video games by The Lord of the Rings: Gollum , new game starring Sméagol.

Thegrefg Minecraftsures that the teMinecrafter on these lines is just that, a brief teMinecrafter who wanted Participants, teams, duration and final award ** over the next few weeks.

Ringcraft will arrive after the phenomenon of the Minecraft Squid Games of Rubius and Auron, replicated by the latter in the Minecraft Saw Games . It will also take the relay of the current Karmaland 5 of Willyrex and Vegetta (why hMinecraft Staxx abandoned after the first day?) And the imminent Tortilland 2 , again from Auron (already with premiere date ).

Thegrefg becomes the Spanish Big Four

This is the first great project of Thegrefg after pMinecraftsing the barrier of the 10 million followers on Twitch and entering part of the Spanish Big Four, made up of the other three names that had exceeded the figure: Auronplay, Rubis and Ibai.

Will Thegrefg achieve the success of these series?

Minecraft – Recovery Compass: This is the new object for novices that will make our life easier

A few hours ago Minecraft received a new version, 22w14a of calls Snapshots. On this occasion it has nothing to do with a new mob like the Allay or the biome the dark depths, but with a new object that is giving a lot to talk about in the Mojang Sandbox community. We are talking about the Recovery Compass .

It is a new type of really interesting compass for players who like to explore. It is not the first time in which Minecraft acquires as his own aspects of the mods, but this is the first occasion in which we can see on the map the death points of our character. Because yes, for that it is for what the recovery compass is worth.

An object for novices or people with little guidance

The object can be crafted with a normal compass and eight echo fragments , items also added in the last Snapshot. It has the particularity that if a player is not in the dimension in which he has died, or directly he has not died yet, the compass will turn crazy and will not stop turning. Of course, it is a much more useful version of the compass, since it only marked the player’s birthplace at the beginning of the game.

It is, therefore, of a really useful object, but not for those players with more hours in Minecraft. Despite this, it is really interesting for those who are discovering the game and that they do not remember well the last point of death… or directly that they have no spatial orientation to find it.

In addition to this compass, the Snapshot has the new mangrove swamp biome and the clay regeneration capacity is added. You can check all the settings on the Top Tit.

Minecraft Dungeons: Seasonal Adventure Luminous Night Lights Darkness in April

*NEW* LUMINOUS NIGHT Season Two | Minecraft Dungeons
For players of Minecraft Dungeons it will be in April Zappenduster. The new seasonal adventure Luminous Night will be released on April 20, 2022 and will start with a wealth of glowing features.

As the developers have revealed today, they explore the tower of the night in the dark and introduces you on new, fresh floors of mysterious murals and confusing puzzles.

Keeps on a fiery new enemy, which may cause the most experienced adventurers to burn the fingers among you.

Even in the new season, you may reward rewards. These let you look very stylish this time at night. These include skins, hangings, gestures and flairs that enlighten your your environment in bright colors.

With ministrosity and abomination, you even get two pets to the side, the fire and flame for you.

Furthermore, the new update also introduces the long-awaited storage rest, which brings more order in your inventory.

Here are two first pictures from Luminous Night:

Minecraft – Allay: This is how the new game mob that works like a Roombea

Last October, during the Minecraft Live 2021, Minecraft players were able to vote for one of the next MOBs that will appear on the Mojang Sandbox. After the victory of the Allay over the Glare and the copper Golem, this will be the next character in appearing in the title when I land version 1.19 of the title.

Ruining Minecraft Live's Allay Mob [Minecraft 1.19]

Allay just appeared at snapshot 22w13a and will soon arrive at Minecraft. As you will see, it is a tremendously interesting MOB and that it fulfills a very useful function for many players. Let’s go over.

What is the Allay and what does he do?

The Allay are a kind of quite friendly blue angels . They are not aggressive and appear in the advanced positions and the mansions of the giant tree biome. They are quite tiny and flying through the surroundings, being able to appear individually or in groups of three.

Its usefulness is quite revolutionary in Minecraft, as they make a function of “remote vacuum” . It is enough to give them an object any to collect all the objects of that kind that are around close thrown away. Of course, they can not be transported and will only follow a player if it is given an object to pick up.

It will return the objects to the ground if it is ranking a block of notes that has been used in the last 30 seconds. You can pick up a stack from an object specifically, but it is unable to remove objects from the chests or duplicate them.

Minecraft: Why not you with the new horror

Minecraft’s world mutates with the new guess to a true survival horror. In a video, a player meets the upcoming MOB and demonstrates impressive why the struggles with the monster will not become a sugar pocket in the future.

What’s the Minecraft Warden?

The upcoming horror monster, all feared under the name “Guard” (in English: Warden), will provide the new Deep Dark biom for more horror in the survival width of Minecraft. In beta versions it is already possible to run the monster about the way. So many players have not really experienced the Warden in action.

If you want to warm for your survival strip, may you ask you: What keeps the monster? How strong is it really?

On the first question, a player returns to Reddit now the answer. This has created an ideal situation to face the monster in a fight. Equipped with a lot of fireworks rackets, he demonstrates how to turn off the monster relatively easily . Look at the spectacle yourself:

Reddit speculates about the best tactics

The upcoming encounter with the guard seems to be a lot to deal with many minecraft players. After all, with the monster after years, a strong – and also creeper – adversaries in the game.

In the thread to the video, many note that this ideal situation , which has brought about the creator, can be poorly replicated in later survival mode. Because if the Warden spawnt, he suddenly does so, without great preparation.

In addition, some write that they one and a half stack firework bodies (which were incidentally over 100 missiles) do not feel just as a simple solution for a single monster in survival mode.

What contributors and users of Reddit agree: It is best to bring their as much distance as possible between the uncomfortable counterparty and yourself . A speed drank or a soul-runner enchantment on the shoes and ranged weapons seem to be a good approach.

Nevertheless, the many sinked missiles make it clear that the new monster can even plug in with ideal conditions. Added to this are the tremendous darkness and the eerie noise , which will make the encounters with the Warden still a corner of exciting.

Forget the Warden, this Minecraft 1.19 Feature is Everything...

Until the guards finally appears on the official servers, probably will take a few weeks in the country. Until then, there are certainly further successful strategies against the horror monster. Mojang himself has designed the monster as the strongest in the game, so that your confrontation with it avoids best.

_ With the guards, the creature pool is extended by Minecraft. But which creature is you actually based on your zodiac sign? Figure it out:_

Mojang rebates when he does great projects for the future

36 Minecraft Ideas Mojang Rejected

Moving reborn Moving Studios. They did it to better represent what they feel the best describe the company. While many might think that Moving is only a single studio responsible for giving new ideas, so dozens of studios scattered around the world that contributed to some of the most famous works of society. The new name Moving Studios is supposed to evoke the image of several small teams working all on several projects.

Are you also interested in topics related to Mojang Studios Games?

In the current state of things, the number one priority of Moving is obviously Minecraft. There are updates and almost infinite details that can be added to a game like this, and it does not seem that Moving is interesting to stop soon. Minecraft is one of the most popular games of all time. Although he has more than 10 years, he is still relevant.

That being said, it does not mean that there is no more things to come in the future. Moving said having a movie on the way and a live event. The details surrounding these two topics are at best minimal, but we know they are on the way. We can also expect to see more games later.

Although the original brain of Minecraft has been disappeared for a long time, the company is still booming. It is not uncommon for large developers to embark on new aspects of the industry. Just like Valve, EA and Ubisoft, we may one day see the Moving studios reach the same level of influence. We know they have the money to do it. Although changing the name of your business is not upsetting, the opportunity to open new horizons, certainly.

Java and Bedrock editions of Minecraft head for the Xbox Gamepass

CyanogenMod est un système d exploitation de remplacement sur plus de 70 smartphones et tablettes, construit sur Android. Il offre des fonctionnalités et des options indisponibles sur les versions d’Android distribuées par les vendeurs sur leurs appareils.
Le 24 décembre 2016, il est annoncé que CyanogenMod ne serait plus développé, par suite de l arrêt des services de Cyanogen Inc., l entreprise qui portait le projet jusqu alors. CyanogenMod n existe plus, mais il est « forké » sous le nom de LineageOS, qui en reprend les grandes lignes. Le 1er janvier 2017, tous les services Cyanogen sont arrêtés.

The Xbox Game Pass is a subscription service that allows players to access tons of popular and independent games on Xbox, Cloud and PC. It is clear that the initiative is important for Microsoft, because recently, Back 4 Blood extensions, Destiny and more have been added to the service. These are recently released video games and high quality. Fans also noted their appreciation for service. It has been announced that Minecraft: Java Version and Minecraft: Bedrock Version will be available in November.

In a cheeky trailer, via the official Twitter of Minecraft, it was announced that both versions would arrive on the Xbox Game Pass for PC. Therefore, the Bundle PC Minecraft gives players access to both editions. This is the first time these versions arrive on Xbox Game Pass for PC, as was the case on the console for a while.

In November, players will be able to access the original game in the Java edition and enjoy different features such as crossed game in the Bedrock edition. The crossed game between PCs, Linus and Mac OS as well as between Windows 10 and 11 is really convenient.

Minecraft is a sandbox video game with a rich history since its release in 2011. In other words, it has exploded since its launch and is now a pillar of the video game industry.

The Xbox Game Pass offers three different, Ultimate, PC and Console packages. The Ultimate Edition is a good deal for new subscribers at a price of 1 USD and $ 14.99 afterwards. Interested persons can consult packages here.

What do you think of Xbox Game Pass? Are you subscribed to the service? Are you impatient that Minecraft arrives on the platform? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter and Facebook.

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Minecraft Is Ultimately Coming To Game Hand Down PC With A New Package

Minecraft is just one of Microsoft s flagship titles, however strangely enough it is not readily available on Xbox Game Pass for PC. That s about to transform, as Mojang introduced at Minecraft Live today that Minecraft is headed to Game Pass on Computer on November 2 through an unique bundle that includes Minecraft s Bedrock and Java versions.

Not just is this the very first time Minecraft is pertaining to Game Hand down Computer (it s currently offered for Game Hand down console), but this is the first time the Bedrock and also Java editions are being bundled with each other in a solitary launcher. Bedrock supports cross-play on PC, console, and mobile, though the Java as well as Bedrock versions do not work together.

Mojang is making this adjustment partially to aid simplify the user experience. Come November 2, gamers can introduce Minecraft Bedrock as well as Java from the very same launcher. As component of this, players will certainly need to develop a Microsoft Account, which supplies much better security, Mojang stated.

The brand-new Minecraft computer package consisting of Bedrock and Java will certainly be available at retail, as well, while everyone who buys Bedrock likewise obtains Java, and also vice versa.

This was just among Mojang s statements at Minecraft Live today. The programmer additionally announced a huge new upgrade for Minecraft called Bush that is introducing in 2022. The workshop likewise disclosed Cliffs & Caves Part II is coming this year, in addition to a considerable update to Minecraft Dungeons that adds a new online service component called Seasonal Adventures.

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