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Neowiz Lap Fandom Platform Fab (FAB), new artist Nine Ai joins

LOONA To Become First Artists To Join Fandom Platform Fab
Neowiz Wrap (Representative Lee Ki Won) released a new artist in the fans’ fab (FAB) “to join the” Nine.I “of the First Won Entertainment (Representative) of the First Won Entertainment (Representative Lee Sang-min).

The fab is a message-based service that continues artists and fans, such as singers and actress, and is a fandom platform released in 175 countries around the world including Korea, Japan, USA, Taiwan and Brazil. Currently, Girl Group ‘Loona’ is participating.

The artist sends a message with photos, videos, and voice, etc., and you can share your daily life with your fans, and fans can reply to messages in a 1: 1 conversation format and communicate with artists.

The nine child (derivative, euron, Winnie, Minjun, half, Berry, Seongun, Taehoon, Majun, Ban, Berry, Seongun, Taehun, Majun, Ban, Berry, Seongun, Taehun, Majun, Ji), is a 10-member boy consisting of nine members of Korean members. The fab supports online marketing of Nine Ai, including homepage and MD production through AR (Augmented Reality) PhotoCard Platform ‘Topping’. Here, it is a policy that continues a variety of partnerships, including technical support to offline events such as showcase.

Neowiz wraps have been developing and securing new technologies such as virtual reality (VR) and AR, and will be based on this basis for the production of differentiated content through collaboration with entertainment companies.

Cacao Games, Mobile News Umamusume Pretty Derby Teaser Site Open

Cacao Games (Representative Jose) said that the Mobile Games (Representative Watanabe Koichi) has developed the Mobile Games ‘Umamusume Pretty Derby (“Umamusume’), opened and released new images.

The ‘Umamusume’, which is ahead of the release, is a sorting simulation game of a subcrete genre that is aimed at aiming to foster a string that is a motif of the race, and aims to win the race. Especially, last year, last February, he exceeded 1,300 million downloads, and it is a topic that is attracting great attention to domestic and global users, as well as Japan,

At this time, the teaser site, “Special Week”, “Special Week”, ‘Silan Suzuka’, “Tokai Tao”, to the key visual, which can feel the livelyness of an attractive character, and the curiosity of the users has been promoted to the introduction and slogan.

In addition, the Cacao Games official YouTube channel was first released a new teaser video. In the video, in the game ‘Trezen’ s, a ‘Uma Musume’, a ‘Trenic Academy’, a “Umamusume”, which is a unique atmosphere of ‘Uma Mousme’.

Uma Musume Pretty Derby Mobile Game - Demo Gameplay + Official Trailers (Android/iOS)

In addition, we will upload a variety of content on the official KakaoTalk channel every week. For users waiting for a game until the launch, we can see the game in the game in the game. I plan to introduce a colorful.

Lineage W, Released 100 days Memorial New World Boss Sandworm Update

NCsoft (Representative Kim Taek-jin, “Lineage W”, “Lineage W” will update content and proceed with various events.

Lineage W was updated a new World Boss ‘Sandworm’. Users can apply to the cliffs of Sandworms daily daily and can assume sandworms. Only more than 50 levels can be entered. When you take a compensation for the integer of the sandworm, the hero grade skillbook, the rare weapon fabrication, the compensation.

The 100-day commemorative event will run until February 23. The NC (NC) presents a variety of compensation, such as advanced transformation card (event), advanced magic card (event), growth potion, which holds a character with a character over 20 levels through push.

Users can participate in the ‘100 Day Memorial Attendance Check’ event until March 2. The NC (NC) provides a rare weapon fabricity (stamp) according to the number of attendance days.

The battle to defeat the boss! Who will come out on top? [Lineage W Weekly News]

During the event period, the emergence period of Boss Monsters is faster. If you register in the collection after purchasing the ‘W’s Certificate’ from the store, you will benefit from experience, HP, and weight bonus.

More information can be found on Lineage and Official Website.

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