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Diablo 4 cannot be stronger with billing

On the 19th (19th), Blizzard unveiled the new information of Diablo 4, which is being developed on the official website. In the quarterly update text in August, the contents of the live service direction of Diablo 4 were shared.

The Diablo 4’s season is based on Diablo 3, said Joe Shellee. At the beginning of the new season, the characters of the previous season are transferred to eternity (tentative name) and gain loot. In order to participate in the new season, the direction of creating a new character is the same.

In addition to the restrictions on the conqueror point, this season system determines how strong the character grows according to the efforts and skills of the player in the form of dexterity and analysis. Since the character’s power should be stems from gameplay, it is impossible to make the character stronger with billing in ** Diablo 4.

Key Gun Product Clark said, Diablo 4 is a full-price game, there is a decorative item store and a season pass. The goal of the development team for the product planning in-game is to create a beautiful item that adds value to the player’s game experience.

The season pass will include free and premium rates. Players can earn free rating rewards even if they play the game through the season pass, and you can buy a premium pass at any time during the season to release the premium locks that contain the decorating items of the season theme and premium calls.

The season pass also offers a free season boost. Using boosts can increase the experience of the experience during the season, making the player’s game progress faster, which is given free rewards to all players. It is impossible to get a boost quickly through billing.

The premium currency that will be gained by the season pass is expected to be able to buy decorating items sold in stores. Decorating items will develop based on various shape conversion items of weapons and armor that players can find in the game. These shops are optional, and you can experience both core gameplay and season functions without charging. In addition, decorating items are not sold on a limited time, and hundreds of species of shape conversion items can be obtained through the game progress. Armor-shaped conversions sold in stores will be available for all characters of the job.

In addition, Cho Pifio, director, also released detailed information about the season. Every time you complete each chapter of the season’s journey, you can receive a limited time compensation, and at the final stage of the season journey, you must complete a very difficult battles with more threatening enemies.


In addition, the team will reflect the priority through community votes after identifying the convenience-related functions and tasks that will improve the game experience based on the player feedback, and will reflect the priority through community votes. We announced together.

For more information about the update of Diablo 4Q, you can check the official website.

Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Demonstrator: Madara Uchiha of the sixth path released with Period Pass 5

Madara Uchiha, the famous leader of the Uchiha clan, is readily available in the kind that he got after the control of the toughness and also modern technology of the 6 paths.

The personality likewise has a special training bundle for your character, with which different ninjutsu and also costumes can be activated.

For Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Demonstrator, the first of five characters from Period Pass 5 is offered from today.

You can likewise get Madara Uchiha (6 Path) independently along with the Period Pass.

Content of Madara Uchiha (6 Path) Packages

  • 2 Nin-Jutsu

  • Hermite art: Darkness concealing area: Donner surge (recovery type).
  • Limbo: boundary prison (healing type).
  • 1 secret method.
  • Boundless tsukuyomi (recovery type).
  • 2 costumes.
  • Madara outfit 2.
  • Madara outfit: battle variation.
  • 1 avatar component.
  • Hairdo: Madara (6 courses).
  • 1 weapon.
  • Weapon: Madaras staff.

* Added content.
* Honorary title: Savior of the world.

And below is the launch trailer with Madara Uchiha:.

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