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LOL – Absolute failure for Mad Lions: The worst defender of the history of LEC

Mad Lions has left the elite of the European League of Legends. After having managed to win the two Titles of LEC During the past campaign, the group of Lions has fallen out of the playoffs in the 2022 edition. A failure that seemed announced already before the last week of competition, but it has not finished Ratify up to last hour. The team did their job winning the first games of the ‘Superweek‘ and remained earrings of the results of Team Vitality . However, a victory of the French club before astralis in the last day left them without any possibility.

MAD vs. G2 - Week 5 Day 1 | LEC Spring Split | MAD Lions vs. G2 Esports (2022)

An absolute failure for Mad Lions

Mad Lions started the season of lec 2022 with positive sensations, getting five victories during the first round despite the great changes he made on the team. However, the second phase of the regular season was very uphill for Elyoya team. Lions accumulated six consecutive defeats with which they were dilapidating their advantage . A situation that led them to need a heroic milestone in which they did not even depend on themselves.

The failure of the club makes it the worst defender of the history of LEC history . The organization will equal the negative record of Elements, which in 2015 ended up in seventh position after having won the summery title of the previous season (still like Alliance). In this way, the Alternative Champions of the European Competition of League of Legends seem condemned to pay with a bad season the daring of snatching the title to FNATIC or G2 ESPORTS. Hopefully, yes, that lions can redirect their situation to the summer edition.

It should be noted that Mad Lions has confirmed the worst season of its history as a competitive club of League of Legends. The organization has not only failed in Lec. Ensauperliga, where he competes his academy team, nor have they been able to qualify for the playoffs after signing one of the worst actions reminded by the Set Leonino. They expect tons of work in the sports direction of Lions during rest between spring and summer.

Mac and his way of working at Mad Lions: “The important thing now is that my team learns and improve”

There is a lot of talk of FANATIC and Team Vitality this year at LEC , but we must also take into account that the champions are Mad Lions and, despite the changes within the roster and the integration of two Rookies, the team stands at the moment with 2 victories and 2 defeats in the regular season. Not everything is perfect, but team coach, Mac, is happy with the mood of his players. The coach went through the microphones of MGG France after the defeat against Rogue to give us the opinion of him over the beginning of the season of his team. In turn, we also took the opportunity to learn more about the great secret of him: his ties of luck .

Very good Mac, thank you for granting an interview, despite the afternoon it is. How do you feel after this game against Rogue?

Mac: No is not bad, there is a lot to learn from this game. We really need to work on our Mid-Game, especially in terms of vision to allow us to play more aggressively. We gave him too much space in this part. But the most important thing is to progress.

Looking back, are you happy with the draft? Would you change it if you could? Where do you consider that it is mainly the failure?

I like our draft and even in retrospect I would not change it.

Tomorrow you play against Astral is and I imagine you want to replace you from this blow. What advice would you give your players before the game?

This is a good question, I still have not occurred to me! I think the goal is to be on the same line and play together as we accelerate a bit of the rhythm. Although we make a composition that is not strong in the Early Game, it is essential to put the vision well, make resets at the right time and be well coordinated at the level of the waves. In any case, at this time of year I prefer that my players communicate well and do not be afraid to make mistakes. I want us to be proactive in the field. If we have to leave a side dragon, I want at least push an outside line or be incisive in the central lane.

At this moment you have 2 victories and 2 defeats. How do you evaluate the results? Are you satisfied with them?

You’re accustomed to going 1-1 in the regular season! (Laughter) is a kind of trademark registered for me. Whether with Splice or with Mad Lions, we never achieved to the playoffs in a favorable position. The 2-2 is an acceptable result and I do not believe that the regular season is very important, rather than a form of training to improve. I focus more on the mentality of the team and at the moment I am happy with the level of cohesion that the template shows. When we have bad games, we have it together! That is a good sign at this time of year.

Speaking of cohesion, what can you tell me about the two new recruits of Mad Lions, Seeker and Unforgiven? How do you set with them?

Abbas were relatively easy elections. During our recruitment process after Worlds, both were shown as safe, psychologically strong and versatile players. Unforgiven has been playing Jinx lately. He did a lot of damage and received many resources. But he is also able to play on the weak side. That versatility was impressed when I recruited it: Real, Jinx, Apollos, Riggs, Arthur… has a lot of variety in your game at ERA level. As for Freezer, he is a good individual and collective player: Twisted Fate, Gallic, Relic, Yahoo, Viktor, Brianna, Air… He can play anything. In general, to find whoever concentrated best on our team, we look mainly at the needs of the team. Balance is the most important element. As I said, these two players have confidence, use direct communication, they are proactive and open-minded.

Since the beginning of the year, the community has only been talking about the two superequipos, Fanatic and Team Vitality, but let’s not forget that the champions are you. However, are you happy to leave the pressure to others?

Pressure and expectations are part of the work. Last year, however, I did not want to win a title in a desperate way, it’s not how I see my work. For me, the first and most significant thing is to make sure my team is learning and improving. I have to review the team’s environment, your mentality, its cohesion and give my players a good training and all the support they require. I have to make players play as good as possible, that is my job. And if that is the case, the victories will come. It was my mood last year, and it is still this year.

Finally, I would like to know more about the secret of your ties… How many do you have in your drawers?

I have many (laughs)! Today, for example, it is a Mickey Mouse tie. I think I have 50 today, people from time to time give me some because they know that I like it. My father gives me, my stepfather and also give it to me at Christmas! The collection is only growing. Do you change every party? Or do you always use them to bring you luck? Count the victory rates and I know what the tie brings more victories. During the regular season, the change in all games, but for the playoffs, I assure myself to use the ties of luck. Foot: LOL ESPORTS /// ORIGINAL OF MGG FR

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